The Accursed Vampire

Madeline McGrane HarperCollins Juvenile Fiction

*Named a Rainbow Book List Title* A spooky and funny graphic novel perfect for fans of The Witch Boy and Real Friends Dragoslava is a vampire kid. It has its perks, but sometimes being stuck as a kid forever can be a pain in the neck. And that’s not even the worst part. A few centuries ago, Drago was cursed by a witch. If they don’t complete every task she sets, they will be turned into worms. When the witch wants a spellbook from Baneberry Falls, Drago sets off with their immortal friends. But mysteries await in this sleepy Midwestern town, and Drago must figure out if the keepers of the spellbook have a hidden agenda, like everyone else they’ve ever known. One thing’s for sure: after this accursed mission, Drago’s immortal life will never be the same again!

ISBN10 : 9780062954367 , ISBN13 : 0062954369

Page Number : 180

The Accursed Vampire 2 The Curse At Witch Camp

Madeline McGrane HarperCollins Juvenile Fiction

In the sequel to middle grade graphic novel The Accursed Vampire, Drago and their vampire buds head to Witch Camp for a summer of spells and magic…but what they find is far more sinister! It’s summertime and Drago, Eztli, and Quintus are heading to witch camp, where they'll learn spells and magic alongside human kids. Drago is skeptical about this joint venture with the living, but as long as their vampire pals are with them, how bad could it be? Pretty bad, actually. Eztli and Quintus end up making friends with the campers while Drago stumbles onto an abandoned mini golf course housing a sinister supernatural entity with intentions of overtaking the camp. Drago may not like camp, but they can't leave their buds in danger. What will they do?

ISBN10 : 9780062954398 , ISBN13 : 0062954393

Page Number : 260

Accursed Bloodline

L. M. Lynch Fiction

Accursed Bloodline is a tale of horror, intrigue, and romance. Set in 1800 Romania, the story centers on the life of an age-old vampire named Vladmar Deveroux. He was known by townspeople as the handsome and wealthy Lord of Castle Deveroux, a secluded man who rarely ventured past the castle walls. Never seen in the daylight hours, his mysterious lifestyle allowed him few friends and a host of unknown enemies. Sounds typical, you might think. However, the mystical chain of events that gradually unfold are anything but typical. When an unexpected visitor arrives on his doorstep, Vladmar's never-ending existence is thrown into sudden chaos. Things would proceed to change in a very big way, but was it for the sake of good or evil? The story weaves together a well-balanced blend of love and magic, with a cast of characters ranging from a beautiful but manipulative wife, to a blundering cook and a clever butler named Ivan. Accursed Bloodline is everything you would expect from a vampire novel, and more.

ISBN10 : 1434309797 , ISBN13 : 9781434309792

Page Number : 488

Lucy Olivia

Sienna Mercer

ISBN10 : 3570222233 , ISBN13 : 9783570222232

Page Number : 171

The Dark Vampire

Kate Baxter St. Martin's Paperbacks Fiction

PASSION RULES IN DARKNESS. Jenner is a newly turned vampire who stalks the night like a wild beast of prey, hunting and feeding his appetites with a string of willing women...and always wanting more. Nothing can satisfy the aching hunger that burns inside him—until he crosses paths with a beautiful, innocent vampire who sets his soul on fire. Bria has never been able to escape the confines of her uncle’s home. But when the smolderingly sexy Jenner saves her—and promises to be her bodyguard—Bria is brought to a dark world of dangerous, insatiable desire. But once they feed upon each other, they expose themselves to an evil that they never saw coming...and now there’s no turning back. Will they divide and conquer—or stay together and lose it all to lust?

ISBN10 : 9781466856486 , ISBN13 : 1466856483

Page Number : 384

Secrets Of The Vampire

Julie Légère Wide Eyed Editions Young Adult Nonfiction

Step into the shadows and uncover the centuries-old myths and legends that lie beneath the figure of the vampire, with this magical compendium of facts and fiction. Whether rising from a coffin in the dead of night or stalking its prey, hidden in plain sight, the vampire is one of the most alluring beings in world folklore. These undead bloodsuckers are as alive as ever in modern pop culture, from movies and books to video games and TV shows. But despite their cultural immortality, mystery still surrounds their shadowy origins. Secrets of the Vampire compiles every scrap of vampire lore into one essential volume, covering everything from famous vampires such as Count Dracula and his historical counterpart, to the vampiric aversion to sunlight and garlic and their supernatural abilities. With this lavishly illustrated field guide, decode the deathly world of the vampire. Discover the meanings behind occult symbols, the ancient origins of vampire tropes, the most powerful and frightening vampires from stories around the world, and the real people said to have inspired the grisly tales of these creatures of the night. Learn how to tell a vampire from a living person and get wise to their tricks and powers. Secrets of the Vampire is the perfect deep-dive into a fascinating figure of folklore, for any and all vampire-obsessed 9-14 year-olds.

ISBN10 : 9780711289383 , ISBN13 : 0711289387

Page Number : 75

Draco S Awakening Part Two

Tre Fiction

Vampires are everywhere! They are your politicians. They are your best friends. They are the most elite and affluent, and they are the homeless. They have infiltrated every aspect of human society, and we don't even know it! For thousands upon thousands of years they have lived amongst us! Lied to and deceived by our governments, generation after generations, civilization after civilizations. Bewildered and befuddled by vampiric and magical charms, humanity remains ignorant. Our hope lies in Draco's awakening! He and his wife, Princess Phoenix, are the only ones who, can and want to save us all! Draco's Awakening is an epic vampire fantasy tale. The first novel of the nine book Draco and Phoenix saga. A story filled with all manner of mystical, magical, and mythical beings, and that isn't even the outlandish part! Vampires are real! They are not the fictional creatures society would have you believe!

ISBN10 : 9780557178650 , ISBN13 : 0557178657

Page Number : 306

Wolfman Owner S Manual

Tim Forder Fiction

If you've ever been attacked by a large man-shaped wolf, or perhaps you're just interested in the lifestyle of the Werewolf, then this book's for you. As a changeling myself, I wanted to learn more about my new change of life. This took a lot of time and research, and now I pass what I have learned on to you. WARNING: This book has bite to it. Read it if you dare!

ISBN10 : 9781612358734 , ISBN13 : 161235873X

Page Number : 101

Vampires Vs Werewolves Ultimate Collection

Bram Stoker DigiCat Literary Collections

The beasts prowl in the dark alleys to prey on their suspicious victims. The vampires come out at night to snatch innocent passerby for hearty meals. The werewolves sink their teeth into the soft flesh. DigiCat presents to you a selection of the greatest horror classics, a collection like no other, to make your hair rise in fear and anticipation. Contents: Vampires: The Vampyre (John William Polidori) Dracula (Bram Stoker) Dracula's Guest (Bram Stoker) Clarimonde (Théophile Gautier) Carmilla (Sheridan Le Fanu) Vikram and the Vampire (Sir Richard Francis Burton) The Vampire (Jan Neruda) Varney the Vampire, or, the Feast of Blood (Thomas PeckettPrest and James Malcolm Rymer) The Vampire of Croglin Grange (Augustus Hare) Aylmer Vance and the Vampire (Alice and Claude Askew) The Vampire Maid (Hume Nisbet) The Room in the Tower (E. F. Benson) Mrs.Amworth (E. F. Benson) Vampires and Vampirism (Dudley Wright) I, the Vampire (Henry Kuttner) The House of the Vampire (George Sylvester Viereck) Vampires of Venus (Anthony Pelcher) Doom of the House of Duryea (Earl Peirce) Isle of the Undead (Lloyd Arthur Eshbach) Four Wooden Stakes (Victor Rowan) Each Man Kills (Victoria Glad) Werewolves: The Lay of the Were-Wolf (Marie de France) The Wolf Leader (Alexandre Dumas Père) Wagner the Wehr-wolf (George W. M. Reynolds) The Werewolf (Eugene Field) The Man-Wolf (ÉmileErckmann&AlexandreChatrian) The Mark of the Beast (Rudyard Kipling) The Horror-Horn (E. F. Benson) In the Forest of Villefére (Robert E. Howard) Wolfshead (Robert E. Howard) Werewolf of the Sahara (Gladys Gordon Trenery) The Werewolf Howls (Clifford Ball) The Were-Wolf (Clemence Housman) The Book of Were-Wolves (Sabine Baring-Gould) The Origin of the Werewolf Superstition (Caroline Taylor Stewart)

ISBN10 : EAN:8596547722663 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 4105