Mein Papa

Anthony Browne

Das Bilderbuch thematisiert die in einem bestimmten Alter unumstössliche Tatsache: Mein Papa ist der grösste, er hat vor nichts Angst, er kann alles ...

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Page Number : 26

My Dad The Runner

Raymond A. Ramirez Xlibris Corporation Biography & Autobiography

This book is written to honor those men who so gallantly fought during the 77 day siege of Khe Sanh that started in January 1968. Where 5000 Marines and 1000 South Vietnamese Army Regulars stood fast and held their ground at President Johnson’s request. We give special tribute to the men from Bravo company 1st platoon 1/26 Marines who assaulted the trench in front of our perimeter and nobody came back alive. Our lieutenant (FO) forward observer and his radio operator didn’t make it out alive either. I also want to give special tribute to the 42 Marines who’s C - 123 that was shot down coming back to Khe Sanh and crashed on the side of a nearby hill. We had 3 men coming back to A Btry 1/13 on that plane. Two were coming back from previous wounds and one was coming back from R&R. their names were Larry Kennedy, George Elliott III and the third I could no longer remember his name. To my younger brothers who is also a Vietnam Marine Veteran Gilbert Ramirez. To the Marines from A Btry 1/13 who stood fast and hand artillery duels with a very aggressive enemy. They say that there was thirty to forty thousand North Vietnamese all around us. How can I forget my neighbor Tony Zavala who grew up with me and we ended up on Hill 10 together after we were ordered to abandon Khe Sanh. I believe everyone who fought during the siege of Khe Sanh should get a Bronze Star because they were all hero’s; could some congressperson make that happen; during an upcoming Veterans day ceremony.

ISBN10 : 9781469171333 , ISBN13 : 1469171333

Page Number : 63

My Dad S Funnier Than Your Dad

Kelly Conway Rowman & Littlefield Biography & Autobiography

Comic and television star Tim Conway (The Carol Burnett Show, McHale's Navy, Dorf) enjoyed enormous popular appeal. In this humorous, loving, and surprising memoir, Tim's eldest of his six children, Kelly, reveals that the Conway home life was as riotous as some of her father's legendary comedy sketches. Kelly Conway allows readers an intimate look at an American childhood set in 1970s and 80s Los Angeles, from the studios of CBS to the racetrack of Santa Anita Park where her father taught his kids the art of horse betting. Tim Conway took his hilarious creativity off the set to the family home, where he acted as the ringmaster to six unruly lion cubs—and often lit the fuse of their short-tempered mother, Mary Anne. Kelly takes us through the fascinating world of entertainment from the lens of her dad’s television stardom to her own career in costume design and wardrobe styling, using the lessons her father taught her about holding her own in the often cruel world of show business. But it’s not until Kelly realizes that she must find the courage to fight for her dad when he faces a devastating life change that her steadfast commitment to him becomes clear—although it will mean losing lifelong relationships, and at times, facing harsh criticism. My Dad's Funnier Than Your Dad is Kelly’s love letter to her father, an account of the warm, laugh-filled world of her childhood. And when life brings sadness instead of smiles, it’s the mutual respect and fierce devotion that Kelly shares with her famous father which ultimately defines the true meaning of love.

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Blackmailed By My Dad S Boss

S.E. Law S.E. Law Romance Fiction

Brick Barrister is an a$$hole. Okay, so he’s my dad’s gorgeous, dominating boss with blue eyes that make me shiver and a build like He-Man. But still, Brick’s arrogant and soooo frustrating. He caught me doing something I shouldn’t, and got it on videotape! But instead of giving the tape back like an honorable man, he’s keeping it. In fact, Brick watches me over and over again on his phone … at work, at home, and even out in public. Who DOES that? I have to get that video back. But Brick wants something as payment for his dirty blackmail … and it’s a baby with ME as the mommy! Reality has left the room and we’re waaaay off the reservation. Our heroine is a sassy, feisty girl who makes an personal video only to be caught by her dad’s gorgeous boss red-handed. Of course, Brick takes advantage of the situation because he wants the curvy girl any way he can get her. Sit back, relax, and turn the A/C on because you’ll be sweaty and steamy reading this story! 80k full-length novel. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.

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Page Number : 333

My Dad The Guv Nor The True Story Of My Life With The Legendary Hard Man Lenny Mclean

Kelly McLean Kings Road Publishing Biography & Autobiography

'I am the Guv'nor's daughter - but what does that mean?' Lenny McLean, better known as The Guv'nor, was a legendary and sometimes terrifying figure: a bare-knuckle fighter, bouncer and, in later life, an actor. He was a formidable force in the East End and across London, but behind his towering demeanour was a loving father who provided a safe haven for his children. For his only daughter, Kelly, his status brought with it a reputation both to live up to, and sometimes escape. Kelly experienced the old East End way of life, often lived just outside the law, first-hand and equally the uncertainty that came with her father's mood swings and the 'black dog' that followed him around, despite their close bond. The connection between father and daughter became even more apparent as Kelly began to battle her own mental health issues that, as a mum to two young children, would threaten to destroy her life. In this incredibly frank and poignant memoir, Kelly McLean provides a unique insight into life growing up as the daughter of one of the last old-school fighters, featuring many previously untold stories. This is the story of East End life from a woman who has seen it, lived it, and sometimes been plagued by it.

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My Dad Is In The Army Overseas

Titus Schorr The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc Juvenile Nonfiction

This narrative nonfiction text gives readers insight into what it is like to have a parent who serves in the military overseas. A young girl explains key details of her dad’s job in the military. She also offers insight into her own life as the child of a soldier. This nonfiction title is paired with the fiction title The Package.

ISBN10 : 9781508118220 , ISBN13 : 1508118221

Page Number : 12

My Dad S Job

Peter Glassman Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers Fathers

Listening to his father talk about his job, a young boy imagines all the fun he must have at work every day.

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Page Number : 42

Sleeping With Her Dad S Best Friend

Alyse Zaftig Alyse Zaftig Fiction

David, Charlie's business partner, is missing in Ecuador. Selena, David's nineteen-year-old kid, goes straight to Charlie when her dad is incommunicado. They're pulled together to stop a conspiracy meant to slam the brakes on oil extraction rights in Ecuador. Because Selena and Charlie spend time together, the attraction between them inevitably blossoms. Soon, she's pregnant. Will the baby tear Charlie and David apart?

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Page Number : 92

Guarded By Her Dad S Best Friend

Alyse Zaftig Alyse Zaftig Fiction

KAYLA I'm an intern sent on a night-time mission for my boss to visit her office. I need to get some files for her that she forgot. I guess that she's a workaholic. When I'm in the office, I accidentally witness a political hit. Now, the assassin is after me.BRANDONI never met the only kid of my former drill sarge, Charlie, before she started working for my twin, Brittany. I have to help out and provide private security until the assassin is caught. She's in college, but I need to keep my hands off of her. With the curves of her body and irresistible smell, she's going to spell nothing but trouble.Suddenly, she's pregnant. Charlie knows about it.

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Sorry Guys My Dad Is My Big Love

Schuhboutique Doris Finke

Tolles Design passend für Deinen Style. 100 leere Seiten um alles aufzuschreiben, was Du noch erledigen möchtest oder nicht vergessen willst.

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