The Saint

Scott V. Palmer Performing Arts

This book is a reference work chronicling the 116 episodes of the series "The Saint," which ran from 1962 to 1969, starring Roger Moore as Simon Templar, a.k.a. the Saint. The book includes all episodes in date release order, along with complete cast lists, directorial credits, and numerous photos, as well as a synopsis of each episode.

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The Saint John S Bible

Liturgical Press Bible

"A full-color reproduction of the handwritten and illuminated work, The Saint John's Bible, in seven volumes"--Provided by publisher.

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The Saint S Magic Power Is Omnipotent Light Novel Vol 2

Yuka Tachibana Seven Seas Entertainment Young Adult Fiction

Grand Magus Yuri Drewes has risen from his coma, and he wants to teach Sei how to wield her magic. Just one problem: Yuri definitely suspects Sei's the Saint, but Sei's not ready to be outed. Even worse, under Yuri's tutelage, Sei's power continues to grow, and soon her true strength may be impossible to conceal.

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The Saint Francis De Sales Collection 15 Books

Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Way Publishing Religion

THE SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES COLLECTION [15 BOOKS] SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES CATHOLIC WAY PUBLISHING — 15 Books: 10 by the Author, 5 About the Author — Over 1.45 Million Words, Over 2,000 Active Linked Endnotes — Includes an Active Index, Table of Contents for each book and Layered NCX Navigation — Includes Illustrations by Gustave Dore Saint Francis de Sales (21 August 1567 – 28 December 1622), Doctor of the Church, was a Bishop of Geneva. He became noted for his deep faith and his gentle approach to the religious divisions in his land resulting from the Protestant Reformation. He is known also for his writings on the topic of spiritual direction and spiritual formation, particularly the Introduction to the Devout Life and the Treatise on the Love of God. BOOKS BY THE AUTHOR: INTRODUCTION TO THE DEVOUT LIFE TREATISE ON THE LOVE OF GOD THE CATHOLIC CONTROVERSY THE SPIRITUAL CONFERENCES PRACTICAL PIETY THE CONSOLING THOUGHTS OF SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES THE SECRET OF SANCTITY LETTERS TO PERSONS IN THE WORLD LETTERS TO PERSONS IN RELIGION THE MYSTICAL EXPLANATION OF THE CANTICLE OF CANTICLES BOOKS ABOUT THE AUTHOR: THE SPIRIT OF SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES by Jean-Pierre Camus MONTH OF MARY: ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT OF SAINT DE SALES by Don Gaspar Gilli A MAN OF GOOD ZEAL: A BIOGRAPHICAL NOVEL BASED ON THE LIFE OF SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES by John Edward Beahn SAINT JANE FRANCES DE CHANTAL’S DEPOSITIONS: IN THE CAUSE OF THE BEATIFICATION AND CANONISATION OF SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES by Saint Jane Frances de Chantal SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES by Various PUBLISHER: CATHOLIC WAY PUBLISHING

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The Saint

Burl Barer

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The Saint S Magic Power Is Omnipotent 06

Yuka Tachibana TOKYOPOP Verlag Comics & Graphic Novels

Sei kommt mit dem Brauen von Tränken kaum hinterher, da ereilt sie schon wieder eine neue Bestellung von einem Ritterorden. Umso verdutzter ist sie, als der Direktor sie plötzlich darum bittet, die Herstellung augenblicklich ruhen zu lassen. Der Grund dafür ist der akute Mangel an Heilkräutern, die sonst in großen Mengen aus dem Klausner-Gebiet geliefert werden. Sei zögert nicht lange und stellt Nachforschungen an, um herauszufinden, wie es zu diesen Engpässen kommen konnte ...

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The Sinner And The Saint

Kevin Birmingham National Geographic Books History

*A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice * One of The East Hampton Star's 10 Best Books of the Year* From the New York Times bestselling author of The Most Dangerous Book, the true story behind the creation of another masterpiece of world literature, Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. The Sinner and the Saint is the deeply researched and immersive tale of how Dostoevsky came to write this great murder story—and why it changed the world. As a young man, Dostoevsky was a celebrated writer, but his involvement with the radical politics of his day condemned him to a long Siberian exile. There, he spent years studying the criminals that were his companions. Upon his return to St. Petersburg in the 1860s, he fought his way through gambling addiction, debilitating debt, epilepsy, the deaths of those closest to him, and literary banishment to craft an enduring classic. The germ of Crime and Punishment came from the sensational story of Pierre François Lacenaire, a notorious murderer who charmed and outraged Paris in the 1830s. Lacenaire was a glamorous egoist who embodied the instincts that lie beneath nihilism, a western-influenced philosophy inspiring a new generation of Russian revolutionaries. Dostoevsky began creating a Russian incarnation of Lacenaire, a character who could demonstrate the errors of radical politics and ideas. His name would be Raskolnikov. Lacenaire shaped Raskolnikov in profound ways, but the deeper insight, as Birmingham shows, is that Raskolnikov began to merge with Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky was determined to tell a murder story from the murderer's perspective, but his character couldn't be a monster. No. The murderer would be chilling because he wants so desperately to be good. The writing consumed Dostoevsky. As his debts and the predatory terms of his contract caught up with him, he hired a stenographer to dictate the final chapters in time. Anna Grigorievna became Dostoevsky's first reader and chief critic and changed the way he wrote forever. By the time Dostoevsky finished his great novel, he had fallen in love. Dostoevsky's great subject was self-consciousness. Crime and Punishment advanced a revolution in artistic thinking and began the greatest phase of Dostoevsky's career. The Sinner and the Saint now gives us the thrilling and definitive story of that triumph.

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The Saint

Antonio Fogazzaro Good Press Fiction

"The Saint" by Antonio Fogazzaro is a sequel to Piccolo Mondo Moderno, the novel takes up the story of Piero Maironi. After a dramatic meeting with Jeanne Dessale, the reformed Maironi (now Benedetto) takes refuge as a monk in a religious community in the mountain village of Jenne and acquires a reputation among the peasants there as a saint who sometimes works miracles of healing. Bendetto calls for a thorough reform of Christian spirituality and thought. Benedetto/Maironi's program of spiritual reform is developed by Fogazzaro from ideas of the Italian philosopher Antonio Rosmini. Benedetto forms with Don Clemente and Professor Giovanni Selva the nucleus of a latter-day Cénacle who call themselves Le Catacombe.

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