Persona 4 Arena Volume 2

Atlus Udon Entertainment

The casts of PERSONA 3 and PERSONA 4 collide! Someone has stolen the anti-shadow suppression weapon named Labrys, and the trail leads into the TV World. There, all the persona users on the chase are forced to participate in the strange "P-1 Grand Prix" tournament. It's Aigis VS Kanji, and Yosuke VS Chie! Who will walk away in the end?!

ISBN10 : 1772942537 , ISBN13 : 9781772942538

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Volume 2

Atlus Udon Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

The action continues for the united casts of PERSONA 3 and PERSONA 4! The mysterious General Teddie has returned, and he drags the Investigation Team into a new tournament; the P-1 Climax! With no way to back out, they have no choice but to keep winning or the world will be destroyed! With the fate of several of his friends unknown, Yu breaches the enemy base, learning the secrets of Sho Minazuki, and the truth behind the vicious death matches.

ISBN10 : 1772942561 , ISBN13 : 9781772942569

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Worth Focused Design Book 2

Gilbert Cockton Springer Nature Computers

This book introduces the concept of worth for design teams, relates it to experiences and outcomes, and describes how to focus on worth when researching and expressing design opportunities for generous worth. Truly interdisciplinary teams also need an appropriate common language, which was developed in the companion book Worth-Focused Design, Book 1: Balance, Integration, and Generosity (Cockton, 2020a). Its new lexicon for design progressions enables a framework for design and evaluation that works well with a worth focus. Design now has different meanings based upon the approach of different disciplinary practices. For some, it is the creation of value. For others, it is the conception and creation of artefacts. For still others, it is fitting things to people (beneficiaries). While each of these design foci has merits, there are risks in not having an appropriate balance across professions that claim the centre of design for their discipline and marginalise others. Generosity is key to the best creative design—delivering unexpected worth beyond documented needs, wants, or pain points. Truly interdisciplinary design must also balance and integrate approaches across several communities of practice, which is made easier by common ground. Worth provides a productive focus for this common ground and is symbiotic with balanced, integrated, and generous (BIG) practices. Practices associated with balance and integration for worth-focused generosity are illustrated in several case studies that have used approaches in this book, complementing them with additional practices.

ISBN10 : 9783031022302 , ISBN13 : 3031022300

Page Number : 203

Persona Derri Re Le Masque Volume 1

Rémi Lopez Third Editions Games & Activities

Décryptage du jeu vidéo Persona, dont le succès a dépassé celui de sa saga originelle, Shin Megami Tensei. Retour en grâce de Shin Megami Tensei, le spin-off Persona est devenu plus connu que la saga originelle. Persona est en effet une série alternative du jeu de rôle japonais Shin Megami Tensei. Le cinquième épisode est d’ailleurs attendu comme le messie – surtout en France. Ce dernier sort justement en avril, mois de publication de notre ouvrage qui revient en 552 pages sur toute la série, du premier épisode au quatrième. Création, univers, décryptage, l'ensemble de la saga est passée au crible ! Rémy et Clémence nous offre une analyse complète de cette série de jeux vidéo de rôle qui a su conquérir le monde ! À PROPOS DES AUTEURS Rémi Lopez est titulaire d’une Licence en langue et civilisation japonaises, et est tombé dans la marmite du RPG étant petit. Une passion qui ne l’a jamais quitté puisqu’à dix sept ans, il écrit ses premiers articles pour la presse spécialisée, de Gameplay RPG à Role Playing Game, après avoir fait ses armes sur le web en amateur. Grand admirateur de Jung, Campbell et Eliade, il a entamé sa carrière d’auteur en écrivant à deux reprises sur Final Fantasy, d’abord sur le huitième épisode en 2013, puis l’univers d’Ivalice en 2015. « Trekkie » depuis l’enfance, passionnée d’histoire avec un net penchant pour les (histoires de fesses) secrets d’alcôve des cours royales et dévoreuse de J-RPG, Clémence Postis a vite compris que sa vie professionnelle serait une aventure. Après une licence de japonais pour apprendre à s’adresser à l’empereur nippon, un diplôme de communication pour savoir le séduire et une école de journalisme pour raconter son épopée romantique, la voilà parée. En attendant que l’empereur cesse de filtrer ses SMS et lui accorde enfin le statut d’impératrice qui lui est dû, elle s’occupe en étant podcasteuse, pigiste et journaliste respectivement à Radiokawa, l’Avis des Bulles et Far Ouest. Son vêtement fétiche est une paire de chaussettes Serdaigle, son arme de prédilection un roman en cours de lecture, et sa némésis : J.J. Abrams. Live long and prosper.

ISBN10 : 9782377842704 , ISBN13 : 2377842704

Page Number : 847

The Arena Of Satire

David H. J. Larmour University of Oklahoma Press Fiction

In this first comprehensive reading of Juvenal’s satires in more than fifty years, David H. J. Larmour deftly revises and sharpens our understanding of the second-century Roman writer who stands as the archetype for all later practitioners of the satirist’s art. The enduring attraction of Juvenal’s satires is twofold: they not only introduce the character of the “angry satirist” but also offer vivid descriptions of everyday life in Rome at the height of the Empire. In Larmour’s interpretation, these two elements are inextricably linked. The Arena of Satire presents the satirist as flaneur traversing the streets of Rome in search of its authentic core—those distinctly Roman virtues that have disappeared amid the corruption of the age. What the vengeful, punishing satirist does to his victims, as Larmour shows, echoes what the Roman state did to outcasts and criminals in the arena of the Colosseum. The fact that the arena was the most prominent building in the city and is mentioned frequently by Juvenal makes it an ideal lens through which to examine the spectacular and punishing characteristics of Roman satire. And the fact that Juvenal undertakes his search for the uncorrupted, authentic Rome within the very buildings and landmarks that make up the actual, corrupt Rome of his day gives his sixteen satires their uniquely paradoxical and contradictory nature. Larmour’s exploration of “the arena of satire” guides us through Juvenal’s search for the true Rome, winding from one poem to the next. He combines close readings of passages from individual satires with discussions of Juvenal’s representation of Roman space and topography, the nature of the “arena” experience, and the network of connections among the satirist, the gladiator, and the editor—or producer—of Colosseum entertainments. The Arena of Satire also offers a new definition of “Juvenalian satire” as a particular form arising from the intersection of the body and the urban landscape—a form whose defining features survive in the works of several later satirists, from Jonathan Swift and Evelyn Waugh to contemporary writers such as Russian novelist Victor Pelevin and Irish dramatist Martin McDonagh.

ISBN10 : 9780806155043 , ISBN13 : 0806155043

Page Number : 555

Suicide In The Middle Ages Volume 2 The Curse On Self Murder

Alexander Murray Oxford University Press on Demand History

A group of men dig a tunnel under the threshold of a house. Then they go and fetch a heavy, sagging object from inside the house, pull it out through the tunnel, and put it on a cow-hide to be dragged off and thrown into the offal-pit. Why should the corpse of a suicide DS for that is what it isDS have earned this unusual treatment? In The Curse on Self-Murder, the second volume of his three-part Suicide in the Middle Ages, Alexander Murray explores the origin ofthe condemnation of suicide, in a quest which leads along the most unexpected byways of medieval theology, law, mythology, and folklore DSand, indeed, in some instances beyond them. At an epoch when there might be plenty of ostensible reasons for not wanting to live, the ways used to block the suicidal escape route give aunique perspective on medieval religion.

ISBN10 : 9780198207313 , ISBN13 : 019820731X

Page Number : 661