My Brother Was An Only Child

Jack Douglas Pickle Partners Publishing Biography & Autobiography

“My Brother Was an Only Child” was Jack Douglas’ very first humour book, having written for famous radio and television celebrities such as Jack Paar, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Jimmy Durante, as well as TV shows such as “Adventures of Harriet and Ozzie”, “The George Gobel Show”, and “Laugh-In”. It perfectly captures the sense of humour prevalent in this era and is as refreshing and side-splittingly funny now as it was then.

ISBN10 : 9781786257888 , ISBN13 : 1786257882

Page Number : 84

My Brother S Book

Maurice Sendak HarperCollins Poetry

Fifty years after Where the Wild Things Are was published comes the last book Maurice Sendak completed before his death in May 2012, My Brother's Book. With influences from Shakespeare and William Blake, Sendak pays homage to his late brother, Jack, whom he credited for his passion for writing and drawing. Pairing Sendak's poignant poetry with his exquisite and dramatic artwork, this book redefines what mature readers expect from Maurice Sendak while continuing the lasting legacy he created over his long, illustrious career. Sendak's tribute to his brother is an expression of both grief and love and will resonate with his lifelong fans who may have read his children's books and will be ecstatic to discover something for them now. Pulitzer Prize–winning literary critic and Shakespearean scholar Stephen Greenblatt contributes a moving introduction.

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My Brother

Karin Smirnoff Pushkin Press Fiction

FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE GIRL IN THE EAGLE'S TALONS, THE NEW GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO THRILLER FEATURING LISBETH SALANDER STEEPED IN DARKNESS, COMPLICITY AND FORGIVENESS, THIS BESTSELLING SCANDI NOIR IS FOR FANS OF LITERARY FICTION SUCH AS MY ABSOLUTE DARLING, A LITTLE LIFE AND THE DISCOMFORT OF EVENING A MAJOR BESTSELLER OPTIONED FOR TV BY THE PRODUCERS OF THE BRIDGE SHORTLISTED FOR THE PRESTIGIOUS AUGUST PRIZE TRANSLATED INTO ELEVEN LANGUAGES 'Well worth the read' GUARDIAN 'Bleak and beautiful rural noir' CRIMEREADS 'Perfect for fans of Scandi-noir dramas' CULTUREFLY ____________ Jana Kippo has returned to Smalånger to see her twin brother, Bror, still living in the small family farmhouse in the remote north of Sweden. Within the isolated community, secrets and lies have grown silently, undisturbed for years. Following the discovery of a young woman's body in the long grass behind the sawmill, the siblings, hooked by a childhood steeped in darkness, need to break free. But the truth cannot be found in other people's stories. The question is – can it be found anywhere? A literary noir of phenomenal power about the magnetic attraction of the wrong person, the brutality visited upon one human to another – and a rural community that stood by and did nothing ____________ FURTHER PRAISE FOR MY BROTHER 'Possesses the same melodramatic power as Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels' ETC ' A media sensation. . . remarkable' GP 'Brutal, colourful, carnal. . . Impossible to put down' Expresse ' A rare story-telling talent' Aftonbladet ____________ READERS LOVE MY BROTHER 'A powerful story, brilliantly translated' 'Rural and epic in landscape, deep and heart-breaking in loss, and truth' 'If you enjoyed The Discomfort of Evenings by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, I think you will enjoy this too!'

ISBN10 : 9781782275701 , ISBN13 : 1782275703

Page Number : 324

Three Weeks With My Brother

Nicholas Sparks Hachette UK Biography & Autobiography

From the author of The Notebook, this is the story of two brothers deeply bound by love and tragedy and an extraordinary chronicle of a life-affirming trip In January 2003 Nicholas Sparks and his brother Micah set off on a three-week trip around the world. An adventure by any measure, this trip was especially meaningful as it marked another milestone in the life journey of two brothers who, by their early thirties, were the only surviving members of their family. As Nicholas and Micah travel the globe, from the Taj Mahal to Machu Picchu, the story of their family slowly unfolds. Just before Nicholas' marriage he and Micah lost their mother in a horseriding accident; a week short of Nicholas' triumphant debut as a novelist with THE NOTEBOOK, the brothers lost their father to a car crash, and just a few short years later they were forced to say goodbye to their sister who died of brain cancer at the young age of 36. Against the backdrop of the main wonders of the world the brothers come together to heal the wounds of this tragic legacy and maintain their determination to live life to its fullest. *The breathtaking new love story from Nicholas Sparks, Every Breath, is available to pre-order now*

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All About My Brother

AAPC Publishing Autism

This is an invaluable contribution to helping typically developing children understand that a child with autism is a child first, and is someone interesting to know. Sarah gives insight into the sibling relationship in a way only a child would know. The book is heart-warming and introspective, with a writing style that makes it appropriate for children and adults alike.

ISBN10 : 9781931282116 , ISBN13 : 1931282110

Page Number : 40

My Brother Made Me Do It

Peg Kehret Simon and Schuster Children with disabilities

In letters to an elderly pen pal, eleven-year-old Julie describes how her mischievous younger brother is always getting her in trouble, how she is dealing with painful juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and how she struggles to finish a fund-raising race on crutches.

ISBN10 : 9780671034184 , ISBN13 : 0671034189

Page Number : 154

My Brother

Jamaica Kincaid Farrar, Straus and Giroux Biography & Autobiography

Jamaica Kincaid's brother Devon Drew died of AIDS on January 19, 1996, at the age of thirty-three. Kincaid's incantatory, poetic, and often shockingly frank recounting of her brother's life and death is also a story of her family on the island of Antigua, a constellation centered on the powerful, sometimes threatening figure of the writer's mother. My Brother is an unblinking record of a life that ended too early, and it speaks volumes about the difficult truths at the heart of all families. My Brother is a 1997 National Book Award Finalist for Nonfiction.

ISBN10 : 9781466828865 , ISBN13 : 1466828862

Page Number : 216

My Brother Is A Superhero

David Solomons Penguin Juvenile Fiction

Behind every great superhero is a very angry younger brother. Luke Parker was just your average comic book fan until his boring, teacher’s pet, helps-old-ladies-across-the-street brother Zack got turned into a superhero. Luke can’t believe the unfairness of it all—he’s the one with the encyclopedic knowledge of everything from Ant-Man to Wolverine! At least he can help Zack—aka Star Guy—with all the important parts of becoming a superhero, like using his newfound powers and deciding whether or not to wear a cape. But when Star Guy gets into super-size trouble, it’s up to Luke—and his intrepid neighbor, Lara—to rescue his big brother and, with a little luck, help him save the world.

ISBN10 : 9780698191549 , ISBN13 : 0698191544

Page Number : 304

Why I Love My Brother

HarperCollins UK Juvenile Fiction

Featuring children’s own words and heart-warming pictures, this book is the perfect gift for a brother, or for children expecting a new sibling.

ISBN10 : 9780008267148 , ISBN13 : 0008267146

Page Number : 30