Tearmoon Empire Manga Volume 2

Nozomu Mochitsuki J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

What could be harder than saving an empire from a laundry list of oncoming calamities and escaping the looming threat of a bloodthirsty revolution? Doing all of that while also keeping up with your social life at a new school! That’s exactly the predicament that Mia has found herself in, but it gets worse: she’s also classmates with her greatest enemies from the timeline she was executed in! From the most perfect prince in history, Sion Sol Sunkland, to the de facto head of the academy’s social hierarchy, Rafina Orca Belluga, Mia is surrounded by the revolutionary army’s future leaders, and she couldn’t be more scared! A little abject terror, unfortunately, isn’t enough to excuse her from her social responsibilities as the Imperial Princess. She’ll have to find somebody to take her to the first dance of the year, and she’ll have to do it without provoking the ire of anyone important in the process. What could possibly go wrong?

ISBN10 : 9781718377530 , ISBN13 : 1718377533

Page Number : 193

Tearmoon Empire Manga Volume 1

Nozomu Mochitsuki J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

The Tearmoon Empire has fallen. As the flames of revolution scour the land, the empire’s ever-selfish princess, Mia, is publicly executed by way of the guillotine...only to wake up in the past as her twelve-year-old self! The empire’s back, the revolution is a distant memory, and sweets are once again on the table! As the bloodstained diary she brought back with her proves, however, Mia’s memories of the future are by no means just a bad dream. All the horrors and indignities she experienced in that terrible timeline are bound to happen all over again... That is, unless she can shape herself up, recruit some allies, and exploit her knowledge of what’s to come to solve all of the empire’s problems before they spiral horribly (and lethally) out of control! Is Mia up to the lofty task of changing the future and saving her empire? Not even slightly, but it’s her only choice if she hopes to spare herself from a second gruesome end at the blade of the guillotine!

ISBN10 : 9781718377523 , ISBN13 : 1718377525

Page Number : 200

Tearmoon Empire Volume 2

Nozomu Mochitsuki J-Novel Heart

It's the summer holidays, and Mia's on a roll. Ever since the spoiled princess of Tearmoon leapt through time and restarted life as a twelve-year-old, everything has been going her way. Leveraging her memory of future events and -- unwittingly -- the delusions of those around her, she secures a source of wheat for the coming famine and prevents a civil war from breaking out. And then, at last, she manages to avert her own grisly death by guillotine, erasing from existence the very diary that foretold her doom! Things are going so well that she can't help but erupt into song and dance... ...Only to slam into a proverbial brick wall. And have the rug pulled out from under her. Just for good measure. That dreaded word -- revolution -- once again reaches her ears, only this time, it's not in Tearmoon. She is horrified to learn that a popular uprising in Remno is threatening the stability of the entire kingdom. To make matters worse, her princely sweetheart, Abel, has gone home for the holidays, trapping him at the center of the chaos. To go, or not to go? That is the question. Should she brave danger to mount a rescue, or sit safe in the comfort of her own castle? Freed from the curse of the guillotine and faced with an uncertain future, what choice will Mia make?

ISBN10 : 1718374410 , ISBN13 : 9781718374416

Page Number : 224

Tearmoon Empire Manga Volume 4

Nozomu Mochitsuki J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

Bare your blades, students of Saint-Noel! The biannual swordsmanship tournament has arrived, and the competition is as fierce as the stakes are high! Will Prince Abel manage to prevail in a battle of wills against his chauvinistic brother? Can anyone stop Prince Sion’s meteoric rise through the ranks? And when the day is finally won, who will emerge victorious as the academy’s finest swordsman? Unbeknownst to most of the student body, however, the most intense bout of the day will not be fought up on stage. No, that battle to end all battles will play out during the tournament’s lunch break, when Mia’s masterpiece of a sandwich is finally put to the test! Will her culinary genius manage to secure Abel’s affection—and, more importantly, the aid of his kingdom’s military in the event of a revolution? Or will Keithwood’s incessant nit-picking and idea-quashing ruin everything?

ISBN10 : 9781718377554 , ISBN13 : 171837755X

Page Number : 152

Tearmoon Empire Manga Volume 5

Nozomu Mochitsuki J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

Summer has arrived, and Mia’s on her way home for a peaceful vacation full of rest and relaxation...if only! Alas, there’s no such thing as a day off when you’re the princess of the continent’s mightiest empire—especially when said empire is still due to collapse on account of a famine any day now—and the moment she returns, Mia is beset by tasks and troubles from all sides! Being home isn’t without its benefits, though. For one thing, it means Ludwig’s around to guide Mia down the right path (and then give her all the credit for his achievements)! He’s not the only friend she’s made on her home turf either, though Mia herself has yet to realize that fact...nor the fact that a few unsavory characters in the empire’s peerage are cooking up a scheme that could spell doom for everyone, Mia included!

ISBN10 : 9781718377561 , ISBN13 : 1718377568

Page Number : 166

Tearmoon Empire Manga Volume 3

Nozomu Mochitsuki J-Novel Club Comics & Graphic Novels

With the school dance finished (and with only a moderate number of injuries and kidnappings having occurred over the course of it), Mia’s stay at Saint-Noel Academy has finally begun in earnest! That’s right—it’s time for her to sit back, relax, and enjoy a luxurious and leisurely school life filled with... Wait, what do you mean, “lessons”? Indeed, not even the children of nobility can escape the myriad horrors of schoolwork. Fortunately for Mia, she’s been through all of this once before! Unfortunately for Mia, her memory is, shall we say, not her strongest asset. But hey—Mia’s survived worse, and compared to saving an empire from imminent doom, tricking her classmates into thinking she’s academically gifted should be a cakewalk! Besides, it’s not like she’ll have any conspirators to punish, connections to forge, or charming princes to woo in the meantime...right?

ISBN10 : 9781718338555 , ISBN13 : 1718338554

Page Number : 186