The Abandoned Reincarnation Sage 7

Miraijin A Kodansha USA Comics & Graphic Novels

A great sage, abandoned by humans after his reincarnation, sets about building a powerful empire for monsters!Count Lenest Astorius plans to return the right of succession to Belamus, who has proven himself unusually resourceful. But Belamus, who remembers his abandonment and loves the family who raised him, has no intention of complying with the count?s wishes. In a bid to settle things amicably, Riza violates her knightly principles to tell a desperate lie?But her wish proves to be in vain as things take a turn for the worse. United under the cause of reclaiming Astorius?s son, human soldiers led by the count and a large force of monsters disguised as humans march for the village!Includes new bonus illustrations!

ISBN10 : 9781684915255 , ISBN13 : 1684915252

Page Number : 192

Cultural Foundations Of Mathematics

C. K. Raju Pearson Education India Calculus

The Volume Examines, In Depth, The Implications Of Indian History And Philosophy For Contemporary Mathematics And Science. The Conclusions Challenge Current Formal Mathematics And Its Basis In The Western Dogma That Deduction Is Infallible (Or That It Is Less Fallible Than Induction). The Development Of The Calculus In India, Over A Thousand Years, Is Exhaustively Documented In This Volume, Along With Novel Insights, And Is Related To The Key Sources Of Wealth-Monsoon-Dependent Agriculture And Navigation Required For Overseas Trade - And The Corresponding Requirement Of Timekeeping. Refecting The Usual Double Standard Of Evidence Used To Construct Eurocentric History, A Single, New Standard Of Evidence For Transmissions Is Proposed. Using This, It Is Pointed Out That Jesuits In Cochin, Following The Toledo Model Of Translation, Had Long-Term Opportunity To Transmit Indian Calculus Texts To Europe. The European Navigational Problem Of Determining Latitude, Longitude, And Loxodromes, And The 1582 Gregorian Calendar-Reform, Provided Ample Motivation. The Mathematics In These Earlier Indian Texts Suddenly Starts Appearing In European Works From The Mid-16Th Century Onwards, Providing Compelling Circumstantial Evidence. While The Calculus In India Had Valid Pramana, This Differed From Western Notions Of Proof, And The Indian (Algorismus) Notion Of Number Differed From The European (Abacus) Notion. Hence, Like Their Earlier Difficulties With The Algorismus, Europeans Had Difficulties In Understanding The Calculus, Which, Like Computer Technology, Enhanced The Ability To Calculate, Albeit In A Way Regarded As Epistemologically Insecure. Present-Day Difficulties In Learning Mathematics Are Related, Via Phylogeny Is Ontogeny , To These Historical Difficulties In Assimilating Imported Mathematics. An Appendix Takes Up Further Contemporary Implications Of The New Philosophy Of Mathematics For The Extension Of The Calculus, Which Is Needed To Handle The Infinities Arising In The Study Of Shock Waves And The Renormalization Problem Of Quantum Field Theory.

ISBN10 : 8131708713 , ISBN13 : 9788131708712

Page Number : 536

That Time I Got Reincarnated Again As A Workaholic Slime 2

Shizuku Akechi Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Rimuru and everyone from “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” fame are back… this time as office workers!? The official and unique spin-off’s long-awaited second volume is finally here! The darkness surrounding Tempest Corporation grows deeper and deeper. Rimuru, back as the office worker-turned-slime, along with Shuna, Shion, and the rest of the General Affairs Division, will have to survive long enough to meet all of the company’s insane demands…! What will they have to do next?!

ISBN10 : 9781646596614 , ISBN13 : 1646596617

Page Number : 162

Overlord La Carte Vol 1

Various Artists Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Meet your favorite characters from the mega-popular Overlord in its first-ever comic anthology! Whether it’s to reaffirm your undying love for Ainz-sama or further explore the world of Yggdrasil and Nazarick, this book will satisfy all your fan cravings!

ISBN10 : 9781975358921 , ISBN13 : 1975358929

Page Number : 150

I Was Reincarnated As The 7th Prince So I Can Take My Time Perfecting My Magical Ability 1

Yosuke Kokuzawa Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Prince Lloyd wasn't always a fact, his previous life is one he remembers perfectly: he was a sorcerer, of sorts. So when he was forced to reincarnate, he decided to continue his studies, prince of the realm or no! But his new life has its own sets of challenges...including being a 10-year-old! What's the 7th prince/sorcerer to do?!

ISBN10 : 9781636992839 , ISBN13 : 1636992838

Page Number : 193

Princess Resurrection Nightmare 6

Yasunori Mitsunaga Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

The Princess of Monsters, her blood warrior Hiro, and the rest of the gang are still stuck in their nightmare, staggering through time and space as if in a drunken stupor. A mysterious event takes place at a school in the dead of night. An evil and hostile presence lurks in the shadows, wanting not only Hime and her gang, but all of us!

ISBN10 : 9781646597161 , ISBN13 : 1646597168

Page Number : 162

Reincarnated As The Last Of My Kind Vol 3

Kiri Komori Cross Infinite World Young Adult Fiction

What It Means To Be The Last Of My Kind As my nature as Spherit Folk is becoming more difficult to hide, I’m faced with a shocking truth: only one race can produce a Holy Woman that can save the world—and I’m the last remaining descendant of that race! With the human war raging on and traffic to my family’s inn cut off during these tremulous times, I must set off to the Mythical Continent to discover my destiny!

ISBN10 : 9781945341694 , ISBN13 : 1945341696

Page Number : 218