Shangri La Frontier 8

Ryosuke Fuji Kodansha USA Comics & Graphic Novels

After meeting up with three rival clans-Schwarz Vulf, SF-Zoo, and the Library-Sunraku is back in the crystal grotto in search of weapon materials when he encounters the all-powerful Golden Scorpion! Plus, now that Bilac?s a Master Craftsman, she can activate the Legacy Weapon he earned from Wethermon. What will Sunraku do with this long-anticipated windfall?

ISBN10 : 9781684915316 , ISBN13 : 1684915317

Page Number : 192

Shangri La Frontier Vol 8

Ryosuke Fuji Comics & Graphic Novels

Após uma reunião com três grandes clãs, Schwarz Vulf, SF-Zoo e Library, Sunraku retorna aos Ninhos do Penhasco de Cristal a fim de conseguir matérias-primas para armas e acaba se encontrando com o lendário Escorpião Dourado!! Além disso, Bilac, agora uma mestra-anciã, é capaz de ativar a Legacy Weapon obtida após a derrota de Wezermon. Como será que Sunraku lidará com essa situação?!!!

ISBN10 : 6525909236 , ISBN13 : 9786525909233

Page Number : 0

Shangri La Frontier 2

Ryosuke Fuji National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

A fast-paced, irreverent adventure for fans of isekai and RPGs! High schooler Rakuro loves hunting down "trash games," but one day he decides to play a AAA VR game called Shangri-La Frontier instead. He creates a character with a bird head, skips the cutscenes and jumps right in--but what awaits him in this game is different from anything he's ever faced... NEW ENEMIES, OLD FRIENDS After diving into the god-tier VR game Shangri-La Frontier, Sunraku (a.k.a. Rakuro Hizutome) suffers a crushing defeat by the unique monster Lycagon the Nightslayer. Sunraku comes away from the encounter with a mark that prevents him from equipping anything on his legs or torso. But don't count him out yet! Joined by Emul, the gregarious vorpal bunny, he presses on along a path that will bring him face to face with terrifying new foes, and even some familiar names from the gaming world.

ISBN10 : 9781646514830 , ISBN13 : 1646514831

Page Number : 0

Shangri La Frontier 7

Katarina Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Sunraku, aiming to bring the ruins of Wethermon back to life, tackles a new dungeon in order to upgrade his friend Bilac into a full-fledged Ancient Craftsman! Teaming up with OiCazzo and Pencilgon once more, they plunge deep into the heart of SLF! Meanwhile, top players from across the game are swarming around Sunraku, looking for info on taking down a Unique Monster. Can the fledgling Wolf-Gang clan hold its own in a conference full of wily competitors?

ISBN10 : 9781684914272 , ISBN13 : 1684914272

Page Number : 192

Shangri La Frontier 3

Katarina Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Making it through a gang of lethal player-killers, Sunraku prepares for a ten-battle gauntlet as part of the "Invitation from Lagonia" unique quest. Meanwhile, his friend (and fellow fan of awful games) Pencilgon approaches him with an offer: Help her defeat one of the Seven Colossi, a feat never achieved by anyone else in Shangri-La Frontier's thirty-million-strong player base! Now this band on the far outskirts of gaming fandom is about to carve their name into legend in the greatest RPG ever made!

ISBN10 : 9781636992891 , ISBN13 : 1636992897

Page Number : 191

Shangri La Frontier 9

Ryosuke Fuji Kodansha USA Comics & Graphic Novels

After settling matters with Rust over in Nephilim Hollow, Sunraku's back in Shangri-La Frontier, searching for a new unique monster-Ctarnidd of the Abyss! Psyger-0 lends him a hand as he hacks his way through a dungeon…but then SF-Zoo, a clan he thought they had an alliance with, blocks his way! And as the players bicker with each other, a silent shadow looms over them-as the Emperor of the Night reappears!

ISBN10 : 9781684916320 , ISBN13 : 1684916321

Page Number : 193

Proceedings Of The Ninth Seminar Of The Iats 2000 Volume 8 Tibet Self And The Tibetan Diaspora

P. Christiaan Klieger BRILL History

This is an edited volume on self-expression in Tibet and in the Tibetan diaspora. It looks at how modern Tibetans present themselves to the outside world. From the discoverers of esoterica to changing gender categories in exile, readers will learn of the colorful variety of contemporary Tibetan expressions.

ISBN10 : 9789004489455 , ISBN13 : 9004489452

Page Number : 264