The Walls Between Us 5

Haru Tsukishima Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Childhood friends Reita Kikuchi and Makoto Sakurai were never able to bring their relationship to the next level … until finally Reita eases Makoto's misgivings by confessing his eternal feelings for her. They finally start a romantic relationship, but discover their past has built some walls between them… Follow them into the next phase of their relationship in Volume 5 of this adorable romantic comedy filled with exciting developments, the "wall thing," and lots of flirting!

ISBN10 : 9781642126846 , ISBN13 : 1642126845

Page Number : 182

Full Clearing Another World Under A Goddess With Zero Believers Volume 5

Isle Osaki J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Makoto and his friends have saved Symphonia by foiling the Snake Sect’s sinister plot, so it’s time for the victorious party to return home. Though Eir’s ominous revelation lurks in the corner of Makoto’s mind, the overall atmosphere back in Macallan couldn’t be more peaceful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last—following a mass exodus of monsters from the Forest of Fiends, tranquil Macallan is transformed into a battlefield. Amidst the chaos, an ancient draconic beast lays waste to the town and Makoto’s allies. Just when all hope seems lost, Noah reveals a hidden technique that could turn the tide. However, all things come at a cost, and Makoto must offer up something dear for the power to overcome this crisis. Is he willing and able to pay up? Or will Eir’s prophecy about the fall of Roses become a reality?

ISBN10 : 9781718385061 , ISBN13 : 1718385064

Page Number : 224

Give Us This Day Devotionals Volume 5

Charles Erlandson Wipf and Stock Publishers Religion

Give Us This Day is a unique daily devotional commentary for the entire New Testament based on the ancient method called lectio divina. Lectio divina, or “divine reading,” is the method used by the early church and countless Christians through the centuries to read the Scriptures to form and transform the soul more than merely to inform the mind. Give Us This Day deals in depth with entire passages and their contexts. Rather than selecting only certain portions of the New Testament to write about, Fr. Charles has written a devotional for each and every passage of the New Testament. Fr. Charles writes for the whole person: he’s not afraid to use his sense of humor, and he carefully relates the Bible not only to the individual’s life but also to the life of the Church. At the end of each day’s devotional, an appropriate Prayer is offered, as well as Points for Further Reflection on the day’s lesson. Each devotional concludes with a suggested Resolution to put into effect what the Spirit has stirred up in the heart of the reader during the course of his reading, meditation, and prayer.

ISBN10 : 9781725282575 , ISBN13 : 1725282577

Page Number : 273

Church Doctrine Volume 5

Paul C. McGlasson Wipf and Stock Publishers Religion

The present volume is the fifth in a five-volume study of church doctrine. The multivolume set covers the major parts of church doctrine: Canon, God, Creation, Reconciliation, and Redemption. The first volume begins with an introduction to the entire project on why doctrine matters, which stresses the ecumenical, global, and above all biblical horizons of church doctrine as a primary expression of Christian witness. The purpose of this fifth volume is to explicate the full reality of God’s redeeming love for the whole creation. In the doctrine of redemption, the church looks forward in hope. Through the gift of the Spirit at Pentecost the church is gathered out of all nations and peoples of the earth, and looks forward to the coming day of final redemption for the whole cosmos. Yet even now, the promise of God’s coming is active in the world, rendering the church into a new humanity, establishing a new society, calling every individual to a new life of joy in discipleship. Church doctrine is not a luxury, but a necessity for the living community of faith, by which its witness in word and deed is tested against the one true measure of Christ the risen Lord.

ISBN10 : 9781620326985 , ISBN13 : 1620326981

Page Number : 198

A Wild Last Boss Appeared Volume 5

Firehead J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

It’s a Wild Last Boss versus a Vampire Princess! In order to fulfill a 200 year old promise, Lufas heads to Mjolnir, Benetnasch’s country, alone with the intention of completing the life-or-death battle they’d begun long ago. Will Lufas’ true power finally awaken during this long-awaited battle to the death? Meanwhile, Leon—one of the Twelve Heavenly Stars who hasn’t yet returned to the fold—is up to something, and the demihumans seem to be on his side of the brewing war against the rest of humanity. But Leon is the strongest of the Twelve Heavenly Stars. Without Lufas, will the other Stars be enough to stop him on their own? The hero’s party, along with Virgo and Castor, head to Sagittarius’ homeland, the centaurs’ village, in an attempt to discover why the normally even-tempered former Star is acting so out of character. Will the other former members of the Twelve Heavenly Stars come back peacefully? Or are there more unexpected events in store for Lufas?!

ISBN10 : 9781718302242 , ISBN13 : 171830224X

Page Number : 236