The Eminence In Shadow Vol 1 Light Novel

Daisuke Aizawa Yen On Fiction

One big fat lie and a few twisted truths Even in his past life, Cid's dream wasn't to become a protagonist or a fi nal boss. He'd rather lie low as a minor character until it's prime time to reveal he's a mastermind...or at least, do the next best thing-pretend to be one! And now that he's been reborn into another world, he's ready to set the perfect conditions to live out his dreams to the fullest. Armed with his overactive imagination, Cid jokingly recruits members to his organization and makes up a whole backstory about an evil cult that they need to take down. Well, as luck would have it, these imaginary adversaries turn out to be the real deal-and everyone knows the truth but him!

ISBN10 : 1975359054 , ISBN13 : 9781975359058

Page Number : 0

The Eminence In Shadow Vol 1 Manga

Daisuke Aizawa Yen Press

There's only one thing in this world Cid wants to be. And it'snot some bland protagonist or the final boss-he has his eyes set on becominga mastermind working in the shadows. Now that he's been reborn inanother world, Cid has been hard at work, building the perfect stage to actout his long-desired role. The issue is that these imaginary adversaries andplot devises exist in this new world...and he's the only one left inthe dark!

ISBN10 : 1975325184 , ISBN13 : 9781975325183

Page Number : 162

The Eminence In Shadow Vol 4 Light Novel

Daisuke Aizawa Yen On

Once upon a time, Rose killed her father and defied her country. But in order to protect her mother, Queen Leina, she capitulates to Prince Doem. Now, in the Kingdom of Oliana, where the possibility of war hangs thick in the air, rumors fly that Doem and Rose will wed. However, as this would be a major wrench in certain master plans, this supposed marriage cannot stand!

ISBN10 : 1975341848 , ISBN13 : 9781975341848

Page Number : 282

Ich K Mpfte Zehn Jahre Zwischen Den Dimensionen Und Kehrte Als Legende Zur Ck 01

Tennoji Kitsune Egmont Comics & Graphic Novels

Ein Riss in den Dimensionen... Hier kämpfen der erfahrene Magier Luck und seine Mitstreiter. Als es brenzlig wird, schickt Rakku seine Kameraden durch das Portal zurück und bündelt seine Kräfte für den letzten Kampf. Nach seinem epischen Sieg schafft auch er die Rückkehr und muss feststellen: Es sind schon 10 Jahre vergangen und irgendwie wird er als Legende verehrt. Er allerdings ist um keinen Tag gealtert, weshalb ihn niemand für den Helden hält, der er eigentlich ist. Und dass er trotz seines jugendlichen Aussehens im Kampf das höchste Level erreicht hat, kauft ihm natürlich auch niemand ab. Band 1 der Serie --- Dieses spezielle E-Book-Format kann auf allen aktuelleren Tablets und Geräten mit Zoomfunktion gelesen werden. Dein Leseprogramm sollte die Darstellung von Fixed-Image-E-Books im EPUB3- oder mobi/KF8-Format unterstützen. Weitere Informationen findest du auf der Homepage von Egmont Manga. ---

ISBN10 : 9783864589072 , ISBN13 : 386458907X

Page Number : 196

The Eminence In Shadow Vol 2 Light Novel

Daisuke Aizawa Yen On Fiction

Alpha beckons Cid to the sanctuary, where Aurora the Witch appears before him. But the door to the sanctuary won't budge an inch, even in face of two of the greatest masterminds. Not that it matters, since Cid only cares about his one and only goal-to become the ultimate shadowbroker!

ISBN10 : 197538699X , ISBN13 : 9781975386993

Page Number : 224

The Eminence In Shadow Vol 3 Light Novel

Daisuke Aizawa Yen Press LLC Fiction

THE RED MOON HANGS LOW IN THE NIGHT—AN OMEN OF WHAT’S TO COME ​Deep within the Lawless City lies the Blood Queen, a Progenitor Vampire, slumbering in her coffin for many moons. An expert at landing himself in trouble, Cid should know better than to go after her…but he’s dying to get a piece of the action. It’s time he shed his daytime persona to take on the role of Shadow! It seems, however, that he’s not the only one with this idea. Soon enough, he finds the three rulers of the Lawless City—Juggernaut the Tyrant, Yukime the Spirit Fox, and Crimson the vampire—are all on his tail. To complicate things even further, the Shadow Garden descends on the scene as the hour of the Blood Queen’s awakening looms closer and closer…

ISBN10 : 9781975315788 , ISBN13 : 1975315782

Page Number : 224