So You Want To Live The Slow Life A Guide To Life In The Beastly Wilds Vol 1

Fuurou Cross Infinite World Young Adult Fiction

Another World In The Center of Japan! Mikura Moriya expected a quiet and peaceful life in the forest when he inherited his great-grandfather’s house and enormous orchard. Someone had to keep the family business running, so he quit his job and decided to live off the land. But the house isn’t in any old forest. It’s deep in the Beastly Wilds, an area off-limits to most humans. For the Wilds are home to the Beastfolk—neither human nor animal, but something in between. It isn’t long before Mikura meets his new neighbors and makes a pact with a girl with chipmunk ears that will change his life forever. Will Mikura get to live the slow life, or is it more trouble than it’s worth?!

ISBN10 : 9781945341724 , ISBN13 : 1945341726

Page Number : 219

So You Want To Live The Slow Life A Guide To Life In The Beastly Wilds Vol 2

Fuurou Cross Infinite World Comics & Graphic Novels

How To Enjoy The Slow Life At Home! Mikura is finally starting to get used to his new life in the Beastly Wilds. Things were going great with his Beastfolk neighbors—until one day, he makes a seemingly innocent comment that turns his life completely upside down! Things only get even more interesting when a visit from his parents unearths a mysterious incident from his childhood adventures in the Beastly Wilds! What secrets are the Beastly Wilds keeping and how will they change his relationship with Techi?

ISBN10 : 9798885600286 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 209

So You Want To Live The Slow Life A Guide To Life In The Beastly Wilds Vol 3

Fuurou Cross Infinite World Young Adult Fiction

The Magic Of The Wilds It’s official—Mikura and Techi are engaged, and slowly but surely, the pieces of their wedding are coming into place. But some things don’t change, like their peaceful life living under one roof. Becoming more accepted by the Beastly Wilds by the day, Mikura finally has a chance to befriend other beastfolk. He also discovers one of the biggest secrets the beastfolk were hiding—the legendary Fusang trees that make up the Wilds. And of course, Mikura’s preserve obsession is only getting stronger by the day! Jam, sausages, and ninja rations are only the tip of the iceberg. With apprentice chef Kon by his side, he presses forward, enriching their lives with even more mouthwatering food!

ISBN10 : 9798885601092 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 205

Expedition Cooking With The Enoch Royal Knights Vol 1

Mashimesa Emoto Cross Infinite World Young Adult Fiction

Delectable survival cooking from the down-on-her-luck elf! Despite being born as a Fore Elf—one of the “beautiful creatures that inhabit the forest”—young Mell Risurisu suffers from poverty, a total lack of skills, and no magic powers whatsoever at her disposal. Determined to save her beloved little sisters from a life of hardship, Mell decides to join Enoch—the royal order of knights. Upon being assigned as a field medic to the Second Expeditionary Squadron, which boasts only four members to its name, she’s shocked to discover… Bread as hard as stone and rubbery jerky made of mystery meat?! This simply won’t do! Medic Risurisu’s knowledge as a child of the forest is her greatest weapon in the battle for delicious food on the go!

ISBN10 : 9798885600040 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 330

Even Dogs Go To Other Worlds Life In Another World With My Beloved Hound Vol 2

Ryuuou Cross Infinite World Comics & Graphic Novels

Even The Slow Life Gets Busy! Takumi and Leo are just starting to get used to life in their new world, when Claire’s father, Duke Eckenhart, pays a surprise visit to the Libert family’s country estate! “Allow me to teach you the way of the sword!” In a world rife with monsters, a little self-defense can go a long way. And so, Takumi takes up sword lessons—from the duke himself!

ISBN10 : 9798885600101 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 246

Surviving In Another World As A Villainess Fox Girl Volume 1

Riia Ai Cross Infinite World Comics & Graphic Novels

Can Two Reincarnates Set Aside Their Differences To Save The Villainess? After being reincarnated as the villainess of her favorite fantasy otome game, Claire realizes she has to act fast to save her twin sister and favorite character from falling in love because she’s cursed to literally die of a broken heart! But that won’t be easy when another reincarnate and a big fan of the fox twins is determined to save Miku—by making her fall in love with him instead! Which reincarnate will succeed in giving this silver-furred fox girl her happy ending: her sister the villainess or the main hero who wants to make her his waifu?! Will they end up working together to prevent innocent Miku from falling in love with one of the other five eligible bachelors and meeting her inevitable demise?

ISBN10 : 9798885600149 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 249

Even Dogs Go To Other Worlds Life In Another World With My Beloved Hound Vol 3

Ryuuou Cross Infinite World Comics & Graphic Novels

A Dog And Her Human’s Otherworldly Adventures! After helping the Libert’s store in Ractos sell his herbs, Takumi and Leo visit an orphanage run by the duke’s family. But what they find is an institution full of sick children. Takumi quickly gets to work using his cultivation Gift to heal them, with surprising consequences. “Please, sir, teach me about medicine!” Takumi is confronted with his first apprentice-hopeful as an apothecary!

ISBN10 : 9798885600279 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 277