The Walls Between Us

Haru Tsukishima Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Makoto Sakurai finally starts dating her childhood friend, Reita Kikuchi. As the two inch towards a real romantic relationship, a distant cousin of Makoto's shows up unexpectedly and starts making waves… Follow their adventure in the sixth installment of this hilarious love story full of Reita's egoism, the "wall thing," and heart-pounding, butterfly-inducing romance!

ISBN10 : 9781642128048 , ISBN13 : 164212804X

Page Number : 173

The Walls Between Us

Haru Tsukishima Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Childhood friends Reita Kikuchi and Makoto Sakurai were never able to bring their relationship to the next level … until finally Reita eases Makoto's misgivings by confessing his eternal feelings for her. They finally start a romantic relationship, but discover their past has built some walls between them… Follow them into the next phase of their relationship in Volume 5 of this adorable romantic comedy filled with exciting developments, the "wall thing," and lots of flirting!

ISBN10 : 9781642126846 , ISBN13 : 1642126845

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These Walls Between Us

Wendy Sanford She Writes Press Biography & Autobiography

From an author of the best-selling women’s health classic Our Bodies, Ourselves comes a bracingly forthright memoir about a life-long friendship across racial and class divides. A white woman’s necessary learning, and a Black woman’s complex evolution, make These Walls Between Us a “tender, honest, cringeworthy and powerful read.” (Debby Irving, author, Waking Up White.) In the mid-1950s, a fifteen-year-old African American teenager named Mary White (now Mary Norman) traveled north from Virginia to work for twelve-year-old Wendy Sanford’s family as a live-in domestic for their summer vacation by a remote New England beach. Over the years, Wendy's family came to depend on Mary’s skilled service—and each summer, Mary endured the extreme loneliness of their elite white beachside retreat in order to support her family. As the Black “help” and the privileged white daughter, Mary and Wendy were not slated for friendship. But years later—each divorced, each a single parent, Mary now a rising officer in corrections and Wendy a feminist health activist—they began to walk the beach together after dark, talking about their children and their work, and a friendship began to grow. Based on decades’ worth of visits, phone calls, letters, and texts between Mary and Wendy, These Walls Between Us chronicles the two women’s friendship, with a focus on what Wendy characterizes as her “oft-stumbling efforts, as a white woman, to see Mary more fully and to become a more dependable friend.” The book examines obstacles created by Wendy’s upbringing in a narrow, white, upper-class world; reveals realities of domestic service rarely acknowledged by white employers; and draws on classic works by the African American writers whose work informed and challenged Wendy along the way. Though Wendy is the work’s primary author, Mary read and commented on every draft—and together, the two friends hope their story will incite and support white readers to become more informed and accountable friends across the racial divides created by white supremacy and to become active in the ongoing movement for racial justice.

ISBN10 : 9781647421687 , ISBN13 : 1647421683

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The Walls Between Us A Borderland Love Story

Kate McGahan Fiction

There are two sides to a border. In this story one side is American, one side is Mexican. Threats from illicit activities permeate both sides with issues of illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking. There are two faces of the Arizona desert. Sarah sees it as a heaven, he sees it as a hell. She is a budding attorney from New York; he is a photojournalist fleeing the Mexican drug cartel. Destiny brings the two together in the Mexico Arizona borderlands of the Sonoran Desert. Follow the lives of soulmates Sarah and Benito as they learn from their striking similarities and discover their diverse cultural differences. Learn the true meaning of family. Witness the humble Mexican woman who inspires change in a Vietnam veteran vigilante through the power of unconditional love. Listen to the retired professor from New York who finds a unique way to help the underprivileged on the south side of the border. All paths and stories of these people intersect and destiny rules the direction that their lives take. The people in this story live on the edge of a political, manmade border line. A line that crosses through cities and homelands. A line that divides those who are prejudiced from one another but also a line that divides those who love. We discover that a border wall is just one kind of wall. There are political walls of injustice, emotional walls of defensiveness and social walls of discrimination. Join us as we watch the walls of Fate come tumbling down when one prioritizes the power of love, compassion and acceptance. We may not be able to open our Borders, but we can open our hearts. Based on a true story."Every day since I've been writing this book I grieve for people I never met, people I never knew. They will sell everything short of their soul to make the border crossing. And a few will sell their soul..." Kate McGahan "You don't build walls, you build bridges between people." Andrew Cuomo"The little wall will fall away so quietly beneath the wings of peace." A Course in Miracles"Men will find that they can avoid far more easily the perils, which beset uniting forces." Benedict Spinoza

ISBN10 : 0967851122 , ISBN13 : 9780967851129

Page Number : 346

The Age Of Walls

Tim Marshall Scribner Political Science

Tim Marshall, the New York Times bestselling author of Prisoners of Geography, offers “a readable primer to many of the biggest problems facing the world” (Daily Express, UK) by examining the borders, walls, and boundaries that divide countries and their populations. The globe has always been a world of walls, from the Great Wall of China to Hadrian’s Wall to the Berlin Wall. But a new age of isolationism and economic nationalism is upon us, visible in Trump’s obsession with building a wall on the Mexico border, in Britain’s Brexit vote, and in many other places as well. China has the great Firewall, holding back Western culture. Europe’s countries are walling themselves against immigrants, terrorism, and currency issues. South Africa has heavily gated communities, and massive walls or fences separate people in the Middle East, Korea, Sudan, India, and other places around the world. In fact, more than a third of the world’s nation-states have barriers along their borders. Understanding what is behind these divisions is essential to understanding much of what’s going on in the world today. Written in Tim Marshall’s brisk, inimitable style, The Age of Walls is divided by geographic region. He provides an engaging context that is often missing from political discussion and draws on his real life experiences as a reporter from hotspots around the globe. He examines how walls, borders, and barriers have been shaping our political landscape for hundreds of years, and especially since 2001, and how they figure in the diplomatic relations and geo-political events of today. “Marshall is a skilled explainer of the world as it is, and geography buffs will be pleased by his latest” (Kirkus Reviews). “Accomplished, well researched, and pacey…The Age of Walls is for anyone who wants to look beyond the headlines and explore the context of some of the biggest challenges facing the world today, it is a fascinating and fast read” (City AM, UK).

ISBN10 : 9781501183911 , ISBN13 : 1501183915

Page Number : 3

The Walls Around Us

Nova Ren Suma Hachette UK Young Adult Fiction

A ghostly story of suspense told in two voices--one still living and one dead. Nova Ren Suma tells a supernatural tale of guilt and innocence, and what happens when one is mistaken for the other.

ISBN10 : 9781616204860 , ISBN13 : 1616204869

Page Number : 275

Valley Walls

Glen Denny Yosemite Conservancy Biography & Autobiography

Half a century ago a rag-tag group of innovators was building a foundation for modern American rock climbing from a makeshift home base in Yosemite. Photographer Glen Denny was a key figure in this golden age of climbing, capturing pioneering feats on camera while tackling challenging ascents himself. In entertaining short pieces enlivened by his iconic black-and-white images of Yosemite's big wall legends, Denny reveals a young man's coming of age and provides a vivid look at Yosemite’s early climbing culture. He relates such precarious achievements as hauling water in glass gallon jugs up the east face of Washington Column, nailing the 750-foot Rostrum in a punishing heat wave, and dangling overnight on El Capitan’s Dihedral Wall in a lightning storm. Each true tale captures the spirit of historic Camp 4, where Denny and others plan the next big climb while living on the cheap and dodging park rangers.

ISBN10 : 9781930238695 , ISBN13 : 193023869X

Page Number : 240