Rave Master Volume 6

Hiro Mashima TokyoPop Comics & Graphic Novels

A boy unexpectedly becomes a Rave Master in order to save the world from the evil Demon Card.

ISBN10 : 1591822130 , ISBN13 : 9781591822134

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Rave Master

Hiro Mashima Turtleback Books Comics & Graphic Novels

On the tiny island of Garage, Haru Glory has spent most of his life in relative peace and tranquility. However, his penchant for adventure has him looking beyond the horizon and wishing for a way off the island. One day, Haru defends an old man from a mysterious attacker and is entrusted with a sacred sword called Ten Powers. As the guardian of this sword, he must go out into the world and collect the missing Rave stones in order to stop the onslaught of the evil Dark Bring. It may not have been exactly what he was wishing for but like it or not, Haru's adventure has begun.

ISBN10 : 1417659610 , ISBN13 : 9781417659616

Page Number : 195

Rave Master

Hiro Mashima Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Haru and Elie came to Experiment City looking for clues that would lead them to the missing Rave Stones. What they found was much more shocking - the key to Elie's past! Their discovery could cost them their lives since Elemental Master Sieg Hart has sworn to destroy Elie, and he'll take out anyone who gets in his way - even the Rave Master himself! The fate of the entire time continuum is at stake in this shocking volume of "Rave Master!"

ISBN10 : 9781682338230 , ISBN13 : 1682338231

Page Number : 208

Rave Master Volume 17

Hiro Mashima TokyoPop Comics & Graphic Novels

Haru needs to muster all the support he can get to defeat Doryu, but it may not be enough.

ISBN10 : 1595320229 , ISBN13 : 9781595320223

Page Number : 196

Priest Manga Volume 6

Min-Woo Hyung TOKYOPOP Comics & Graphic Novels

Hundreds of years ago the priest and witch hunter Betheal Gavarre tried the heretic Vascar de Guillon in a secret court. What he realized too late was that when Vascar claimed to be the fallen Archangel Temozarela, bent on corrupting the race of man, it was neither lie nor madman's rant. In order to contain Temozarela, Betheal drew from the lore of ancient cults to create the Domas Porada, the Matrix of Silence. The Vatican investigators sent to investigate Betheal found no sign of him or his creation—the fallen priest and fallen angel disappeared from history. Until now... In a forgotten abbey in the wastelands of the America's old west, the Domas Porada has been found, and a band of researchers try tirelessly to open it, not knowing the evil it contains.

ISBN10 : 9781427865557 , ISBN13 : 1427865558

Page Number : 194

Rave Master Volume 2

Hiro Mashima TokyoPop Comics & Graphic Novels

A boy unexpectedly becomes a Rave Master in order to save the world from the evil Demon Card.

ISBN10 : 1591820650 , ISBN13 : 9781591820659

Page Number : 204

Graphic Novels

Michael Pawuk Bloomsbury Publishing USA Language Arts & Disciplines

Covering genres from adventure and fantasy to horror, science fiction, and superheroes, this guide maps the vast terrain of graphic novels, describing and organizing titles to help librarians balance their graphic novel collections and direct patrons to read-alikes. New subgenres, new authors, new artists, and new titles appear daily in the comic book and manga world, joining thousands of existing titles—some of which are very popular and well-known to the enthusiastic readers of books in this genre. How do you determine which graphic novels to purchase, and which to recommend to teen and adult readers? This updated guide is intended to help you start, update, or maintain a graphic novel collection and advise readers about the genre. Containing mostly new information as compared to the previous edition, the book covers iconic super-hero comics and other classic and contemporary crime fighter-based comics; action and adventure comics, including prehistoric, heroic, explorer, and Far East adventure as well as Western adventure; science fiction titles that encompass space opera/fantasy, aliens, post-apocalyptic themes, and comics with storylines revolving around computers, robots, and artificial intelligence. There are also chapters dedicated to fantasy titles; horror titles, such as comics about vampires, werewolves, monsters, ghosts, and the occult; crime and mystery titles regarding detectives, police officers, junior sleuths, and true crime; comics on contemporary life, covering romance, coming-of-age stories, sports, and social and political issues; humorous titles; and various nonfiction graphic novels.

ISBN10 : 9781440851360 , ISBN13 : 1440851360

Page Number : 758