Our Bodies Entwining Entwined 3

iko Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Following being told by her ex-boyfriend that sex with her was boring, Misuzu, age 29, became a coward when it came to relationships. Misuzu finds herself unable to move forward because she equates dating someone as having sex being a foregone conclusion. However, one day, her coworker, Mikage, professes his feelings for her, saying he’d always loved her. This leads to the two of them becoming a couple. The truth is, Mikage has his own hang-up about sex. He can’t get hard when he’s nervous. Their bodies begin to entwine by taking things at their own pace and honestly telling one another what they want to do and have done to themselves. One night, amid a downpour just like the one the night they began to date, the two of them finally cross a threshold in a tender, sweet moment, and then—?!

ISBN10 : 9781684911707 , ISBN13 : 1684911702

Page Number : 170

Our Bodies Entwining Entwined 2

iko Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Misuzu and Mikage are two people who work together at the same office. They find themselves mutually attracted to one another and begin to date. They each have their own hang-ups when it comes to sex, but the two make a promise to each other that they’re going to work hard to be able to have sex that is both mentally and physically gratifying. They decide to apply what they learned from having sex last time, when they stopped in a panic, and get it on. This time, they’re deliberate, take their time, and teach each other about what feels good. During their tender time together, Misuzu starts to go through a change...? Two people who joined the company at the same time as Misuzu, Eiji and Anri, both don’t appear to have ever had any concerns about sex, but it seems that they do...?

ISBN10 : 9781636994628 , ISBN13 : 1636994628

Page Number : 162

Hermead Volume 3

Surazeus Astarius Lulu.com Poetry

Hermead of Surazeus is an epic poem in pentameter blank verse about the greatest philosophers and scientists who contributed to the growth of civilization. Volume 3 contains in 19,084 lines of blank verse the following episodes: Change Of Herakleitos, Forms Of Parmenides, Mind Of Anaxagoras, Roots Of Empedokles, Atoms Of Leukippos, and Orbit Of Philolaos.

ISBN10 : 9781312990814 , ISBN13 : 1312990813

Page Number : 492

Religions Of Rome Volume 2 A Sourcebook

Mary Beard Cambridge University Press History

Volume two reveals the extraordinary diversity of ancient Roman religion. A comprehensive sourcebook, it presents a wide range of documents illustrating religious life in the Roman world - from the foundations of the city in the eighth century BC to the Christian capital more than a thousand years later. Each document is given a full introduction, explanatory notes and bibliography, and acts as a starting point for further discussion. Through paintings, sculptures, coins and inscriptions, as well as literary texts in translation, the book explores the major themes and problems of Roman religion, such as sacrifice, the religious calendar, divination, ritual, and priesthood. Starting from the archaeological traces of the earliest cults of the city, it finishes with a series of texts in which Roman authors themselves reflect on the nature of their own religion, its history, even its funny side. Judaism and Christianity are given full coverage, as important elements in the religious world of the Roman empire.

ISBN10 : 0521456460 , ISBN13 : 9780521456463

Page Number : 434