Sundome Milky Way Vol 2

Kazuki Funatsu Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

The beautiful alien Lune has come to Earth in order to be inseminated by Yoshitake, the world's horniest man, and thus save her species. But whenever Lune grows aroused and embarrassed, she transforms into an inhuman monster. Her sister arrives on Earth with worse news: if Yoshitake loses his virginity to anyone else, Lune will be dragged home and face the ultimate punishment! Meanwhile, Yoshitake plans to use a company trip to an exotic resort to put the moves on his naïve colleague, Yuizono!

ISBN10 : 9781638584513 , ISBN13 : 1638584516

Page Number : 186

Sundome Milky Way Vol 1

Kazuki Funatsu National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

A sexy and out-of-this-world alien comedy from the creator of Yokai Girls! Yoshitake, your average company drone, is out for a drive one night when he spots a UFO and crashes his car. When he next opens his eyes, he's in his apartment, and next to him is a stunningly beautiful alien girl named Lune! She has come to Earth to save her species from extinction by claiming human seed–and sex-crazed Yoshitake is the perfect mate. Unfortunately, Lune's alien physiology leads to an unexpected difficulty that even the world's horniest man may be unable to overcome.

ISBN10 : 9781648275906 , ISBN13 : 1648275907

Page Number : 0

Sundome Milky Way Vol 3

Kazuki Funatsu National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

NUT UP OR SHUT UP Yoshitake, the world’s horniest man, has ditched Lune—the universe’s sexiest alien who came to Earth for his sperm—to date his innocent co-worker Yuizono Haruka. Another co-worker, Mika, hot (and hotheaded) with sexual secrets of her own, finds herself trapped in a gym locker with Yoshitake where it’s getting more cramped by the moment. But if he ever ejaculates into an Earth woman, Lune’s entire species is doomed to extinction! It’s a hard time to be hard up!

ISBN10 : 9781638581253 , ISBN13 : 1638581258

Page Number : 0

Sundome Vol 5

Kazuto Okada Hachette UK Comics & Graphic Novels

The bond between Kurumi and Hideo grows stronger, as he struggles to learn even an inch of her past and understand her present situation. Meanwhile, Katsu and Kyouko's love-hate relationship starts leaning more heavily toward love when they share an accidental kiss on the lips!

ISBN10 : 9780316471206 , ISBN13 : 0316471208

Page Number : 212

Sundome Vol 6

Kazuto Okada Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

With the start of summer comes a pair of daring, alumni-instigated challenges the Roman Club must take on. When an overnight investigation at an abandoned hospital leads to Kurumi and Hideo sharing an intimate night of heavy petting...little do they know they have company . . . in the supernatural form of a GHOST!

ISBN10 : 9780316471213 , ISBN13 : 0316471216

Page Number : 212

Manga Diary Of A Male Porn Star Vol 2

Kaeruno Erefante National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

PORN: IT’S HARDER THAN IT LOOKS. Kaeruno is a newbie porn star, and he’s just completed his first real gig! He thought his new career would be all sex and giggles, but now he’s facing the struggles every male porn star must conquer. It’s a tall order maintaining a stiffy with all these interruptions, and then he has to make sure his climaxes are both numerous AND voluminous! Will he rise to the occasion?

ISBN10 : 9781638581185 , ISBN13 : 1638581185

Page Number : 0

Ero Ninja Scrolls Vol 1

Haruki National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

In this Mature-rated manga series by the creator of Cat in a Hot Girls’ Dorm, journey to the fictional “Ero” period of Japanese history, where sexy ninja battles await! In the bustling city of Ero, danger and excitement lurk around every corner. Arakusa, a young woman in ninja school, hasn't even completed her training when she is called upon to serve the shogunate—doing everything from fetching his favorite erotica manga to facing off against an orgiastic church of Western invaders!

ISBN10 : 9781648276712 , ISBN13 : 1648276717

Page Number : 0