Love Com

Viz Comics & Graphic Novels

When Risa Koizumi, the tallest girl in the class, and Atsushi Otani, the shortest guy in the class, are cast as stars of a bizarre romantic comedy, they find their friendship growing into something more complex.

ISBN10 : 1421513455 , ISBN13 : 9781421513454

Page Number : 184

I Fell In Love After School 7

Haruka Mitsui Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

When Kiryu gets closer to Kao, Nagisa begins to want Kao to be more aware of him. So what are Kao’s feelings for the two boys…?! As the feelings of love heat up more and more, the tournament also begins. And there, something happens that Kao doesn’t expect…?! Events unfold at a rapid pace in Volume 7!

ISBN10 : 9781646596553 , ISBN13 : 1646596552

Page Number : 172

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Vol 1

Aka Akasaka VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

As leaders of their prestigious academy’s student council, Kaguya and Miyuki are the elite of the elite! But it’s lonely at the top... Luckily for them, they’ve fallen in love! There’s just one problem—they both have too much pride to admit it. And so begins the daily scheming to get the object of their affection to confess their romantic feelings first... Love is a war you win by losing. -- VIZ Media

ISBN10 : 9781974702404 , ISBN13 : 1974702405

Page Number : 215

Love Com

Aya Nakahara VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Ôtani wins tickets to the Umibôzu concert and asks Risa to go with him. Could this be the answer to her dreams--their first date?! But as fate would have it, Ôtani gets sick the day before the concert. Concerned (about her friend and the date) Risa visits his sick bed and gets her first kiss! Or does she? Was it an accident? Does Ôtani even remember it?

ISBN10 : 1421517396 , ISBN13 : 9781421517391

Page Number : 192

Love Com

Aya Nakahara VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

R to L (Japanese Style) Risa Koizumi is the tallest girl in class, and the last thing she wants is the humiliation of standing next to Atsushi Ôtani, the shortest guy. Fate and the whole school have other ideas, and the two find themselves cast as the unwilling stars of a bizarre romantic comedy duo. Risa and Ôtani's relationship finally seems to be going right, just in time for college woes to ruin their lives! Risa only has a few months to decide which tech school she wants to attend, but she can't even decide what she wants to study. What kind of degree can you get for playing video games and listening to Umibôzu all day?

ISBN10 : 1421523701 , ISBN13 : 9781421523705

Page Number : 184

My Senpai Is Annoying Vol 2

Shiromanta National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

A full-color workplace romcom that started as a popular webcomic--and is soon to be an anime! Igarashi is a hardworking young office lady. Takeda, the senpai above her at work, annoys her constantly–and yet she finds herself growing closer to him. Every day is filled with comic mishaps and romantic moments as Igarashi tries to balance work, life, and love. This full-color manga–which started its life as a webcomic–is sure to charm audiences of workplace comedies like Aggretsuko and The Office!

ISBN10 : 9781645055365 , ISBN13 : 1645055361

Page Number : 0

Love Com Vol 8

Aya Nakahara VIZ Media LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Risa and Ôtani are totally dating! But it's totally weird. Risa is so used to treating Ôtani like a friend that she has no idea how to act like a girlfriend. Luckily, Ôtani knows just where to go to save a failing date. Could this be happily ever after? Not if Risa's new rival has anything to say about it! -- VIZ Media

ISBN10 : 9781421569376 , ISBN13 : 142156937X

Page Number : 206