Metrics That Matter For Population Health Action

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine National Academies Press Medical

In times of rapid change and constrained resources, measures that are important, focused, and reliable are vital. However there is an overabundance of measures available for evaluating various aspects of population health and previous efforts to simplify existing sets to meet the needs of all decision makers have been unsuccessful. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine convened a workshop to explore the status and uses of measures and measurement in the work of improving population health. Participants explored existing and emerging population health metric sets and characteristics of metrics necessary for stakeholder action across multiple sectors. This report summarizes the presentations and discussions from the workshop.

ISBN10 : 9780309391535 , ISBN13 : 0309391539

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Places That Matter

Dr. Joan Ferrante Univ of California Press Social Science

Places that Matter asks the reader to identify a place that matters in their life—their home, a place of worship, a park, or some other site that acts as an emotional and physical anchor and connects them to a neighborhood. Then readers are asked: In what ways do I currently support—or fail to support—that neighborhood? Should support be increased? If so, in what ways? Joan Ferrante guides students through a learning experience that engages qualitative and quantitative research and culminates in writing a meaningful plan of action or research brief. Students are introduced to basic concepts of research and are exposed to the experiences of gathering and drawing on data related to something immediate and personal. The class-tested exercises are perfect for courses that emphasize action-based research and social responsibility. The book’s overarching goal is to help students assess their neighborhood’s needs and strengths and then create a concrete plan that supports that neighborhood and promotes its prosperity. Accompanying the book is a facilitator’s companion website to guide action-based research experiences, which includes rubrics that are aligned to common learning objectives and are also designed to make tracking and reporting easier.

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Talk That Counts

Ronald K. S. Macaulay Oxford University Press on Demand Language Arts & Disciplines

Here the author provides a new way of examining sociolinguistic variation. Using a sample from 33 speakers of English in Glasgow, he offers a new methodological paradigm to an audience of sociolinguists and others concerned with discourse analysis.

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Can That Be Right

A. Franklin Springer Science & Business Media Science

In this collection of essays Allan Franklin defends the view that science provides us with knowledge about the world which is based on experimental evidence and on reasoned and critical discussion. In short, he argues that science is a reasonable enterprise. He begins with detailed studies of four episodes from the history of modern physics: (1) the early attempts to detect gravity waves, (2) how the physics community decided that a proposed new elementary particle, 17-keV neutrino, did not exist, (3) a sequence of experiments on K meson decay, and (4) the origins of the Fifth Force hypothesis, a proposed modification of Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation. The case studies are then used to examine issues such as how discord between experimental results is resolved, calibration of an experimental apparatus and its legitimate use in validating an experimental result, and how experimental results provide reasonable grounds for belief in both the truth of physical theories and in the existence of the entities involved in those theories. This book is a challenge to the critics of science, both postmodern and constructivist, to provide convincing alternative explanations of the episodes and issues discussed. It should be of interest to philosophers, historians, and sociologists of science, and to scientists themselves.

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The Girl That Ran

Ruth Anthony-Obi AuthorHouse Family & Relationships

When Dalu the village recluse saves Simdi, a girl with a shadowed past; he never expected that his life was going to take an unexpected turn. As he gradually begins to break out of his carefully constructed shell due to her influence; he cannot help but question if she is a blessing or if he is cursed to be doomed forever in the prison of his memories.

ISBN10 : 9781496922670 , ISBN13 : 1496922670

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The Kiss That Counted

Karin Kallmaker Bella Books Fiction

Don't miss this Lammy Award Winner!!! CJ Roshe knows she can never relax her vigilance, especially when her grip on her secrets begins to slip. Contact with the good-hearted Karita Hanssen leaves CJ wishing for impossible things—friends, roots, a lover who knows her real name. With a life cheerfully balanced between all the things that she loves, Karita gives freely of her time and affection. She isn't looking for more until something in CJ's eyes suggests that there could be feelings deeper, stronger—and more dangerous—than any she has ever felt. CJ is committed to only tonight with her body and certainly no tomorrows when it comes to her heart. Karita has always lived for today while she waits for tomorrow to happen. One kiss couldn't change all that—unless it's the kiss that counted. Golden Crown and Lambda Literary award-winning author Karin Kallmaker's tale of two women, two outlooks and two futures trying to become one adds to her long list of best-selling and critically acclaimed lesbian romance novels.

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The Faith That Does Justice

John C. Haughey Wipf and Stock Publishers Religion

The essays in this volume address a closely interconnected set of questions: To be true to its mission, what function is the Church meant to perform? What does the faith of Christians contribute to the human perception of justice? What is the theological significance of action undertaken by Christians for political or social transformation? Is justice to be looked on as one of the moral virtues that it is incumbent on Christians to practice or has it a more intrinsic link to the gift of faith which Christians have received? Does the following of Christ call Christians away from social systems into Òthe new creation or is the call extended to them to concern themselves with the social systems which shape human beings? -- from the Foreword Contributors include: -Avery Dulles -William Dych -John Donahue -John Langan -David Hollenbach -Richard Roach -William Walsh

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That Night Depository

Robert Kost Page Publishing Inc Fiction

Ross Wilson worked his way up the corporate ladder at the National Telephone and Telegraph company. Ross experienced an event in 1981 that would change his life forever. After an intracompany transfer, he encountered more clandestine and dark activities than he could imagine. Follow the ups and downs, surprises, mysteries, crimes, and grievances that confronted him.

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I Know That My Redeemer Lives

Ronald P. Hesselgrave Wipf and Stock Publishers Religion

The book of Job has captured the imagination of Christians and non-Christians alike. In this study, Ronald Hesselgrave shows how the personal story of Job's intense struggle with suffering is representative of the pain and vexation within the entire creation, and how Job's eventual healing and restoration in the context of his relationship to God is connected to the "grand narrative" of God's purpose to redeem humanity and defeat evil in the world. He explores the themes of creation, evil, lament, justice, and God's sovereignty, grace, and redemption within the separate speeches in Job and against the backdrop of wisdom literature as a whole. A further concern of this study is with the pastoral or practical value of the book of Job, both for caregivers and those who may themselves be going through the valley of deep trauma and suffering. Dr. Hesselgrave brings together theological, social, and psychological insights in a way that deepens our understanding of suffering and provides the basis for a more holistic and comprehensive response to the needs of those who suffer. A final summary of the implications of Job for a practical theology of suffering is given in the conclusion.

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