Love And Lies

Clancy Martin Random House Family & Relationships

For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer: love and lies have always been the most intimate of bedfellows. And Clancy Martin – divorced twice, married three times – is no stranger to either. With help from Plato, Machiavelli, Raymond Carver and Pinocchio, here he explores the entanglements of love, truthfulness and deceit. First, unrequited, lasting or misguided – love always goes hand in hand with secrets, and it’s time we started being honest about our lying.

ISBN10 : 9781473521209 , ISBN13 : 1473521203

Page Number : 272

Papaya Salad

Nick de Stacpoole

Leo arrives in the Land of Smiles with just one thing on his mind ... sex! There's no better playground than Pattaya for a single man in the prime of his life and Leo's a seasoned womanizer, with a fondness for bedding two girls at a time. He's soon out and about, trawling the go-go bars, looking for playmates. One of the dancers he spends the night with feels like girlfriend material, so he returns a few days later to where she works, looking for a replay. Khim has everything: a slim and sexy body, great legs, cute dimples, a voracious sexual appetite, a liking for threesomes, an obliging nature AND a warm heart! So when Khim tells Leo she's off to Buriram, in eastern Isaan, to celebrate the run up to New Year with her family and friends, he jumps at the opportunity to spend more time with her, despite the fact that he has plans to hook up with his French lover, Sophia, in less than a week. 'Papaya Salad' can be enjoyed as a standalone short story or read in conjunction with the other books in the 'Sex, Love & Lies' series. This particular volume contains frequent descriptions of explicit sexual activities and is intended for ADULTS ONLY.

ISBN10 : 1520111886 , ISBN13 : 9781520111889

Page Number : 49

Business For Sustainability Volume Ii

Demetris Vrontis Springer Nature Business & Economics

This two-volume edited work explores how businesses shape, and are shaped by, sustainability forces and phenomena. Major global developments are inexorably being led by a sustainability agenda, which, in itself constitutes an integral part of business evolution. And as context shapes content, shifts in society have gradually given rise to new regulations, new types of markets, environmental-excellence criteria for businesses, new economic standards, and a wide range of green technologies. Reflecting the purpose of the series, both volumes offer a cross-section of multi-disciplinary perspectives within business studies. Volume 1 focuses on strategic and managerial approaches to sustainability in business, including accounts on the historic origins of sustainability and its contemporary corporate sustainable models. Volume 2 explores, more contextually, how business and social sustainability constitute indivisible and inextricable components of the same nexus. Taken together, they offer an original perspective on how businesses can help achieve the SDG goals and targets.

ISBN10 : 9783031373657 , ISBN13 : 3031373650

Page Number : 324

The Works Of President Edwards Vol 2

Jonathan Edwards Applewood Books Philosophy

With our American Philosophy and Religion series, Applewood reissues many primary sources published throughout American history. Through these books, scholars, interpreters, students, and non-academics alike can see the thoughts and beliefs of Americans who came before us.

ISBN10 : 9781429017732 , ISBN13 : 1429017732

Page Number : 498

Love Lies Deceit

:Leslie Johnson Atrevida Publishing

Janice thought she could handle her new assignment. Manipulating Tony's confession should have been easy. A little kiss here, a flirty squeeze there. The plan was perfect. She'd get her life back and Tony would pay for his crimes.Now she's alone. Vulnerable. Afraid. Listening to talk of her and her lover's demise. She doesn't seem so smart now. In fact, she can't believe she was so stupid to fall for a love covered in deceit and lies.Part two of this romantic suspense has the two lovers fighting for their lives... and each other.

ISBN10 : 194183728X , ISBN13 : 9781941837283

Page Number : 134

Pristine Scars Volume 2

Multiple Poets The Wordings Poetry

A Poetry collection with different themes by multiple writers.

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Page Number : 197