Lovesick Ellie 3

Fujimomo National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

The outrageous shojo comedy finally comes to print! A boy and a girl come to share each other's secrets: She remixes her real life and fantasies into a pervy Twitter feed, and he's selfish and manipulative on the inside. The relationship (?) that results is explosive and hilarious, perfect for fans of Kiss Him, Not Me!, Horimiya, and Wotakoi! #LosingOhmiKun Plain Eriko Ichimura’s love and fantasies grow in equal measure as she gets to know smooth-spoken, handsome Akira Ohmi’s true bratty nature. What’s more, after a rather intimate moment at the library, Ohmi tells her, “Let’s continue... after you pass your exam.” After receiving her “prize” from Ohmi, Ellie finds her friend, Sara, unwittingly entrenched in school rumors - including one that claims Sara is secretly dating Ohmi?!

ISBN10 : 9781646513192 , ISBN13 : 1646513193

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Lovesick Ellie

Fujimomo Kodansha Comics Comics & Graphic Novels

Plain Eriko Ichimura’s love and fantasies grow in equal measure as she gets to know smooth-spoken, handsome Akira Ohmi’s true bratty self. The reappearance of a middle school friend, Aoba-kun, lays bare an Omi-kun that excites and delights her. What’s more, Omi-kun tells her, "Let’s continue… after you pass your exam." Could this be foreshadowing of a prize to come?!

ISBN10 : 9781642121193 , ISBN13 : 1642121193

Page Number : 168

Lovesick Ellie 11

Fujimomo Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

The climax is almost here!!!!!! Plain, fantasy-loving Ellie and school heartthrob Omi-kun’s relationship continues. But after Omi-kun gets in online trouble as part of the “High School Boy Contest,” he lies and declares that he’s not dating Ellie. The mood’s stormy between them now...but meanwhile, Ayaka's convinced Sara to confess her love to Reo. So Ellie joined her her on the way to his workplace…...only to run right into Omi-kun! You can't afford to take your eyes off this pair of couples for a single moment! And how will the High School Boy Contest and Sports Day turn out?! It'll all set your heart racing in Volume 11!

ISBN10 : 9781646597154 , ISBN13 : 164659715X

Page Number : 174

Lovesick Ellie 03

Fujimomo TOKYOPOP Verlag Comics & Graphic Novels

Ohmi hat Ellie einen Kuss versprochen, wenn sie im Mathetest gut abschneidet. Davon beflügelt gibt Ellie ihr Bestes und erreicht tatsächlich eine gute Note. Natürlich will sie so schnell es geht ihre süße Belohnung einfordern, doch ihre Unsicherheit droht erneut alles zu vermasseln: Was ist die perfekte Kopfneigung bei einem Kuss? Kann man dabei atmen? Und was ist, wenn sie und Ohmi nicht kusskompatibel sind ...?!

ISBN10 : 9783842075931 , ISBN13 : 3842075936

Page Number : 174

Lovesick Ellie 8

Fujimomo Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Ellie finally confronts Ohmi-kun's everyday life?! How will she deal with the extreme extrovert fans that surround him in his universe?! As finals draw closer, Ellie gets a restraining order from her growing love life AND twitter...because Dad is on the scene! How will things progress as they start hitting closer to home? Find out in volume 8 of Lovesick Ellie!

ISBN10 : 9781642128161 , ISBN13 : 1642128163

Page Number : 158