The Food Diary Of Miss Maid 3

Susumu Maeya Kodansha USA Comics & Graphic Novels

Suzume is a maid who works at a British mansion, and now, she's going to experience her first summer in Japan. Even the heat and humidity are no big deal to her as she plays in the river and has a good time at the festival! She also gets to enjoy various summer treats, such as shaved ice and soft serve.?

ISBN10 : 9781684916542 , ISBN13 : 1684916542

Page Number : 163

Miss Kobayashi S Dragon Maid Elma S Office Lady Diary Vol 3

coolkyousinnjya Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

Working in the human world is full of unexpected new surprises! Elma earns her first bonus, and does battle with makeup, pickup artists, and office drinking parties. Tohru, Kanna, Lucoa, and the rest of the usual suspects all make appearances as Elma devours her way through the life of a modern-day Office Lady!

ISBN10 : 9781645058892 , ISBN13 : 1645058891

Page Number : 146

The Food Diary Of Miss Maid 2

Susumu Maeya Kodansha USA Comics & Graphic Novels

Suzume is a maid who works at a British mansion. Some time has passed since she started living in Japan, and the cherry blossoms have fallen from the trees, signaling the transition to a new season! As Suzume encounters new people, goes on walks at night, and meets one of her fellow maids again, her world grows even bigger, past the confines of her apartment! Naturally, her interest in food also keeps on expanding.

ISBN10 : 9781684914050 , ISBN13 : 1684914051

Page Number : 159

The Food Diary Of Miss Maid 1

Susumu Maeya Kodansha USA Comics & Graphic Novels

What's a maid to do when she finds herself suddenly stuck in Japan for a year? Eat, of course! Follow maid-in-training Suzume Tachibana as she tries all sorts of Japanese food, from sweets like taiyaki and melon bread to savory snacks like takoyaki and onigiri! Be warned, though-while Suzume sates her appetite through delicious treat after delicious treat, she might just end up whetting yours!

ISBN10 : 9781684913633 , ISBN13 : 1684913632

Page Number : 162

The Food Diary Of Miss Maid 4

Susumu Maeya Kodansha USA Comics & Graphic Novels

It's been half a year since Suzume came to Japan. The blazing summer heat has died down, and it is now autumn, which brings along a lot of delicious food! Suzume gets to enjoy the many delights of autumn such as new rice, baked sweet potatoes, and grapes.? She also enjoys a fulfilling everyday life as she goes hiking by herself and engages in other fun autumn activities!

ISBN10 : 9781684917143 , ISBN13 : 168491714X

Page Number : 162

Reborn Master Vs School Beauty

Ba Guang Funstory Fiction

Soldier King Li Qiang, who was part of the Special Forces ace army's Winged Dragon commandos, had accidentally broken the relationship between his fiancee and his adulterer and had lost his life because of this! Under the effects of the treasure, he was reborn as a normal high school student, and actually discovered that the school beauty, Lin Ya Shi, was the daughter of his fiancee and his adulterer. In order to take revenge on his enemy, he used the opportunity to get close to the Lin family while the school beauty was his bodyguard, but he discovered that a huge crisis was approaching everyone ...

ISBN10 : 9781647593735 , ISBN13 : 1647593735

Page Number : 610

Unbridled Mr Ceo

Na LanJingYu Funstory Fiction

Shen City. The misty sky finally cleared up. It had been a week since Su He was transferred from the province to the Criminal Investigation Division in Shen City. Everything in the city was calm and peaceful, causing Su He, who had been maintaining a high level of fighting strength, to feel discouraged.

ISBN10 : 9781649489968 , ISBN13 : 164948996X

Page Number : 713