Snow White With The Red Hair Vol 5

Sorata Akiduki VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

A romantic retelling of a classic fairy tale about a beautiful herbalist and a lovestruck prince. Shirayuki is an herbalist famous for her naturally bright-red hair, and the prince of Tanbarun wants her all to himself! The prince from the neighboring kingdom, Zen, rescues her from her plight, and thus begins their love story. When a banquet invitation arrives from Prince Raj in Tanbarun, Izana tests Zen and Shirayuki’s budding relationship by forcing Shirayuki to accept. But before the young lovers can cope with their impending time apart, a new threat arrives in Clarines—and he’s got Shirayuki in his sights!

ISBN10 : 1974707245 , ISBN13 : 9781974707249

Page Number : 0

Private Tutor To The Duke S Daughter Volume 5

Riku Nanano J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

After thwarting a nascent rebellion and restoring peace to the eastern capital, Allen prepares for some long-overdue rest. His students have returned to their respective homes, leaving the convalescent tutor in his family’s care...but the lazy days of summer are only the calm before the storm. Sinister forces are at work in the east, and they threaten to shake the kingdom to its very core. Shadowy conspiracy erupts into open war, separating Allen from his powerful companions and—worse yet—his trusty partner Lydia. The young sorcerer must turn to his fiercely protective sister Caren, his friend Richard, and a small band of knights in a battle for all he holds dear. But how much can so few accomplish against an army of unexpected foes wielding mysterious and devastating magic?

ISBN10 : 9781718386068 , ISBN13 : 1718386060

Page Number : 217

A Wild Last Boss Appeared Volume 5

Firehead J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

It’s a Wild Last Boss versus a Vampire Princess! In order to fulfill a 200 year old promise, Lufas heads to Mjolnir, Benetnasch’s country, alone with the intention of completing the life-or-death battle they’d begun long ago. Will Lufas’ true power finally awaken during this long-awaited battle to the death? Meanwhile, Leon—one of the Twelve Heavenly Stars who hasn’t yet returned to the fold—is up to something, and the demihumans seem to be on his side of the brewing war against the rest of humanity. But Leon is the strongest of the Twelve Heavenly Stars. Without Lufas, will the other Stars be enough to stop him on their own? The hero’s party, along with Virgo and Castor, head to Sagittarius’ homeland, the centaurs’ village, in an attempt to discover why the normally even-tempered former Star is acting so out of character. Will the other former members of the Twelve Heavenly Stars come back peacefully? Or are there more unexpected events in store for Lufas?!

ISBN10 : 9781718302242 , ISBN13 : 171830224X

Page Number : 236

Oz The Complete Collection Volume 5 Bind Up

L. Frank Baum Simon and Schuster Juvenile Fiction

In The Magic of Oz, the mischievous Kiki Aru has discovered a magical word can transform him and anyone else into whatever Kiki demands. Worse yet, Kiki has been recruited by the villainous Nome King in his latest attempt to get revenge on Princess Ozma and all her friends. Can Dorothy and the Wizard stop the evil-doers before they conquer Oz? Or will Kiki's incredible powers finally give the Nome King the revenge he has craved for so long? In Glinda of Oz, Dorothy and Ozma, journey to a remote part of Oz to stop a war between the Flatheads and the Skeezers. But the Flatheads and Skeezers have a different idea. Soon Ozma and Dorothy are trapped in an amazing crystal-domed city on an enchanted island. The watertight city submerges itself, and only the Wizard and Glinda can save our heroes, but will they make it in time? In The Royal Book of Oz, the Scarecrow goes to search for his family roots. He returns to the cornfield where Dorothy first found him and discovers that he is the Long Lost Emperor of the Silver Island. Will he decide to stay there? Or will he return to Oz?

ISBN10 : 9781471117237 , ISBN13 : 1471117235

Page Number : 355