Torture Princess Fremd Torturchen Vol 1 Light Novel

Keishi Ayasato Yen On Fiction

I AM THE TORTURE PRINCESS, ELISABETH LE FANU.I AM THE PROUD WOLF AND THE LOWLY SOW.A beautiful woman appears before Kaito Sena following his tragic death and rebirth into another world. Introducing herself as the Torture Princess, she orders him to become her loyal servant. Naturally, his response is..."Hard pass." And so Elisabeth presents him with two choices-become her butler or be tortured to death. After rethinking his hasty decision, Kaito is forced to wait on Elisabeth hand and foot, as well as aid her in her mission as the Torture Princess, which is the subjugation of the fourteen ranked demons and their contractors. But there's a catch. Once her mission is complete, Elisabeth is fated to die alone-forsaken by heaven, earth, and all of creation.

ISBN10 : 1975304691 , ISBN13 : 9781975304690

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Torture Princess Fremd Torturchen Vol 7 5 Light Novel

Keishi Ayasato Yen Press LLC Fiction

TALES OF YESTERDAY ​This gorgeous collection of short stories provides detailed snapshots from the lives of Kaito, Elisabeth, and many other colorful characters. Kaito endures nightmares from his past, crazed fanatics pursue Elisabeth to no end, and Hina...goes missing? After avoiding yet another catastrophe, Kaito and Hina decide to throw a party to celebrate the third anniversary of Elisabeth’s appointment to captain of the Brigade. Later, Izabella shows off her natural charms, Jeanne brags, and the Butcher gets under Vlad’s skin. Within these pages, fragments of happiness coalesce, and vignettes shed light on tales untold.

ISBN10 : 9781975325428 , ISBN13 : 1975325427

Page Number : 260

Torture Princess Fremd Torturchen Vol 2 Light Novel

Keishi Ayasato Yen Press LLC Fiction

My name is Hina! I am my beloved master Kaito's eternal lover, his faithful companion, his soldier, his weapon, his love outlet, his sex doll-and his bride! Hoping to play a larger role in the battles ahead, Kaito begins to dabble in magic-and not a moment too soon! Shortly after Elisabeth, Kaito, and Hina accept an invitation to a bloody banquet and vanquish their host, the Governor, Elisabeth falls victim to a trap laid by the Grand King and has her powers sealed away! With the Torture Princess in her newly weakened state, the Grand King, Fiore, seizes the golden opportunity and leads a dark crusade against Elisabeth's castle, hoping to finish her off once and for all. Only two humble servants remain to stand against the army of one thousand: an immortal groom and his blood-drenched bride...

ISBN10 : 9781975304720 , ISBN13 : 1975304721

Page Number : 241

Torture Princess Fremd Torturchen Vol 8 Light Novel

Keishi Ayasato Yen Press LLC Fiction

i love you In order to end the bloody rampage wrought by Lewis, Alice, and their army, the demand is made for Kaito Sena—crystal-bound savior of all—to be offered up in sacrifice. Elisabeth would sooner see the world end a thousand times over than give him up. He and Hina, who slumbers beside him, are all she has left in a world utterly bereft of hope. Choosing to find her own way forward, Elisabeth discovers Jeanne and Izabella, damnable lapdogs for the Church, barring her path. But in her darkest hour, she receives aid from a most unlikely ally—her doting father figure, Vlad Le Fanu.

ISBN10 : 9781975321871 , ISBN13 : 1975321871

Page Number : 237

Torture Princess Fremd Torturchen Manga

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Kaito Sena's life hasn't exactly been easy. Unfortunately for him, death isn't about to get any better. Summoned by none other than Elisabeth Le Fanu, the "Torture Princess," Kaito has to choose what he wants for his second life-be her butler, or die a long, painful death by torture. What is he to do but become her servant...and help her eliminate the fourteen ranked demons wreaking havoc in the world! See the original light novel come to life in this gritty manga adaptation!

ISBN10 : 9781975357313 , ISBN13 : 1975357310

Page Number : 500

Torture Princess Fremd Torturchen Vol 5 Light Novel

Keishi Ayasato Yen Press LLC Fiction

ALL THINGS ARE PARDONED UNTO ME. BUT I AM RULED BY NONE. The fourteen demons' defeat should have ended the story, but instead the tale grew even crueler, forcing all involved to make a terrible choice. After being invited into the underground tomb by the golden Torture Princess, Jeanne de Rais, Kaito and the others come face-to-face with a horrifying truth but elect to cooperate with her to bring about salvation. What paths will Kaito, Elisabeth, Hina, Jeanne, Izabella...and the Butcher each take to alter the fate of a world that nourishes itself on tragedy?

ISBN10 : 9781975304782 , ISBN13 : 1975304780

Page Number : 243

Torture Princess Fremd Torturchen Vol 6 Light Novel

Keishi Ayasato Yen Press LLC Fiction

FOR THE BEGINNING, MIDDLE, AND END ALL LIE IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND. Kaito Sena has come a long way. The boy who died broken and alone has donned the mantle of the Mad King and will dedicate every ounce of his newfound might to one purpose: saving the woman he admires. To this end, he has done the impossible and united humans, demi-humans, and beastfolk under one banner. For Elisabeth Le Fanu, Kaito would stand against God, Diablo, and all of creation. Unfortunately, the cost of her salvation may be greater still...

ISBN10 : 9781975304805 , ISBN13 : 1975304802

Page Number : 250