I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend Into A Girl Vol 1

Azusa Banjo Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

It's a familiar story: a popular high school student gives their plain friend a makeover and transforms their life. But this time, both the popular student and the plain friend are boys! Mido Kenshiro has loved cosmetics all his life, keeping his obsession a secret. But when his childhood friend Hiura lets Kenshiro practice applying makeup on him, the results are earth-shattering--for both of them.

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Reunited At Last

Sophie Congdon

In this book, Sophie shares her childhood upbringing and the sacrifices that she made to search for her family in the UK. She cherishes all her childhood friends who are still in contact with her and who she has reunited with after on Facebook. She remembers her father as the 'Best Dad' and she want to leave a memory of his journey. She gives a brief understanding of Ethiopia and the culture and how it has affected her life. Sophie believes that everyone has a different story to tell. All stories are formed from unique and common experiences and journeys which we should cherish no matter what we go through as it can shape our future lives.

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Page Number : 108

Friends Like These

Danny Wallace Little Brown Friendship

As he nears 30, Wallace can't help wondering about his best childhood friends, whose names he finds in a long-forgotten address book. Acting on impulse, the author travels the world, risking rejection and ridicule, to show up on his old buddies' doorsteps.

ISBN10 : 0316163392 , ISBN13 : 9780316163392

Page Number : 268

The Last Of The Black Hawks Memoirs Of Childhood Friends

Thomas Calhoun MD AuthorHouse Biography & Autobiography

An Odyssey of several African American males, growing up in the segregated South, Jacksonville Florida from 1932 until 2021 who used Basketball, Tennis and the Military to help fashion a Professional life in Medicine, Law, the Ministry and Post office for them. Along the way “Calhoun and Jenkins” talk about their experiences playing Tennis in the American Tennis Association Tennis Circuit, the only vehicle open to Negroes during the early years. Calhoun and Jenkins have personal experiences with Althea Gibson And Arthur Ashe (both deceased), the first African Americans to win National and International Tennis titles. Jenk, who became an Attorney and a Civil Rights Advocate, worked in the Office of Clarence Thomas before he, Attorney Thomas, became a Supreme court Justice.

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Page Number : 191

My Childhood Friend Muhammad Ali

Sonny Fishback

This is a book about prophesies prophesied by Muhammad Ali when he was in Jr high school. These prophesies were told to his child hood friend Sonny Fishback and his neighbors, who all thought he was just joking. Now today we see theses about the future of America and the solution to race divisions are upon us today. You will probably be surprised when you find out that the most forgotten, under rated and most despised people today, holds the last and only key to peace for the future. Never the less it can be proven in this book. Plus this people may help avoid a Nuclear explosion today. Ali knew all of these truths back in school days but was rarely taken serious.

ISBN10 : 1070199176 , ISBN13 : 9781070199177

Page Number : 116

My Childhood Love

Wei Liang Funstory Fiction

"Zhongli Li, you're mine." "Even Ouyang Xuan's confession was so domineering." Ah, don't tease me. "Zhong Li sneered, his gaze falling on his protruding abdomen." There is a small life here, and it belongs to another man. He knew his ex-husband, who had been in love for five years, could betray him, let alone this foppish young master in the eyes of everyone in Xi City. How could Zhong Li believe him? How could he dare to believe it!

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Page Number : 602

Freddie Gray My Childhood Friend

Kitria Stewart Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

An illustrated storybook of memories that were shared with Freddie Gray while growing up in the city of Baltimore.

ISBN10 : 1532708297 , ISBN13 : 9781532708299

Page Number : 26

Bliss Of Childhood

Pushpak Sarkar Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd Young Adult Fiction

A light-hearted and funny novel that takes you back on a delightful journey from childhood to adolescence, bringing back memories of those early years when innocent friendships were struck, teenage crushes blossomed, love letters were exchanged, gossip circulated, and lessons of life were learnt. Set in the turbulent 1970s, this coming-of-age novel tells the story of Tito, a precocious eleven-year-old, growing up in a sleepy railway town of Assam. Amidst fierce political unrest engulfing the Northeast and frequent transfers faced by his idealistic father for his futile resistance to government corruption, Tito dreams of becoming a poet one day. Both the political unrest and his father’s idealism transform Tito’s life, in more ways than he can imagine. The book also highlights the need to root out widespread social problems like corruption, parochialism and authoritarianism from India.

ISBN10 : 9789356672130 , ISBN13 : 935667213X

Page Number : 311

Childhood Unbound

Ron Taffel Simon and Schuster Family & Relationships

Identifies the challenges facing parents as they raise their children in the early twenty-first century, and describes a parenting approach designed to encourage the good in kids of all ages, while steering them away from the bad.

ISBN10 : 9781416559283 , ISBN13 : 1416559280

Page Number : 338