Sugar Dog Life

Yoriko Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Sakuraba is a college student, though you'd never know it, with his short height and baby face. Certainly police officer Amazawa thought Sakuraba was a minor, and nearly booked him for being out too late after he was returning from a drinking party. But there's something oddly familiar about him, and the two strike up an odd relationship...

ISBN10 : 9781636993515 , ISBN13 : 1636993516

Page Number : 178

Sugar Dog 01

Masahiro Ikeno TOKYOPOP Verlag Comics & Graphic Novels

Damit seine geliebte Tochter Fiona nicht in die Fänge seiner Feinde gerät, schickt Richard Alenbi sie an den für ihn denkbar sichersten Ort – ein kleines Café in der Küstenstadt Zena. Was auf den ersten Blick wie ein idyllischer Ort voller süßer Verführungen aussieht, entpuppt sich schnell als Zuhause einer ganz besonderen Gang. Denn diese hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, andere Gangs auszurotten. Ein Unterfangen, das die ganze Stadt mit Blut tränkt ...

ISBN10 : 9783842065529 , ISBN13 : 3842065523

Page Number : 196

A Dog S Life

Hans Bayer University Press of America Biography & Autobiography

In 1979, Hans Bayer sat down at a typewriter to compose his memoirs. A noncom in the German Army in World War II, Bayer had served in the Hitler's Body Guards division. For a number of reasons, among them guilt at having been caught up in Nazi fanaticism, Bayer wanted to record some of the key details of his past, especially his experiences in the Hitler Youth and later in the inferno of the war. Miller and Toothman have translated this story of one young German's experience in a world holocaust, hoping that this book in some way will help to ensure that such horrors will never occur again.

ISBN10 : 0819191418 , ISBN13 : 9780819191410

Page Number : 188

A Dog S Life

Peter Mayle Vintage Travel

Once upon a time in Provence, Peter Mayle adopted a dog of uncertain origins and dubious hunting skills and gave him a name—Boy. Now he gives this canny canine a voice in an irresistible “memoir” that proves that the best vantage point for observing life may well be on all fours. As Boy recounts his progress from an overcrowded maternal bosom to unchallenged mastery of the Mayle household, he tells us why dogs are drawn to humans (“our most convenient support system”) and chickens (“that happy combination of sport and nourishment”). We share in his amorous dalliances, his run-ins with French plumbers and cats, and in the tidbits (both conversational and edible) of his owners’ dinner parties. Enhanced by fifty-nine splendidly whimsical drawings by Edward Koren, A Dog’s Life gives us all the delights we expect from any book by Peter Mayle—pedigree prose, biting wit, and a keen nose for the fragrance of civilization—together with the insouciant wisdom of which only a dog (and probably only Peter Mayle’s dog) is capable.

ISBN10 : 9780307791924 , ISBN13 : 0307791920

Page Number : 205