The Demon Girl Next Door Vol 4

Izumo Ito Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

Shamiko has finally taken one small step toward becoming an empress of darkness: she's turned a Magical Girl into her underling (temporarily, of course). Shamiko tries to recruit more subordinates so she can take over Sakuragaoka--but things get exciting when Magical Girl Mikan's curse gets out of control!

ISBN10 : 9781638580898 , ISBN13 : 1638580898

Page Number : 134

Does A Hot Elf Live Next Door To You Vol 4

Meguru Ueno National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

POWER BETWEEN HER LEGS During the school camping trip, Inose—the cutest and bustiest girl in class—bravely confesses to Inudou that she’s interested in taking their relationship to the next level…emotionally and definitely physically! But newcomer Epona, the motorcycle mama and yankii goddess, has her eye on him, and even the demon Mephistopheles is begging for Inudou’s you-know-what…Can hotheaded Surt handle all this competition, or will she flip her lid, and blow up the whole town?

ISBN10 : 9781638582502 , ISBN13 : 1638582505

Page Number : 0

The Demon Girl Next Door Vol 2

Izumo Ito National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

LEVEL 2: FRIENDSHIP BATTLE Shadow Mistress Yuko (a.k.a. fifteen-year-old Shamiko) may have freed her family from the “Feeding a Family of Four on 40,000 Yen-a-Month” curse, but her battle is just beginning! While struggling to defeat her rival, the magical girl Momo, they’ve actually, kind of, become close friends?! A new magical girl appears in Volume 2 of this supernatural schoolgirl comedy!

ISBN10 : 9781648271199 , ISBN13 : 1648271197

Page Number : 0

The Demon Girl Next Door Vol 1

Izumo Ito National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

The hilarious manga about a weak demon girl and her powerful magical girl rival that inspired the anime! One morning, fifteen-year-old Yoshida Yuko wakes up to discover she has sprouted demon horns and a tail! Not only that, she learns from her mom that she has supernatural powers and an important mission—to restore her family’s glory by defeating the local magical girl. The magical girl in question is Chiyoda Momo, a student at Yuko’s school. With strength that is only mediocre at best, Yuko’s task to vanquish Momo will prove more challenging than she realizes in this topsy-turvy magical girl comedy.

ISBN10 : 9781648271182 , ISBN13 : 1648271189

Page Number : 0

The Eminence In Shadow Vol 4 Light Novel

Daisuke Aizawa Yen Press LLC Fiction

THE DOOR OF DARKNESS IS CAST OPEN—THE WORLD ADVANCES TO A NEW FIELD The specter of war hangs thick in the air of the Oriana Kingdom, where Princess Rose is expected to wed Duke Perv. This supposed marriage cannot and will not stand, though, as it would throw a major wrench in a certain shadowbroker’s plans. Not one to miss an opportunity for sleuthing, Cid makes his way to the royal capital to put a stop to the ceremony, but are there even bigger schemes at work behind this unholy matrimony?

ISBN10 : 9781975341855 , ISBN13 : 1975341856

Page Number : 270

A Galaxy Next Door 4

Gido Amagakure Kodansha USA Comics & Graphic Novels

Two months have passed since Ichiro and Shiori successfully annulled their marriage pact and Shiori is eager to pursue her dream of becoming a manga artist! She decides to enter a publishing contest for industry newcomers, full of confidence, positive that nothing could possibly bring her down. Meanwhile, Ichiro must struggle with some diappointing news from his editor... Can these two lovebirds manage to navigate the ups and downs life throws at them and come out stronger?

ISBN10 : 9781684918348 , ISBN13 : 1684918340

Page Number : 198

Frieren Beyond Journey S End Vol 2

Kanehito Yamada VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

At Eisen’s urging, Frieren and her apprentice Fern head north seeking the land where heroes’ souls are said to rest, which also happens to be the location of the Demon King’s castle. Along the way, they meet Eisen’s apprentice, whose fighting skills may come in handy—though the Demon King is long gone, his surviving minions have unfinished business with Frieren! -- VIZ Media

ISBN10 : 9781974731213 , ISBN13 : 1974731219

Page Number : 200