Welcome Back Alice 2

Shuzo Oshimi Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Want to practice with me…to see what it’s like with a girl? High school has only just begun, but Yohei’s thoughts—and his impulses—are already a jumbled mess. His long-time crush Yui seems to be showing some interest in him, and he’s walking on air. But somehow, when he’s by himself, it’s not Yui but his other childhood friend Kei that occupies his mind. Kei, who left their hometown and came back after a few years looking like a girl… He said he’s done being a guy, but what does that mean? And what does he want when he shows up at Yohei’s home and tells him that they should practice together so “things” go well with Yui? Shuzo Oshimi, the author of Blood on the Tracks, Happiness, and The Flowers of Evil, brings to you a page-turning continuation of his latest coming-of-age series.

ISBN10 : 9781684912889 , ISBN13 : 1684912881

Page Number : 194

Alice In The Country Of Joker Circus And Liar S Game Vol 2

QuinRose Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

In Wonderland's April Season, Alice can enjoy some seasonal treats for a change--like a summer festival and even Halloween! But every time she travels between domains, she must first beat the Joker at a hand of cards. What seems like a simple routine turns extremely dark, as Alice faces the Joker's true nature--a mirror version of himself that's obsessed with buried truths. Can Blood and Peter save Alice from a two-faced game of love?

ISBN10 : 9781648278686 , ISBN13 : 164827868X

Page Number : 188

Alice In The Country Of Joker The Nightmare Trilogy Vol 2 Afternoon Dream

QuinRose Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

April Season in the Country of Joker is a time of circuses, mysteries, and lies. In the Tower of Clover, Alice discovers a magical box that Nightmare wants to keep shut, containing a book he doesn't want her to read. Yet Alice is not the only one interested in the magical box. Will she find herself caught in the middle of a Wonderland mafia war? In the meantime, Alice's memories of her old world continue to clash with the bonds she'd forming in Wonderland--or would like to form, if only Nightmare would make a move!

ISBN10 : 9781648278754 , ISBN13 : 1648278752

Page Number : 172

Alice In The Country Of Clover Cheshire Cat Waltz Vol 2

QuinRose Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

After Alice is transported to the mysterious Country of Clover, she reconnects with Boris, the Cheshire Cat--intimately. While Boris is thrilled to go beyond friendship, Alice herself is hesitant about changing the status quo. She cares for Boris, but romance with a cat is dangerous territory. Especially when deadly forces threaten to tear them apart.

ISBN10 : 9781648278488 , ISBN13 : 1648278485

Page Number : 170

Accomplishments Of The Duke S Daughter Light Novel Vol 2

Reia Seven Seas Entertainment Young Adult Fiction

When Iris was expelled from the royal academy, she was banished from high society. Two years later, she may be the beloved acting governor of Armelia and president of a flourishing company, but she dares not consort with the rest of the nobility. Now she's received an invitation to the annual Foundation Day celebration--an invitation from the royal family no less, who she cannot afford to refuse. Thrust into the fray of society politics, Iris must rapidly learn to stand her ground, lest she lose everything she's worked so hard to build.

ISBN10 : 9781638580096 , ISBN13 : 163858009X

Page Number : 229