Loner Life In Another World Vol 7 Manga

Shoji Goji Kaiten Books LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! Having begun his plan to turn Omui into an independent trade hub, Haruka sets about improving the local shopping facilities in record time. But his behavior doesn't go unnoticed, and the lord of an exploitative neighboring territory doesn't take kindly to the idea of Omui going independent. Cue the deployment of an invisible menace... One who relentlessly takes notes! Haruka can't exactly enjoy his loner life with a stalker shadowing him at every turn, but what's a man to do? Our hapless hero decides to just go about his business diving for more dungeon treasures. Surely the situation will just solve itself, right? Right?

ISBN10 : 9781952241444 , ISBN13 : 1952241448

Page Number : 182

Loner Life In Another World Light Novel Vol 1

Shoji Goji Seven Seas Entertainment Young Adult Fiction

When sarcastic loner Haruka gets transported with his class to another world, he's not wild about adventuring, but he wouldn't mind having some cool powers. Unfortunately, he's last in line when the magic cheat skills get divvied up, so by the time it's Haruka's turn, there are no good choices left. Now Haruka will have to take on this fantasy world the hard way--on his own, with a hodgepodge of bizarre skills! When infighting and chaos break out among his classmates, can this loner come to the rescue?

ISBN10 : 9781638580249 , ISBN13 : 1638580243

Page Number : 401

Loner Life In Another World Light Novel Vol 7

Shoji Goji Seven Seas Entertainment Comics & Graphic Novels

High school loner Haruka has been busy since he and his entire class were summoned to a fantasy world. Having driven out the insurrection-causing prince, now Haruka must face the Frontier Reclamation Army--tens of thousands of soldiers--to protect the frontier. Alone. And that army isn't the Theocracy's only weapon. They're causing artificial dungeon monster breakouts to terrorize the lands, plus the final ace up their sleeve... Something powerful enough to give the former dungeon boss, Angelica, a run for her money!

ISBN10 : 9798891601048 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 398

Loner Life In Another World Vol 3 Manga

Shoji Goji Kaiten Books LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

THREE'S A CROWD! After coming to the aid of a young noble named Merielle, Haruka finds himself with a free pass to leave and enter the city at his own discretion! What's the first thing on his mind? Running back to the woods so he can resume his loner life, of course! But before he can abandon his friends, he has a small matter to attend to... Just where are the nerds? And, come to think of it... Where are those meatheaded jocks? Curious as to the fates of his classmates, Haruka delves into the depths of the forest to hunt them down... But what he finds chills him to the bone. Now faced with a fearsome new enemy, one who savagely employs facts and logic to seize victory, our loner hero must push himself to the limit and make the greatest gambit of all!

ISBN10 : 9781952241123 , ISBN13 : 195224112X

Page Number : 168

Loner Life In Another World Vol 5 Manga

Shoji Goji Kaiten Books LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

FIVE-FINGER DISCOUNT! ALL TREASURES MUST GO! Haruka's spent a while working his way back up from the dungeon depths with a new companion in tow, grabbing as many treasures as he can along the way. But will they be enough to contend with the mighty monster stampede threatening to wipe out the town he's come to know and...tolerate? And just what kinds of secrets does the mysterious Angelica hide? How might the Class Rep react when she gets a good look at what lurks beneath the Dungeon Emperor's armor? And, most importantly of all, will our hapless hero be allowed to return to his carefree loner life?

ISBN10 : 9781952241284 , ISBN13 : 1952241286

Page Number : 168

Loner Life In Another World Vol 4 Manga

Shoji Goji Kaiten Books LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

FIRING ON ALL FOUR CYLINDERS! Haruka reluctantly saves the day again and again, but now he wants nothing more than to go home to his cave and enjoy his loner life! But fate has grander designs in store for the hapless young lad. Word of an ancient, loot-laden dungeon rolls in, and the tantalizing allure of treasures unknown is too much for him to resist! Into the depths our loner hero goes, but he may well meet his match in the form of a being far more lonesome than he... The Dungeon Emperor!

ISBN10 : 9781952241222 , ISBN13 : 1952241227

Page Number : 168

Loner Life In Another World Vol 1 Manga

Shoji Goji Kaiten Books LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

IS ONE REALLY THE LONELIEST NUMBER? Haruka is just your average high school loner, minding his own business and keeping to himself as he makes it through his high school career, until one day—he's suddenly sent to another world alongside the rest of his class! Before he knows it, he’s face-to-face with the god of this new world, who presents him with a list of cheat skills to choose from…but there’s a catch. It’s first come first served, and his classmates have already beaten him to the punch. Haruka has to make do with what he can get as he navigates his way through this brave new world, all while flying solo!

ISBN10 : 9781952241017 , ISBN13 : 1952241014

Page Number : 168