Matcha Made In Heaven 2

Umebachi Yamanaka Kodansha USA Comics & Graphic Novels

Somehow Chako ended up as a fake couple with a mysterious man called Isshin, who works for her family's tea farm. To save their struggling tea farm, the lie mustn't be revealed... However, this fake couple keeps facing challenges one after another, such as a TV interview, a hot spring stay, and a wedding project! At first, Chako was annoyed by blunt and cold Isshin, but she's getting drawn to him as she notices how passionate he is about tea making... Also, you can't forget about the matured four-year-old girl, Futaba! It's a tricky love story between the stubborn adults living under the same roof. The long-awaited second volume is now out!

ISBN10 : 9781684915804 , ISBN13 : 1684915805

Page Number : 160

Matcha Made In Heaven 1

Umebachi Yamanaka Kodansha USA Comics & Graphic Novels

Chako Hananoki thought she?d found happiness in a handsome fianc?, but when she realized a marriage to him would mean a total erasure of herself, she broke it off and moved back into her childhood home in the country—only to find a strange man and young woman living there? She finds a way to coexist with them, but when her stalker fianc? follows her home, she declares to him (and accidentally to the whole village as well) that this new man in her life is her husband?! A dramatic fake-marriage, found-family story for the ages, by the illustrator of the Ossan?s Love manga adaptation!

ISBN10 : 9781684914876 , ISBN13 : 1684914876

Page Number : 160

A Match Made In Heaven

Susan Wales Multnomah Religion

Sometimes a lost love is found years later and other times divine intervention is the only explanation for A Match made In Heaven! Then as now we find ourselves in a world where news of the spectacular and the sensational often overshadows the small but special moments of greatness, of extraordinary acts by ordinary men and women. Such is the story of a German war bride and an American soldier, or an 85 year old doctor who thought she was only wedded to her work, or a widow with three children and very little money, or a workaholic who couldn't find love right under his nose. . .read on and learn to believe again that life is full, exhilarating and love is all around us

ISBN10 : 1576733939 , ISBN13 : 9781576733936

Page Number : 276

That S My Atypical Girl 1

Renji Morita Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Yokoi is a manga artist who spends his nights delivering newspapers just to make rent, since his original works just don’t seem to sell. Suddenly, one day he gets a visit from Saito-san, a self-proclaimed fan of Yokoi's work who made the long journey to meet him. Yokoi quickly realizes that the things Saito-san sees, feels, and thinks about are different from most people… These two struggle together to find a place to belong in this unique slice-of-life!

ISBN10 : 9781636991665 , ISBN13 : 1636991661

Page Number : 193

World 24

昭文社 株式会社昭文社

シンガポールの編集部推しカフェを紹介した巻頭グラビア「CAFE GUIDE」と、SNS検索時の手がかりになる豊富なキーワードで、いまのシンガポール旅にバッチリお応えするガイドブックです。シンガポール旅のモデルプラン、必食グルメ、王道観光、ショッピングなどの目的別の見出しを立てた探しやすい構成を基本に、シンガポールの歴史、必訪スポットをテーマにした雑学や深掘りコラム、地域の様子や旅のノウハウももれなく紹介。現地で欠かせない地図は、検索のしやすさを第一に、巻末に設置することでその使い勝手にもこだわりました。 ※一部コンテンツが収録されていない場合があります。 ※電子書籍版にはデジタル付録「まっぷるリンク」は収録していません。

ISBN10 : 9784398165046 , ISBN13 : 4398165045

Page Number : 260

I M In Love And It S The End Of The World

Taamo Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Ever since Mahiru’s new boyfriend, Aoi, lost his mother, he’s been looking after his brothers and sisters. Once she learns what life is really like for him, Mahiru tells herself she’s going to do everything she can to be the proper girlfriend he needs. But work keeps Aoi busy…and once Mahiru’s twin sister, Mayo, gets a job at the same café where Aoi works, they’re fast friends! Mahiru’s not happy about how well Mayo and Aoi are getting along…and just like that, Mayo and Aoi’s old friend, Ginga, find themselves in the middle of this gloomy-girl-meets-stubborn-boy story! The plot thickens in Volume 4 as a few big misunderstandings threaten to throw this fairytale romance off its tracks…

ISBN10 : 9781682339312 , ISBN13 : 1682339319

Page Number : 168

Mars 2

Fuyumi Soryo Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

No one expected Kira and Rei's relationship to last. He's a street-wise biker with a dark past, she's a shy art student who's picked on by her peers. When another student steals Kira's painting and uses it to win an art show, Rei shows his love by socking the guy in the face. The meek Kira wonders if maybe they aren't made for each other after all.

ISBN10 : 9781642128543 , ISBN13 : 1642128546

Page Number : 184