With The Light Vol 5

Keiko Tobe Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Another school year might be over for Hikaru Azuma, but his mom has no time to rest. With both a new teacher and new classmates of different ages and varying disabilities ahead in fifth grade, Sachiko starts preparing for the difficulties that come with sudden changes to her autistic son's routine. Despite her best efforts, Sachiko meets with much opposition from the new teacher, and the Azumas have to cope with Hikaru acting out as a result of the stressful changes at school. Moreover, when the time comes for the family to decide on Hikaru's junior high, the local education administrators seem to think that a school for the disabled is the best fit for Hikaru, partly because of his recent behavior. But Sachiko, who has done her research, knows this to be false. Will she and Masato be able to convince the authorities and specialists that they know what is best for their son?

ISBN10 : 9780316471107 , ISBN13 : 0316471100

Page Number : 524

With The Light Vol 8

Keiko Tobe Hachette UK Comics & Graphic Novels

While trying to create a place in society for her autistic son, Hikaru, has been an uphill battle, Sachiko Azuma has long known that perhaps the toughest place to find acceptance for him is within her own family. Despite some progress made, Sachiko's mother-in-law still treats her grandson as a nuisance and sees him in many ways as inferior to his little sister, Kanon. Now that the Azuma family has moved into Masato's childhood home, Sachiko must not only adapt to life with her mother-in-law - she also must help Hikaru, whose developmental disabilities make it notoriously difficult for him to accept changes to his routine, adapt to this new living situation and a new school. As Sachiko tries to balance caring for Kanon and Hikaru in the face of her mother-in-law's constant disapproval, will the Azuma family emerge from what seems like the darkest of tunnels into the light? Told in completed chapters as well as unfinished pages that the creator drew while battling a long illness, this final volume of With the Light serves as a legacy to the late Keiko Tobe's inspiring dedication to bring to light the hardships and joys of raising an autistic child for readers around the world.

ISBN10 : 9780316471138 , ISBN13 : 0316471135

Page Number : 306

The Book Of Light

Nia the Light Hay House, Inc Self-Help

An empowering guide to embracing your flaws, celebrating your individuality, knowing your worth, and loving your body—with thoughtful self-love journaling activities. Nia was an in-demand international model and brand ambassador with a wonderful afro that landed her on the covers of magazines, billboards and international brand ads. Then, in 2018, surrounded by friends and family, she cut it off. It was a bold move, and the first step on her journey to self-love. In this inspiring, illustrated book, Nia explores a range of emotions, from pain to joy, insecurity to confidence, to help you find your own individuality and power. The journaling activities give free rein to your inner queen to document your experiences of self-love, your flaws and life lessons. Nia shares her own path towards accepting her whole self—acne, stretch marks and all! The Book of Light will give you inspiration to love who you are. The Book of Light will remind you to be your own best friend. The Book of Light will help you to reflect on your journey of the past and your ambitions for the future. Are you ready to discover your light?

ISBN10 : 9781788173964 , ISBN13 : 1788173961

Page Number : 242

The Light A Book Of Wisdom

Keidi Keating Red Wheel/Weiser Body, Mind & Spirit

This powerful book contains chapters by 22 of the world’s leading luminaries in the field of personal development and spiritual transformation, including bestselling authors Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God) and Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements). Covering topics from co-creating a peaceful world, forgiveness, healing, and finding purpose and happiness, to chapters about health, well-being, destiny, and the mysteries of kundalini, The Light also includes practical exercises and guidance, empowering readers to achieve their greatest potential.

ISBN10 : 9781601634320 , ISBN13 : 1601634323

Page Number : 288

With The Light Vol 7

Keiko Tobe Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

For most parents, their child's teenage years are just as bad, if not worse, than the terrible twos. But for Sachiko and Masato Azuma, the situation is further complicated by their son Hikaru's autism. As puberty strikes, Hikaru's growing sexual awareness creates uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, and begins to affect his little sister, Kanon. The already-taxed Sachiko must find ways to alleviate the situation, while being mindful of the effects her approach may have on her children and on the people around them. But when Masato is told he has to relocate again for work, the pressure is really on Sachiko as the decision is made to move in with her mother-in-law, who has always been less-than-accommodating to Hikaru's needs. With new challenges arising daily - Hikaru tackling adolescence through the lens of autism, Kanon struggling with peer pressure, Masato throwing himself into the new job - will Sachiko, the Azuma family's rock, succumb to the cracks that have begun to form in her generally cheerful outlook on life?

ISBN10 : 9780316471121 , ISBN13 : 0316471127

Page Number : 524

With The Light Vol 2

Keiko Tobe Yen Press Psychology

Sachiko and Masato Azuma have overcome numerous obstacles in dealing with their firstborn son Hikaru's autism. Having saved their marriage from ending in ruins, the young couple has welcomed a healthy baby girl, Kanon, into their tight-knit family. But with the obvious differences between Hikaru's and Kanon's developmental abilities, it becomes apparent that social prejudices against Hikaru's disability are never far away. As Hikaru moves into fourth grade, Sachiko encounters a new student, Miyu, whose mother has completely given up on her daughter's life and her own. With the help of Hikaru's beloved teacher, Aoki-sensei, Sachiko aims to bring hope back to Miyu's family. But when Aoki-sensei transfers to a different school and Hikaru's special education class is thrown into upheaval by yet another tragedy, can Sachiko continue to hold on to her own hope for her son's future?

ISBN10 : 0759523592 , ISBN13 : 9780759523593

Page Number : 528

A Walk With The Light In The Shadows

Paul Gaumer Carpenter's Son Publishing Self-Help

Are you a Christian? Do you walk daily with the Lord? Are there times when the darkness and demons overtake your thoughts? Just know, you are not alone. A Walk With The Light In The Shadows is the personal journal of Paul Gaumer, a Christian who lives each day with Bipolar Disorder. Join him on a journey into his life as he deals with the darkness and demons all while trying to keep God at the center of his life. He understands that dealing with a mental illness cannot be prayed away. The thoughts that he, and you, are feeling are real and sometimes need to be dealt with beyond prayer. But, God will never leave you nor will He forsake you and will walk along side of you during the times you need Him most. The stigma of mental health is real, especially in the Christian community. Paul hopes that his book will help begin to start the discussions to end the stigma of mental health among Christians. We have stayed in the shadows long enough. It's time to discuss mental health in the Christian community and let the Light lead your path.

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Page Number : 92

Sleeping With The Light On

David Unger Juvenile Fiction

Life in Guatemala is simple for young Davico and his older brother Felipe ... until soldiers invade, and the blackouts begin.

ISBN10 : 1773063847 , ISBN13 : 9781773063843

Page Number : 96

The Light In Me Sees The Light In You

Lori Nichols Penguin Juvenile Fiction

The creator of the beloved Maple books pays tribute to the power of friendship and the bonds that endure after the loss of a loved one. Something magical happens when a little girl encounters a small red bird--the two instantly see eye-to-eye, and see that there is something in each other that transcends time and space. They become fast friends and connect over their love of listening to the wind, looking at clouds, splashing in puddles, and eating snacks. But the bird can fly, so the girl pretends she can too. Then one day the bird is gone and life isn't the same. The girl is lonely, but the bird visits her in her dreams and she is comforted as they fly together; then as the days pass, the wind, the clouds, and the rain all help her remember her friend and feel the spark of her friend's light still shining within herself.

ISBN10 : 9780399544866 , ISBN13 : 0399544860

Page Number : 32