Practice Makes Perfect 3

Ui Hanamiya Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Japanese national volleyball representative, Nohara Suzuki and judo representative, Takaya Yano spent their lives single-mindedly dedicated to competitive sports. Before they knew it, they’re now both approaching their thirties with zero sexual experience. After they start to meet at a hotel to train up on the art of sex, they eventually begin to date. Which brings them to their next goal, a sexual encounter worthy of a gold medal! With the support of all the citizens, will the two be able to safely retire their virgin statuses?! And for the two overachievers, will they be able to push forward to greater forbidden adult practices?! A sports-themed lesson in love by Ui Hanamiya.

ISBN10 : 9781646598595 , ISBN13 : 1646598598

Page Number : 164

The Book Keeper And American Counting Room Volume 3

Richard P. Brief Routledge Business & Economics

This book, first published in 1989, contains reprints of the early periodical on accounting, The Book-Keeper. It dealt with ‘historical reviews of methods and systems in all ages and by all nations. Elucidations of accounts, introducing new and simplified features of accounting. Problems from the counting-room discussed and explained. Instructive notes upon plans and methods of book-keeping in every department of trade, commerce and industry.’ The journal is a primary source for students interested in the history of accounting.

ISBN10 : 9781000165906 , ISBN13 : 1000165906

Page Number : 628

Berkeley Journal Of Religion And Theology Vol 3 No 1

BJRT GTU Religion

Berkeley Journal of Religion and Theology, Vol. 3, No. 1. This is the regular issue journal. Featuring 2016 Distinguished Faculty lecture, the 2017 Surjit Singh Lecture, and articles by Pravina Rodrigues, Jennifer Fernandez, and Jaesung Ryu. Also featuring several book reviews.

ISBN10 : 9781387481583 , ISBN13 : 1387481584

Page Number : 162

Travel And Tourism In Britain 1700 1914 Vol 3

Susan Barton Routledge History

The British led the way in holidaymaking. This four-volume primary resource collection brings together a diverse range of texts on the various forms of transport used by tourists, the destinations they visited, the role of entertainments and accommodation and how these affected the way that tourism evolved over two centuries. Volume 3: Seaside Holidays Over the course of the seventeenth century, medical writers and practitioners came to realise the health-giving properties of the seaside environment. By the early eighteenth century, this scientific interest was spreading to wealthy people in search of a rest cure. Bathing in the sea, drinking the waters and spending time in the bracing air became a widespread activity, and by the nineteenth century this had expanded thanks to extensive advertising and publicity about its beneficial effects. Specific forms of entertainment also developed, such as piers, aquaria, winter gardens and cinemas.

ISBN10 : 9781000559842 , ISBN13 : 100055984X

Page Number : 2048

Diary And Letters Of Madame D Arblay Volume 3

Fanny Burney Cambridge University Press Biography & Autobiography

The 1854 seven-volume edition of journals and correspondence by the author Fanny Burney (1752-1840), spanning the period 1778-1840.

ISBN10 : 9781108064101 , ISBN13 : 1108064108

Page Number : 391

Supporting Lifelong Learning

Marion Cartwright Routledge Education

This Reader examines the ways in which learning is organized in a diverse range of lifelong learning environments. If we are to harness the full potential of this learning, the structures of organizations and providers will have to change. The book also examines the shift away from the perception of formal institutions as the sole providers of education and the increasing recognition of the learning opportunities which exist outside the walls of institutions. The book looks at what types of environment promote lifelong learning, how they can be organised to support meaningful learning and what the implications are for managers. Supporting Lifelong Learning Volume II: Organising Learning also looks at the implications of wider concepts of the learning city, learning region and the learning society in a fresh and accessible text with a uniquely international dimension.

ISBN10 : 9781134512515 , ISBN13 : 1134512511

Page Number : 229