That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Vol 14 Light Novel

Fuse Yen Press LLC Fiction

HERE BE DRAGONS Having easily thwarted the Eastern Empire’s invasion, Rimuru wishes to end the conflict once and for all and therefore heads for the imperial capital to take out the source. Meanwhile, Yuuki has worked his way up the Empire’s hierarchy with the intention of staging a coup and usurping the throne. It doesn’t take long for Rimuru to learn that the Empire’s true power is on a whole different level compared to what he’s seen so far… And it turns out he isn’t the only ruler with a dragon at his side!

ISBN10 : 9781975314484 , ISBN13 : 1975314484

Page Number : 344

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime 14

Taiki Kawakami Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

The hostile human nation of Falmuth staged a devastating attack on Tempest, the peaceful land of monsters. Now, in order to bring back the dead and protect the living, Rimuru is determined to become the most feared of beings: a Demon Lord. But this evolution comes at a terrible price, and the assailing humans will soon realize how poorly they’ve chosen their enemy…

ISBN10 : 9781646599288 , ISBN13 : 1646599284

Page Number : 210

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Vol 15 Light Novel

Fuse Yen Press LLC Fiction

AN EVOLUTIONARY TRIUMPH Following a fierce battle against his sister Velgrynd, Rimuru’s steadfast ally Veldora has fallen into the enemy’s clutches. An enraged Rimuru gives the order to massacre his foes, a request his Tempest top brass couldn’t be more thrilled to oblige. Once Rimuru’s demon underlings evolve en masse, the final battle between Tempest and the Eastern Empire will begin in earnest. But if Rimuru wants to save Veldora, he’ll need to undergo an evolution of his own. It’s time to unleash the power he’s been holding back!

ISBN10 : 9781975314507 , ISBN13 : 1975314506

Page Number : 401

Reincarnated As A Sword Light Novel Vol 14

Yuu Tanaka Seven Seas Entertainment Fiction

Their training complete, Fran and Teacher decided to head to the Magic Academy in Belioth to fulfill a request from Aristea. Unfortunately, Teacher's hopes for Fran to get in some normal student time alongside her peers are thwarted by an unexpected reunion--and a campus conspiracy!

ISBN10 : 9798891605374 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 357

To Your Eternity 14

Yoshitoki Oima Egmont Comics & Graphic Novels

In der Tundra, fernab der Zivilisation, wird ein unsterbliches Wesen ausgesetzt, das sich langsam seinen Weg durch die schneebedeckte Ödnis bahnt. Bald trifft es auf einen Jungen, der inmitten dieser Schneewüste lebt und beschließt, sich ihm anzuschließen. Doch ihre Wege sollen sich schnell wieder trennen ... Eine Reise voller Erfahrungen und Zufallsbegegnungen in einer unerbittlichen Welt beginnt. --- Dieses spezielle E-Book-Format kann auf allen aktuelleren Tablets und Geräten mit Zoomfunktion gelesen werden. Dein Leseprogramm sollte die Darstellung von Fixed-Image-E-Books im EPUB3- oder mobi/KF8-Format unterstützen. Weitere Informationen findest du auf der Homepage von Egmont Manga. ---

ISBN10 : 9783864587092 , ISBN13 : 3864587093

Page Number : 194