Robotech Volume 6

Simon Furman Titan Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

An epic event that changes the Robotech universe forever! It has been ten years since a huge spacecraft crash-landed on Macross Island and gifted the world with the incredible Robotechnology which helped mankind reach for the stars. But who originally piloted that ship and what – or who – else did they bring with them? Now Rick, Lisa and the rest of their crew are about to find out the shocking truth – and they must also face off against a new deadly alien race hellbent on total universal conquest. One thing is certain: everything will change… Written by Simon Furman (Transformers) with incredible art by Hendry Prasetya (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers). Also includes a special back-up story written by Brenden Fletcher (Gotham Academy, Batgirl, Isola) with art by Sarah Stone (Transformers) Collects Robotech #21-24.

ISBN10 : 9781787733015 , ISBN13 : 1787733017

Page Number : 132

Robotech Event Horizon Graphic Novel

Simon Furman National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

The hit comic series based on the world-famous, fan favorite animated epic continues with this stunning extra-sized Robotech Event. Titan Comics are unleashing an all-new Robotech Event - 'Event Horizon'. Things have come to a head and answers and explanations are coming in this stunning and explosive storyline. Titan Comics' Robotech series began where Robotech's classic Macross Saga also began - and then slowly, things changed... A major character died, another became blind while another became the new captain... But how and why? Your explanation is here in this explosive Event as realities collide and a major new alien threat emerges. And who is the mysterious new player in the story? And are they a savior... or a world killer? Collects issues 21 to 24 of Titan Comics' smash hit series plus the Free Comic Book Day issue.

ISBN10 : 9781787730274 , ISBN13 : 1787730271

Page Number : 0

Robotech 24

Simon Furman Titan Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Dana Sterling - the future daughter of Max aand Miriya - has joined the current timeline attempting to stop a deadly time loop. The Invid's Regress has concocted a deadly plan to interfere with reality and the SDF-1 has been under attack from Invid forces... And now the crew of the SDF-1 have headed to Invid space for a battle with the Regress, the Invid, and the Over-Mind...

ISBN10 : 9781787733008 , ISBN13 : 1787733009

Page Number : 34

Robotech Archives Sentinels Volume 2

Tom Mason Titan Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Rick and Lisa Hunter are back – along with their crewmates and their deadliest enemies – as the explosive Robotech Sentinels saga continues! The crew of the SDF-3 have barely survived a war against their greatest foes, the evil Invid… Stranded in space for five years on the severely damaged ship, the crew must also face a fresh attack from the Robotech Masters and the arrival of the mysterious Sentinels – but are the Sentinels friend or foe? Collecting together the complete Robotech II: The Sentinels Book Two (#1-21), originally from 1990-1993. This massive 512-page volume includes never-before-seen sketches by John and Jason Waltrip. “Kudos to Titan for bringing this back, not just for old fans, but for younger anime lovers looking to get into a piece of history with a fine lineage and big story. 5 out of 5.” – But Why Tho

ISBN10 : 9781785867071 , ISBN13 : 1785867075

Page Number : 516

Robotech The Macross Saga Doomsday Vol 4 6

Jack McKinney Titan Books Fiction

The electrifying second Robotech omnibus. Experience the struggles and triumphs of the Robotech Defense Force, led by the brilliant but unorthodox Captain Gloval, as they fight against the alien Zentraedi—only to find themselves fighting alongside their former enemy in a struggle against total annihilation. BATTLEHYMN For two years, Captain Gloval and his crew had been chased through the solar system, only to be made to feel unwanted and maligned when they returned to Earth. Now, in direct violation of Council orders, Gloval commands the Super Dimensional Fortress to rise from its landing site... FORCE OF ARMS Supreme Commander Dolza had amassed the largest fleet of Zentraedi warships the Universe has ever seen... and all their weapons are aimed at Earth! DOOMSDAY A war without victors. A war that brought two races to the brink of extinction. A war without spoils, save for the devastated Earth itself... A new-age ark, the Super Dimensional Fortress, returns to its ravaged homeworld. Those who lived through Armageddon began the painstaking process of reconstruction. But the humans had the Zentraedi to help them, former enemies who shared a common goal—survival! But all was not well in this bravest of worlds... Unaccustomed to a life without warfare, many of the alien giants revert to their old ways. One alien in particular promises to lead the Zentraedi back to their former glory —Khyron. A hero reborn vows to pick up where Dolza had left off!

ISBN10 : 9781803365725 , ISBN13 : 1803365722

Page Number : 649

Robotech Rick Hunter

Brandon Easton Titan Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Legendary hero Major General Rick Hunter thought at last he could rest… but from the ashes of the first Robotech War, a new threat arises. Along with ace pilot Vince Grant, Rick’s Pegasus squadron is sent to investigate rumours of rogue Zentraedi warriors who threaten to upset the peace established between humans and their new alien allies. As the SDF3 nears completion, the whole project is put into jeopardy by the unwelcome face of an enemy long thought dead… Written by Brandon Easton and illustrated by Simone Raggazoni, the next instalment of the legendary Robotech franchise is here, featuring all the epic mecha battles and heartfelt moments fan love. Collects Robotech: Rick Hunter #1-4.

ISBN10 : 9781787742116 , ISBN13 : 1787742113

Page Number : 116

Robotech Rick Hunter 2

Brandon Easton Titan Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

From the stars came the Super Dimensional Fortress (SDF-1), a massive starship that crash landed on Macross Island – bring the miraculous science of Robotechnology to Earth. However, it also brought the Zentraedi, a powerful race of aliens who would stop at nothing to reclaim the SDF-1 for their overlords, known as the Robotech Masters. As the war raged across the solar system, the human forces under the command of Captain Henry Gloval endured many heartbreaks and hard-won victories because of his crew of heroes: chief among them ace fighter pilot Roy Fokker, his younger brother, Rick Hunter, and Gloval’s trusted XO, Lisa Hayes. Unexpectedly, a young singer named Lynn Minmei became a symbol for peace and hop for both humans and Zentraedi alike, as the two species began to realize that they were not so different as they thought. The First Robotech War ended with the destruction of the SDF-1, and its sister ship the SDF-2, at the hands of the mad Zentraedi tyrant Khyron during his infamous suicide attack. Now a legendary hero who lost nearly everything during the war, Rick Hunter, must face a new threat rising form the ashes of history, and take to the skies once more…

ISBN10 : 9781787742130 , ISBN13 : 178774213X

Page Number : 35