The Abandoned Reincarnation Sage 1

Kurikaramaru Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Belamus was once a great sage with the power of reincarnation...but as all lives must pass, so did his. He reincarnated with his memories, but was suddenly abandoned as a newborn child! Luckily for him, he was adopted by the nearby goblin tribe...but this moment of kindness may mean more for both the Goblins and Belamus than either of them know!

ISBN10 : 9781636996844 , ISBN13 : 1636996841

Page Number : 184

Am I Actually The Strongest 3 Manga

Ai Takahashi Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

This fast and funny action isekai manga about a newborn whose power is literally unfathomable is perfect for fans of My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1, The Abandoned Reincarnation Sage, and The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest. Already a digital hit, the fan favorite comes to print! To be reincarnated into another world with the promise of a "cheat" power is one thing. But to be reborn as a baby, and then left for dead after your royal parents think you're powerless? That's another thing entirely! Now the newly-born Reinhart-Hart to his new friends-must find his way through a dangerous world...but luckily he's got magic that's quite literally off the charts!

ISBN10 : 1646517725 , ISBN13 : 9781646517725

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The Abandoned Reincarnation Sage

Kurikaramaru Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

A great sage, abandoned by humans after his reincarnation, sets about building a powerful empire for monsters! Finally reaching the ant core, Belamus finds none other than his old friend Hereldyne awaiting him. In his hatred for the great sage, Hereldyne has been sending monsters to destroy the village in order to enact his misguided revenge. Seeing that Hereldyne is beyond salvation, Belamus resolves to fight him. Along with the help of Delarosa and her friends, the decisive final battle between the two mages is about to begin! Includes a bonus comic chapter and a new short story by the author of the original light novels!

ISBN10 : 9781684913787 , ISBN13 : 1684913780

Page Number : 190

Cultural Foundations Of Mathematics

C. K. Raju Pearson Education India Calculus

The Volume Examines, In Depth, The Implications Of Indian History And Philosophy For Contemporary Mathematics And Science. The Conclusions Challenge Current Formal Mathematics And Its Basis In The Western Dogma That Deduction Is Infallible (Or That It Is Less Fallible Than Induction). The Development Of The Calculus In India, Over A Thousand Years, Is Exhaustively Documented In This Volume, Along With Novel Insights, And Is Related To The Key Sources Of Wealth-Monsoon-Dependent Agriculture And Navigation Required For Overseas Trade - And The Corresponding Requirement Of Timekeeping. Refecting The Usual Double Standard Of Evidence Used To Construct Eurocentric History, A Single, New Standard Of Evidence For Transmissions Is Proposed. Using This, It Is Pointed Out That Jesuits In Cochin, Following The Toledo Model Of Translation, Had Long-Term Opportunity To Transmit Indian Calculus Texts To Europe. The European Navigational Problem Of Determining Latitude, Longitude, And Loxodromes, And The 1582 Gregorian Calendar-Reform, Provided Ample Motivation. The Mathematics In These Earlier Indian Texts Suddenly Starts Appearing In European Works From The Mid-16Th Century Onwards, Providing Compelling Circumstantial Evidence. While The Calculus In India Had Valid Pramana, This Differed From Western Notions Of Proof, And The Indian (Algorismus) Notion Of Number Differed From The European (Abacus) Notion. Hence, Like Their Earlier Difficulties With The Algorismus, Europeans Had Difficulties In Understanding The Calculus, Which, Like Computer Technology, Enhanced The Ability To Calculate, Albeit In A Way Regarded As Epistemologically Insecure. Present-Day Difficulties In Learning Mathematics Are Related, Via Phylogeny Is Ontogeny , To These Historical Difficulties In Assimilating Imported Mathematics. An Appendix Takes Up Further Contemporary Implications Of The New Philosophy Of Mathematics For The Extension Of The Calculus, Which Is Needed To Handle The Infinities Arising In The Study Of Shock Waves And The Renormalization Problem Of Quantum Field Theory.

ISBN10 : 8131708713 , ISBN13 : 9788131708712

Page Number : 536

The Messianic Secret Of Hasidism

Mor Altshuler BRILL History

This book goes back to the early days of Hasidism and retells its beginning with an esoteric circle of messianic Kabbalists that established the first Hasidic court. Paradoxically, their failure to bring redemption enabled the growth of Hasidism from a small group of devotees to a mass movement, still influential throughout the Jewish world.

ISBN10 : 9789047410836 , ISBN13 : 9047410831

Page Number : 452

Buddha Heavenly Sovereign

Tu Muyixiangsheng Funstory Fiction

It combined the Primordial Spirit of his previous life and cultivated to the Great Dao of Immortality. Whoever wanted to block his way would have no mercy!

ISBN10 : 9781647966270 , ISBN13 : 1647966272

Page Number : 652

The Quintessential Quintuplets 12

Negi Haruba Egmont Comics & Graphic Novels

Futaro ist ein Musterschüler... und ständig pleite – bis ihm ein mysteriöser, aber gut bezahlter Job als Nachhilfelehrer angeboten wird. Schnell stellt sich heraus, dass er ausgerechnet die gerade an die Schule gewechselten Fünflinge unterrichten soll – und die halten weder besonders viel vom Lernen noch von Futaro selbst! --- Dieses spezielle E-Book-Format kann auf allen aktuelleren Tablets und Geräten mit Zoomfunktion gelesen werden. Dein Leseprogramm sollte die Darstellung von Fixed-Image-E-Books im EPUB3- oder mobi/KF8-Format unterstützen. Weitere Informationen findest du auf der Homepage von Egmont Manga. ---

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Page Number : 194