My Boss

Ruliana Ka'ro's publisher Comics & Graphic Novels

Blurb Danendra dan Arman bersaing untuk mendapatkan kursi kepemimpinan perusahaan keluarga mereka. Namun, satu yang menjadi ganjalan. Sang Pewaris haruslah sudah menikah! Danendra memilih jalan pintas melalui aplikasi Madam Rose, yang kemudian mempertemukannya dengan Larasati. Keduanya sepakat akan bersandiwara untuk mengatasi masalah yang ada. Penolakan Mama Danendra dan aksi jahat sang sepupu, dapatkah mereka atasi? Apakah perpisahan menjadi jawabannya?

ISBN10 : 9786236947920 , ISBN13 : 6236947929

Page Number : 441

My Boss And His Friends

Cassandra Dee Cassandra Dee Romance Fiction

Jess: My boss is a sick-o. The arrogant billionaire says that he made a bet with his friends, and now I’m the prize… …To be shared. …By three men. OMG! This has to be illegal! So what if the three men are gorgeous, with square jaws, athletic builds, and six packs that make my mouth water? Absolutely not. No way in a million years. I’m a good girl, and I don’t *do* things like that. But honestly speaking? I’m tempted at the thought of being a party toy for my boss and his friends. Burke: My buddies and I are a$$holes, there’s no question about it. We made a bet to see whose secretary is the hottest, and it was my Jess who won. As a result, the three of us claimed her together. Again and again, until the curvy girl cried out with pleasure. But this isn’t a game anymore. After all, party toys are for sharing … but what happens now that Jess is pregnant with our triplets? Hey Readers – This is a follow up to Haley and Bo’s story in Big Bad Boss Daddy. This time, we’re following the story of the sassy Jessica, who discovers that she has a penchant for being tossed around like a rag doll by not one, but a trio of alpha males. Who would have guessed? I suppose we all have secret desires buried deep inside! But let yourself go as our heroine and her heroes explore the sensuality of MFMM menage love. Although this book is part of a series, all of my stories are standalones and do not need to be read in any order. Also, this book is all about HER, so swords do not cross. You’ll love it, I promise! Xoxo, Cassie

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Page Number : 127

My Boss Is A Giant He Manages My Every Need With Enormous Skill The Complete Manga Collection

Kamuc Steamship Comics & Graphic Novels

A sweet and spicy workplace rom-com about a cute office lady and her big, hot boss! Part of Seven Seas' imprint dedicated to sexy romance for women: Steamship! Natsumi, also known as "Ham-chan," hustles at a demanding office job like a hamster running in a wheel. Meanwhile, her boss Samejima is more like a shark. He's handsome, sure, but he's also imposing and least, until he confesses his feelings for her?! Natsumi is a little overwhelmed at seeing a vulnerable side to this gigantic man, especially since she doesn't have a lot of experience in the love department, but she's secretly thrilled to see more. Together, this big boss with a carnivorous appetite and the smaller woman who's hungry for his love are ready to unleash their wild sides!

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Human Capital Management

Angela Baron Kogan Page Publishers Business & Economics

Human Capital Management (HCM) has recently been described as a high-level strategic issue that seeks to analyze, measure and evaluate how people policies and practices create value. Put simply, HCM is about creating and demonstrating the value that great people and great people management add to an organization. This unique book describes how HCM provides a bridge between human resource management and business strategy. It also demonstrates how organizations can use the concepts of human resource management and the processes involved to enhance the value they obtain from people while continuing to meet their aspirations and needs. Baron and Armstrong explain how to achieve these objectives using various approaches including describing the concept of HCM and how the process works, discussing its application in numerous areas within an organization and examining the role of HR in HCM and the future of the concept. It also contains a toolkit which organizations can use to develop their own HCM policies and practices.

ISBN10 : 9780749451370 , ISBN13 : 0749451378

Page Number : 240

Good Boss Better Boss

Steven F. Coyle ServiceWinners International Publishing Business & Economics

Covid has made leaders’ and supervisors’ jobs even tougher. Good Boss, Better Boss is a new book that gives practical advice and models on how to manage teams and hit targets in today’s post-Covid work environment. The book’s practical models focus on communicating in difficult times, especially to remote staff; coaching both office and remote staff; building a motivational work environment for remote and office staff; handling performance and people problems; and getting yourself promoted. The author is a corporate trainer and this book is full of practical models covering communication skills, decision-making, coaching, handling conflict, and managing remote team members. New supervisors and business owners will find it especially useful as without good people management skills, many fail. Experienced business people will gain from Coyle’s business experience, models, stories, and examples. The book’s purpose is to improve the world “one better boss after another.” Steven Coyle is an American PR living in Malaysia since 1995. He shares techniques and experiences gained in the West and East to successfully manage teams. His background is in the banking, telecommunications, and corporate training industries. Initially sent to Malaysia to launch a local wireless service provider, he is now a corporate trainer, writer, and consultant.

ISBN10 : 9789671983102 , ISBN13 : 9671983103

Page Number : 90

Pregnant By My Boss

Cassandra Dee Cassandra Dee Romance Fiction

I got pregnant at a masquerade ball by a man in a mask. Katie’s a party planner with only one goal: to put together soirees that are so extravagant and unforgettable that her clients hire her again and again. But when she gets pregnant after a steamy night with a man in a mask, the curvy girl’s not sure what to do next. Trent Moore has everything at his fingertips, including wealth, fame, and an overabundance of women. But when a feisty party planner comes to work for him, he decides to take matters into his own hands … including putting a baby in her belly by any means possible! Hey Readers — This one is off-the-charts crazy and ridiculous between our innocent virgin and the alpha billionaire who always gets what he wants. As always, read with an ice cold drink nearby because you’re going to need it! Love, Cassie and Kendall

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Page Number : 246

Meeting The Ethical Challenges Of Leadership

Craig E. Johnson SAGE Publications Business & Economics

The Fourth Edition retains the elements of the text that have contributed to its success while also broadening its appeal. Written in an informal, accessible style, author Craig E. Johnson takes an interdisciplinary approach to leadership ethics while blending research and theory with practical application. This unique text promotes ethical decision-making and action through skill development, self-assessment, and application exercises. In the Fourth Edition: - A new chapter, Ethical Crisis Leadership, explains five ethical principles and strategies that are essential to fulfilling moral duties during times of crisis. - 'Leadership Ethics at the Movies' features present short summaries of feature films that portray ethical dilemmas. Discussion starters are included to prompt readers to draw ethical implications and applications from the films. - 'Self-Assessment' features measure the reader's performance on an important behaviour, skill, or concept discussed in the chapter - 'Implications and Applications' review key ideas and their ramifications for the reader as a leader - 'For Further Exploration, Challenge, and Assessment' encourages readers to engage in extended reflection and self-analysis - 'Focus on Follower Ethics' boxes that broaden coverage of the text and introduce concepts students can apply to their role as followers - Three cases per chapter offer real-world examples for anlaysis and reflection - A lengthy reference section at the end of the book serves as a starting point for further research and exploration Instructors Resources include teaching strategies, a test bank, sample syllabi, assignment descriptions, and more.

ISBN10 : 9781412982221 , ISBN13 : 1412982227

Page Number : 537

Bosses Orchards

Althea R. DeBrule AuthorHouse Self-Help

The work relationship is somewhat symbiotic. Bosses and workers co-exist for mutual benefit based upon conditions, promises and agreements. This relationship can be severed when either the boss or worker takes advantage of or hurts the other or fails to live up to the agreement. The boss terminates or fires the worker; the worker quits or resigns from the boss. BOSSES & ORCHARDS is a powerful book no worker should be without. Its diagnostic tools and personal action plans guide you to lasting solutions for a successful work relationship. Open to any page and you will find a wealth of Godly “how-tos” and tactics to re-ignite enthusiasm for your job, restart your relationship with your boss, and re-invigorate your career.

ISBN10 : 9781463479749 , ISBN13 : 1463479743

Page Number : 128