Those Not So Sweet Boys 7

Yoko Nogiri National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

From the creator of That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! and Love in Focus comes a story of a hard-working high schooler who falls for a bad boy, and discovers that the the lives of him and his friends are nothing like what she imagined. Don't miss Yoko Nogiri's newest shojo hit! SWEET ENDINGS Midori’s refreshing candor inspires those around her, and it convinces Rei to talk to his father once more. Despite the many obstacles in their way, the young couple ultimately find an ally in him. However, the calm doesn’t last long before Midori’s father shows up unannounced! Meanwhile, Yukinojo wraps up his own loose ends…

ISBN10 : 9781646514410 , ISBN13 : 1646514416

Page Number : 0

Those Not So Sweet Boys 3

Yoko Nogiri Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Now that Rei and Yukinojo know about Chihiro’s crush on Midori, plans commence to make his love come true. Yukinojo invites Midori to a study session, where she finds herself at the Goshima estate. There, she meets Chihiro’s younger siblings and learns more about who he really is. However, there’s someone who isn’t all too happy to see Midori and Chihiro grow closer by the minute…

ISBN10 : 9781636991306 , ISBN13 : 1636991300

Page Number : 162

That Wolf Boy Is Mine

Yoko Nogiri Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

MONSTER MISCHIEF After some traumatic experiences, Komugi Kusunoki transferred from the city to start a new life in rural Hokkaido. But on her first day of school, the school heartthrob Yū Ōgami blurts out, "You smell good!" Despite the hijinks, Komugi tries to adjust to her new school, but it’s not long before she stumbles across Yū dozing off under a tree. When she attempts to wake him up, he transformed…into a wolf?! It turns out that Yū is one of many other eccentric boys in her class year–and she’s the only one who knows their secret…!

ISBN10 : 9781682333754 , ISBN13 : 1682333752

Page Number : 164

Love In Focus

Yoko Nogiri Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

ONE LAST SHOT Swept along by Kei’s suggestion to give dating a try, Mako struggles to see where she really fits in. Meanwhile, Mitsuru has become distant, and in her attempts to get back the friendship they had, Mako discovers his hidden past. Mako, Kei, and Mitsuru now have to confront their own feelings, and they might get a little lost before they find their true answers… FINAL VOLUME!

ISBN10 : 9781642129731 , ISBN13 : 1642129739

Page Number : 194

And Yet You Are So Sweet 1

Kujira Anan Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Maaya Kisaragi, 16 years old, finally confessed to her crush...only to be flatly rejected and ridiculed on social media after. To make matters worse, the most popular guy in her grade, Chigira-kun, overheard her despondent muttering about the whole thing. But instead of making fun of her, he comforts her...and proposes an odd solution to her heartbreak!

ISBN10 : 9781636990590 , ISBN13 : 1636990592

Page Number : 177

Love In Focus

Yoko Nogiri Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

ALL MIXED UP After earning Mitsuru’s trust, Mako’s beginning to get the hang of living in Lens Inn with the high school photo club. Behind the scenes, however, Mako’s best friend Kei warns Mitsuru to keep his distance. This ominous message exposes Kei’s feelings for Mako, but Mitsuru is the only one who knows! Later, when the club members all go on a field trip together, a sudden downpour strands Mako and Mitsuru. What will the two do?!

ISBN10 : 9781642128727 , ISBN13 : 1642128724

Page Number : 178

Ima Koi Now I M In Love Vol 2

Ayuko Hatta VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Summertime by the seaside, a heart-throbbing date, and a first sleepover... After getting a direct blast of romance from Yagyu, Satomi’s heart is reaching its limit! -- VIZ Media

ISBN10 : 9781974732968 , ISBN13 : 1974732967

Page Number : 179