The Saga Of Tanya The Evil Vol 14 Manga

Carlo Zen Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

No one but “enemy combatants” in need of extermination remain in Arene, and the members of the 203rd are finally forced to carry out their merciless orders. As the Devil’s Protocol comes to fruition, resulting in mountains of corpses and a battlefield that indeed resembles Hell itself, what path will Lieutenant Grantz, tormented by his conscience, choose to take...?

ISBN10 : 9781975310998 , ISBN13 : 1975310993

Page Number : 162

The Otherworlder Exploring The Dungeon Vol 3 Light Novel

Hinagi Asami Yen Press LLC Fiction

Though the loss of Arvin and Zenobia still weighs heavy on their hearts, Souya and his remaining party members steel themselves to take on the dungeon once again. This time, they’re up against their greatest trial yet: The Deranged Stratum, a perilous section of the labyrinth where a malevolent being has been abducting countless victims. And it looks like Lana is its next target...

ISBN10 : 9781975343156 , ISBN13 : 1975343158

Page Number : 229

The Saga Of Tanya The Evil Vol 1 Light Novel

Carlo Zen Yen Press LLC Fiction

High above the blood- and mud-soaked trenches, a young girl pits herself against army mages in high stakes aerial duels with bullets, spells, and bayonets. Her name is Tanya Degurechaff and she is the Devil of the Rhine, one of the greatest soldiers the Empire has ever seen! But inside her mind lives a ruthless, calculating ex-salaryman who enjoyed a peaceful life in Japan until he woke up in a war-torn world. Reborn as a destitute orphaned girl with nothing to her name but memories of a previous life, Tanya will do whatever it takes to survive, even if she can find it only behind the barrel of a gun!

ISBN10 : 9780316512459 , ISBN13 : 0316512451

Page Number : 370

The Saga Of Tanya The Evil Vol 4 Manga

Carlo Zen Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Having no candidates was Tanya's ultimatescheme to forestall a new project that would send her to the front lines. But her plan backfires after waves of applications from promising young soldiers flood the office. Just when she thinks things couldn't get any worse, the Elinium Type 95's mind contamination begins to take effect on the fledgling captain who-before she realizes it-is now the official leader of a battalion?!

ISBN10 : 9781975353780 , ISBN13 : 1975353781

Page Number : 192

The Saga Of Tanya The Evil Vol 21 Manga

Carlo Zen Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

After escaping from Brest Naval Base, what remains of the Republican Army declares its intent to continue resisting the Empire from the southern continent. In response to this nasty case of snails in their lower regions, the General Staff issues a double dose of up-and-coming tactical genius Major General Romel and a certain legendary battalion to cure what ails the fatherland...

ISBN10 : 9781975342692 , ISBN13 : 1975342690

Page Number : 146