Uncle From Another World Vol 5

Hotondoshindeiru Yen Press

After he transformed into a dragon, the one to save Uncle was none other than his long-time partner, the Tsundere Elf! But the clutches of evil close in upon the Elf after she gets a certain shining something back on her ring finger--and just who has Uncle's third ring...?

ISBN10 : 1975340612 , ISBN13 : 9781975340612

Page Number : 196

Uncle From Another World Vol 7

Hotondoshindeiru Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

BEING UNCLE MEANS NEVER TAKING A SINGLE STEP BACK! Uncle’s otherworld exploits have finally reached what Takafumi’s fantasy-zoned mind has longed to see: an all-out battle of swords and sorcery! As the Deified Blaze Dragon gave a loud scream, Uncle and his allies had to fight as one or face doom. Could this be the moment they became eternally renowned as champions...?

ISBN10 : 9781975360962 , ISBN13 : 1975360966

Page Number : 194

Uncle From Another World Vol 8

Hotondoshindeiru Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

EXTRAORDINARY THINGS CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU BELIEVE IN UNCLE! Uncle’s stories continue to echo across the tides of time, and nothing thrills Takafumi and Fujimiya more than the fact that Uncle and Elf started adventuring together! But even their travelers’ tales might pale in comparison to the challenges facing Uncle in the present—like figuring out how to order at a twenty-first-century coffee shop!

ISBN10 : 9781975370008 , ISBN13 : 1975370007

Page Number : 194

Immortal From Another World

Ai ShangYuWeiWen Funstory Fiction

Ye Fei, who brought along his father's flying immortal from outer space, came to the continent after surviving for 500 years. Even though he was called an idiot by others, his family love and love made him truly feel the warmth of his family.

ISBN10 : 9781636543659 , ISBN13 : 1636543650

Page Number : 630

Isekai Tensei Recruited To Another World Volume 1

Kenichi J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

After waking up at his own funeral, Tenma Otori gets a second chance at life when a god from another world presents him with an enticing offer: if Tenma agrees to be reincarnated in order to save their dying world, the gods will bestow cheat abilities upon him. Tenma accepts, and is reborn in a lush fantasy world filled with demi-humans, magic spells and items, monsters, mysterious forests, and more! As he grows, more of his gods-given powers and abilities—including his unique power to befriend adorable monsters like slimes and baby wolves—are revealed to his adoptive parents, two former master adventurers, and his grandfather, a famous wizard. But one fateful day, three mysterious strangers shatter the tranquility of Tenma’s village by trying to kidnap him, and that’s where Tenma’s adventure really begins...

ISBN10 : 9781718318120 , ISBN13 : 171831812X

Page Number : 235

Mark Twain S Letters Volume 5

Mark Twain Univ of California Press Literary Criticism

"Livy darling, it was flattering, at the Lord Mayor's dinner, tonight, to have the nation's honored favorite, the Lord High Chancellor of England, in his vast wig & gown, with a splendid, sword-bearing lackey, following him & holding up his train, walk me arm-in-arm through the brilliant assemblage, & welcome me with all the enthusiasm of a girl, & tell me that when affairs of state oppress him & he can't sleep, he always has my books at hand & forgets his perplexities in reading them!" (10 November 1872) On his first trip to England to gather material for a book and cement relations with his newly authorized English publishers, Samuel Clemens was astounded to find himself hailed everywhere as a literary lion. America's premier humorist had begun his long tenure as an international celebrity. Meanwhile, he was coming into his full power at home. The Innocents Abroad continued to produce impressive royalties and his new book, Roughing It, was enjoying great popularity. In newspaper columns he appeared regularly as public advocate and conscience, speaking on issues as disparate as safety at sea and political corruption. Clemens's personal life at this time was for the most part fulfilling, although saddened by the loss of his nineteen-month-old son, Langdon, who died of diphtheria. Life in the Nook Farm community of writers and progressive thinkers and activists was proving to be all the Clemenses had hoped for. The 309 letters in this volume, more than half of them never before published, capture the events of these years with detailed intimacy. Thoroughly annotated and indexed, they are supplemented by genealogical charts of the Clemens and Langdon families, a transcription of the journals Clemens kept during his 1872 visit to England, book contracts, his preface to the English edition of The Gilded Age, contemporary photographs of family and friends, and a gathering of all newly discovered letters written between 1865 and 1871. This volume is the fifth in the only complete edition of Mark Twain's letters ever attempted, and the twenty-fourth in the comprehensive edition known as The Mark Twain Papers and Works of Mark Twain.

ISBN10 : 9780520918849 , ISBN13 : 0520918843

Page Number : 976

Nine Heavenly Devil Manual

Feng MoTianXia Funstory Fiction

The path of demon was indestructible, it was a heaven-defying ancient art!Once he unlocked the Seal, he would gain the might of the ancient Devil Lord, the cowardly youth, the Treading on the Demon Seal, the Devil Prison of the palms, the heaven defying cultivation, overturning the heavens and earth, domineering and only me!The Heaven's Path could not tolerate this, and stepped on the heavens' majesty. In the nine heavens and ten earth, only I am eternal!

ISBN10 : 9781648468865 , ISBN13 : 1648468861

Page Number : 881