Terra Formars Vol 4

Yu Sasuga VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

In order to protect their crewmates, Akari and Michelle use their abilities and head into battle against the Terraformars, who have evolved unique and terrifying new forms! The enemy’s astounding strength forces them into an unexpectedly desperate fight. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the other teams scattered around Mars become clear, and the battle between humans and the demons they created reaches a new intensity. -- VIZ Media

ISBN10 : 9781421581972 , ISBN13 : 1421581973

Page Number : 208

Mars 4

Fuyumi Soryo Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

When old friends of Rei show up at the school fair, Kira finds that she may have some heated competition for his love. His old flame, Shiori, confesses that she never gave up loving Rei, and she now wants him back. To make things worse, Kira uncovers more about Rei's dark past and his brother's suicide. Would she be better off if she just let Shiori have him?

ISBN10 : 9781642128567 , ISBN13 : 1642128562

Page Number : 182

Warlord Of Mars Vol 4

Arvid Nelson Dynamite Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

Collects Warlord of Mars #26-35! John Carter smashed the power of the Therns, the evil priests who enslaved Mars for thousands of through Carter's beloved, Dejah Thoris. Shang has kidnapped the princess and is heading for a remote kingdom that still blindly clings to his discredited faith. Meanwhile, distressing evidence emerges of a conspiracy that threatens to break the fragile peace, plummeting the Red Martians against the savage Green hordes! Can Carter's most steadfast ally, the mighty Tars Tarkas, overcome his own bestial urges and save the planet?

ISBN10 : 9781524117771 , ISBN13 : 1524117773

Page Number : 308


Fuyumi Soryo TokyoPop Comics & Graphic Novels

Rei and Kira slept together and the mounting pressure afterwards, leaded to Kira's biggest decisions of her life.

ISBN10 : 1591820561 , ISBN13 : 9781591820567

Page Number : 198

Warlord Of Mars Volume 4

Arvid Nelson Dynamite Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

All of Mars is united under John Carter, but forces behind the scenes are plotting to tear the Red Planet apart. A conspiracy threatens to trigger all-out war between the Red Martians and the savage Green hordes - can Carter's most steadfast ally, the mighty Tars Tarkas, overcome his own bestial urges and save the planet? Meanwhile, a beloved figure from Mars's past makes a surprise reappearance, but all is not well, and soon Carter and his family find themselves hunted and on the run. What's John Carter to do? Whip out his sword and start killing people, of course! Two epic tales of betrayal, mystery, romance and action await you in Warlord of Mars Volume 4, collecting issues 26 through 35 of the ongoing series.

ISBN10 : 1606905007 , ISBN13 : 9781606905005

Page Number : 0

Ctia Consolidated Treaties And International Agreements 2012 Volume 4

Oceana Editorial Board Oxford University Press, USA

Consolidated Treaties and International Agreements is the only up-to-date publication available that offers the full-text coverage of all new treaties and international agreements to which the United States is a party. Treaties that have been formally ratified but not officially published, aswell as those pending ratification, are included to guarantee the most comprehensive treaty information available. Executive agreements that have been made available by the Department of State in the previous year are also included. A unique and thorough indexing system, with indices appearing ineach volume, provides readers with quick and easy access to treaties.

ISBN10 : 9780199350025 , ISBN13 : 0199350027

Page Number : 428