Love Of Kill Vol 7

Yen Press

The fog over Chateau and Ryang-Ha's childhoods finally lifts. During that fateful encounter, they were brought together by a boy named "Ryang-Ha Song"-the real one-but what awaits them now that the true nature of their connection has been brought to light?

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Love Of Kill Vol 7

The fog over Chateau and Ryang-Has childhoods finally lifts. During that fateful encounter, they were brought together by a boy named Ryang-Ha Song - the real one - but what awaits them now that the true nature of their connection has been brought to light?

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Beautiful Boss Fall In Love With Me

Yan Dou Funstory Fiction

As a young journalist who is about to graduate from the university, due to his outstanding ability, he is often taken by the beauty CEO to work with him. After a working entertainment, the two drunken people accidentally had a relationship, but the next day the CEO deemed nothing happened and she was cold to him. But he has fallen in love with her ...However, his girlfriend who grew up with him since they were teenager were around him, and he has almost forgotten her existence. One is the CEO who has feelings since he first met, the other is his first girlfriend who has been with him for many years. How should he choose?☆About the Author☆Yan Dou, an excellent online novelist, has authored many novels. Her representative works include My wife is A CEO, and her urban romance novels have won the readers' favorite because of her distinctive personality.

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U P Reader Volume 7

Mikel B Classen Modern History Press Fiction

Michigan's Upper Peninsula is blessed with a treasure trove of storytellers, poets, and historians, all seeking to capture a sense of Yooper Life from settler's days to the far-flung future. Since 2017, the U.P. Reader has offered a rich collection of their voices that embraces the U.P.'s natural beauty and way of life, along with a few surprises. The sixty-plus short works in this 7th annual volume take readers on U.P. road and boat trips from the Keweenaw to the Soo and from St. Ignace to Escanaba. Every page is rich with descriptions of the characters and culture that make the Upper Peninsula worth living in and writing about. U.P. writers span genres from humor to history and from science fiction to poetry. This issue also includes imaginative fiction from the Dandelion Cottage Short Story Award winners, honoring the amazing young writers enrolled in all of the U.P.'s schools. Featuring the words ofMikel B Classen, Sharon Kennedy, Ellen Lord, Deborah K Frontiera, Bill Sproule, Maria Vezzetti Matson, Tamara Lauder, Tyler R Tichelaar, Emilie Lancour, M Kelly Peach, Richard Hill, Roslyn McGrath, Becky Ross Michael, Julie Dickerson, John Adamcik, August Whitney, Tricia Carr, Elizabeth Fust, Ninie Gaspariani Syarikin, Mack Hassler, Donna Searight Simons, Leigh Mills, Raymond Luczak, J L Hagen, Nina Craig, Art Curtis, Brandy Thomas, Kathleen Carlton Johnson, Chris Kent, Ben Bohnsack, Edd Tury, Allan Koski, Jaclyn Jukkala, Lilli Gast, Miah Billie, Halle Wakkuri, Serah Oommen, and Betty Harriman. "Funny, wise, or speculative, the essays, memoirs, and poems found in the pages of these profusely illustrated annuals are windows to the history, soul, and spirit of both the exceptional land and people found in Michigan's remarkable U.P. If you seek some great writing about the northernmost of the state's two peninsulas look around for copies of the U.P. Reader. --Tom Powers, Michigan in Books "U.P. Reader offers a wonderful mix of storytelling, poetry, and Yooper culture. Here's to many future volumes!" --Sonny Longtine, author of Murder in Michigan's Upper Peninsula "As readers embark upon this storied landscape, they learn that the people of Michigan's Upper Peninsula offer a unique voice, a tribute to a timeless place too long silent." --Sue Harrison, international bestselling author of Mother Earth Father Sky The U.P. Reader is sponsored by the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association (UPPAA) a non-profit corporation. A portion of proceeds from each copy sold will be donated to the UPPAA for its educational programming. Learn more at

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The Best American Newspaper Narratives Volume 7

Gayle Reaves University of North Texas Press Literary Collections

This anthology collects the ten winners of the 2019 Best American Newspaper Narrative Writing Contest, run by the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. The event is hosted by the Frank W. and Sue Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism at the University of North Texas. The conference launched the competition to honor exemplary narrative work and to encourage narrative nonfiction storytelling at newspapers across the United States. First place winner: Eli Saslow, “It Was My Job, and I Didn’t Find Him” (The Washington Post), narrates the life of Scot Peterson, the former officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, who faced public scrutiny in the wake of the school shooting. Second place: Elizabeth Bruenig, “What Do We Owe Her Now?” (The Washington Post), is the story of Amber Wyatt, a high school rape victim and the investigation without prosecution or even an arrest. Third place: Hannah Dreier, “The Disappeared” (ProPublica), follows the painful journey of a mother who lost her 15-year-old son to gang violence in a Long Island, New York, community. Runners-up include Jamie Thompson, “Standoff” (The Dallas Morning News); Lane DeGregory, “Lincoln’s Shot” (Tampa Bay Times); Jenna Russell, “The World, the Stage, the Way Ahead” (The Boston Globe); Evan Allen, “Under a Dark Sky, a Baby is Born” (The Boston Globe); Lisa Gartner, “She’s Taught at the Parkland High School for 14 Years. Can She Go Back?” (Tampa Bay Times); Claire McNeill, “So You Remember the Student Who Was Shot at FSU? He’s Pretty Sure We’ve All Moved On” (Tampa Bay Times); and Bethany Barnes, “Targeted” (The Oregonian).

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Akame Ga Kill Zero

Takahiro, Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Mera's carefully guided tour of the Empire has opened Akame's eyes to the suffering of its people. However, the Oarburghs' loose alleigance to whoever pays them is an even less-palatable philosophy than that of the Rebel Army. Up until now, Akame has resisted Mera's advances--professional and intimate--but with her captor's patience running thin and her sword out of reach, Akame will have to rely on a whole new set of skills if she wants to survive!

ISBN10 : 9781975354350 , ISBN13 : 1975354354

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The Works Of Elizabeth Gaskell Part I

Joanne Shattock Routledge Literary Criticism

Features Elizabeth Gaskell's work. This work brings together her journalism, her shorter fiction, which was published in various collections during her lifetime, her early personal writing, including a diary written between 1835 and 1838 when she was a young mother, her five full-length novels and "The Life of Charlotte Bronte".

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