We Were Eight Years In Power

Ta-Nehisi Coates Hanser Berlin

Mit Barack Obama sollte die amerikanische Gesellschaft ihren jahrhundertealten Rassismus überwinden. Am Ende seiner Amtszeit zerschlugen sich die Reste dieser Hoffnung mit der Machtübernahme Donald Trumps, den Ta-Nehisi Coates als "Amerikas ersten weißen Präsidenten" bezeichnet: ein Mann, dessen politische Existenz in der Abgrenzung zu Obama besteht. Coates zeichnet ein bestechend kluges und leidenschaftliches Porträt der Obama-Ära und ihres Vermächtnisses – ein essenzielles Werk zum Verständnis der Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft der USA, von einem Autor, dessen eigene Geschichte jener acht Jahre von einem Arbeitsamt in Harlem bis ins Oval Office führte, wo er den Präsidenten interviewte.

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We Were Eight Years In Power

Ta-Nehisi Coates One World

In this “urgently relevant”* collection featuring the landmark essay “The Case for Reparations,” the National Book Award–winning author of Between the World and Me “reflects on race, Barack Obama’s presidency and its jarring aftermath”*—including the election of Donald Trump. New York Times Bestseller • Finalist for the PEN/Jean Stein Book Award, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and the Dayton Literary Peace Prize Named One of the Best Books of the Year by The New York Times • USA Today • Time • Los Angeles Times • San Francisco Chronicle • Essence • O: The Oprah Magazine • The Week • Kirkus Reviews *Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “We were eight years in power” was the lament of Reconstruction-era black politicians as the American experiment in multiracial democracy ended with the return of white supremacist rule in the South. In this sweeping collection of new and selected essays, Ta-Nehisi Coates explores the tragic echoes of that history in our own time: the unprecedented election of a black president followed by a vicious backlash that fueled the election of the man Coates argues is America’s “first white president.” But the story of these present-day eight years is not just about presidential politics. This book also examines the new voices, ideas, and movements for justice that emerged over this period—and the effects of the persistent, haunting shadow of our nation’s old and unreconciled history. Coates powerfully examines the events of the Obama era from his intimate and revealing perspective—the point of view of a young writer who begins the journey in an unemployment office in Harlem and ends it in the Oval Office, interviewing a president. We Were Eight Years in Power features Coates’s iconic essays first published in The Atlantic, including “Fear of a Black President,” “The Case for Reparations,” and “The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration,” along with eight fresh essays that revisit each year of the Obama administration through Coates’s own experiences, observations, and intellectual development, capped by a bracingly original assessment of the election that fully illuminated the tragedy of the Obama era. We Were Eight Years in Power is a vital account of modern America, from one of the definitive voices of this historic moment.

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Summary Analysis Of We Were Eight Years In Power

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A collection of Ta-Nehisi Coates' Atlantic essays and musings originally published during President Obama’s administration. These essays concern black America and the shift of presidencies today. Don't miss out on this ZIP Reads summary to delve deep into the issues of race in modern and historical America through the eyes of one of the great contemporary essayists of our time. What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include? A synopsis of the original bookAn overview of the essays containedKey takeaways from the bookKey themes from the essays as a wholeIn-depth Editorial ReviewShort bio of the original author About the Original Book: A powerful and moving piece of history and reflection, Ta-Nehisi Coates most recent work explores race and politics during the Barrack Obama presidency. We Were Eight Years in Poweris a necessary collection of previously published essays from the Atlantic. These essays touch on race, politics, and the current state of America. It is a timely and engaging read that will offer readers knowledge, insight, and a thrilling challenge. DISCLAIMER: This book is intended as a companion to, not a replacement for, We Were Eight Years in Power. ZIP Reads is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way. Please follow this link: http://amzn.to/2FQTAMQ to purchase a copy of the original book. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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Der Wassert Nzer

Ta-Nehisi Coates Karl Blessing Verlag

Bisher kannte Hiram Walker nichts als ein Leben in Ketten. Aufgewachsen in der Sklaverei, musste er als kleiner Junge miterleben, wie seine Mutter verkauft wurde und für immer verschwand. Doch sie hat ihm eine seltene Gabe vererbt. Als diese ihn vor dem Ertrinken rettet, beschließt er aus der Gefangenschaft zu fliehen. So beginnt für Hiram eine abenteuerliche Reise von den Tabakplantagen West Virginias über geheime Guerillazellen in der Wildnis des amerikanischen Südens nach Philadelphia, wo ihn ein völlig neues Leben in Freiheit zu erwarten scheint. Doch zuvor muss er noch eine alte Rechnung begleichen und die Frau, die er liebt, und die, die ihn aufzog, in die Freiheit führen.

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We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy by Ta-Nehisi Coates | Book Summary | Abbey Beathan (Disclaimer: This is NOT the original book. If you're looking for the original book, search this link: http://amzn.to/2hPaiCL) Ta-Nehisi Coates delivers his provoking view on race in America, the presidency of Barak Obama and everything it affected. We Were Eight Years in Power provides us with the author's overview over the eight years of the Obama presidency and how white supremacy during the Obama era helped Donald Trump become president. (Note: This summary is wholly written and published by Abbey Beathan. It is not affiliated with the original author in any way) "In those days I imagined racism as a tumor that could be isolated and removed from the body of America, not as a pervasive system both native and essential to that body. From that perspective, it seemed possible that the success of one man really could alter history, or even end it." - Ta-Nehisi Coates History has a tendency of repeating itself. As Coates notices, the American experiment in multiracial democracy which ended with the return of white supremacist rule in the South has a chilling resemblance to election of Donald Trump following the election of the first black president in the history of the United States of America. He examines the effects of the nation's unresolved history, combined with the movement and ideas which are a result of Obama's election. Ta-Nehisi Coates reflects on the hopes that the election of the first black president brought and the crushing realization that one man cannot change the course of an entire nation. P.S. We Were Eight Years in Power analyzes the eight years of presidency of the first black president and the cultural and political landscape this created. P.P.S. It was Albert Einstein who famously said that once you stop learning, you start dying. It was Bill Gates who said that he would want the ability to read faster if he could only have one superpower in this world. Abbey Beathan's mission is to bring across amazing golden nuggets in amazing books through our summaries. Our vision is to make reading non-fiction fun, dynamic and captivating. Ready To Be A Part Of Our Vision & Mission? Scroll Up Now and Click on the "Buy now with 1-Click" Button to Get Your Copy. Why Abbey Beathan's Summaries? How Can Abbey Beathan Serve You? Amazing Refresher if you've read the original book before Priceless Checklist in case you missed out any crucial lessons/details Perfect Choice if you're interested in the original book but never read it before FREE 2 Page Printable Summary BONUS for you to paste on your office, home etc Disclaimer Once Again: This book is meant for a great companionship of the original book or to simply get the gist of the original book. If you're looking for the original book, search for this link: http://amzn.to/2hPaiCL

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