Let This Grieving Soul Retire Vol 4 Manga

Tsukikage Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

“That guy is, without a doubt, a total beast.” Although Krai and crew may have gotten out of the White Wolf’s Den alive, it’s too soon for celebration—something even more dangerous may have escaped with them: Sitri’s Slime! But while Krai is preoccupied with the elusive monster, another brewing threat decides to make its move. Can Krai handle the looming crisis—even if he doesn’t realize the trouble he’s causing all around him?

ISBN10 : 9781975342975 , ISBN13 : 1975342976

Page Number : 172

Let This Grieving Soul Retire Vol 4 Manga

Tsukikage Yen Press

Krai's party had safely and successfully completed the rescue mission--or so he thought. But a new threat lurks in the capital: Sitri's super-dangerous slime--the very same one he had lost in the White Wolf's Den. As he searches for its whereabouts, an unsettling feeling spreads throughout the city...

ISBN10 : 1975342968 , ISBN13 : 9781975342968

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John Wesley S Teachings Volume 4

Thomas C. Oden Zondervan Academic Religion

Timeless Teachings of John Wesley for the Modern-Day Christian John Wesley’s Teachings is the first systematic exposition of John Wesley's theology that encompasses all of his writings. Wesley was a prolific writer and commentator on Scripture—his collected works fill twenty-four volumes—and yet it is commonly held that he was not systematic or consistent in his theology and teachings. On the contrary, Thomas C. Oden demonstrates that Wesley displayed a remarkable degree of internal consistency over sixty years of preaching and ministry. This series of four volumes is a text-by-text guide to John Wesley’s teaching. It introduces Wesley’s thought on the basic tenets of Christian teaching: God and providence (volume 1), Christ and salvation (volume 2), the practice of pastoral care (volume 3), and issues of ethics and society (volume 4). In everyday modern English, Oden clarifies Wesley’s explicit intent and communicates his meaning clearly to a contemporary audience. Both lay and professional readers will find this series useful for devotional reading, moral reflection, sermon preparation, and for referencing Wesley’s opinions on ecological recovery, moral relativism, enthusiasm, catholicity, experience, paradise, final justification, providence, and countless others.

ISBN10 : 9780310587224 , ISBN13 : 0310587220

Page Number : 335

Let This Grieving Soul Retire Volume 1 Light Novel

Tsukikage J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

It’s the golden age for treasure hunters—adventurers hungry for wealth, fame, power, and glory, who risk their lives in treasure vaults throughout the world. “Let’s become treasure hunters.” Krai and his childhood friends swore to become the greatest of them all, but that dream should have died the day Krai realized he wasn’t cut out for the job! Yet expectations continue to mount, right along with Krai’s fear for his life. While his childhood friends climb closer toward their dream, this grieving soul has one simple wish: to pack it all in and retire!

ISBN10 : 9781718392526 , ISBN13 : 1718392524

Page Number : 246

Let This Grieving Soul Retire Volume 2 Light Novel

Tsukikage J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Krai has been on edge ever since realizing he accidentally released the Sitri Slime—a deadly creation that could bring the entire capital to ruin—and now the Explorers’ Association is asking for his help investigating strange occurrences in and around the city. To make matters worse, Krai’s thoughtless response escalates the situation into a national disaster. And to top it off, Sitri Smart, Alchemist of the Grieving Souls, returns amid the chaos. With a devastating slime on the loose and an evil magic syndicate lurking in the shadows, can the Grievers save the capital from the unseen perils they’ve unleashed upon it?

ISBN10 : 9781718392540 , ISBN13 : 1718392540

Page Number : 319

Let This Grieving Soul Retire Vol 5 Manga

Tsukikage Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

As Krai and the First Steps prepare to raid the White Wolf’s Den, Sitri Smart, creator of the monster slime on the loose, shows up just in time! If anyone knows how to deal with the missing slime fiasco, it’s her—except she also has no ideas about its whereabouts or what form it may have taken. Instead, she has more bad news: The threat in the vault is something entirely different and way more dangerous...Just what kind of trouble did Krai send his clan into?

ISBN10 : 9781975345358 , ISBN13 : 1975345355

Page Number : 172

Let This Grieving Soul Retire Vol 6 Manga

Tsukikage Yen Press LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

The White Wolf's Den is revealed as the site of the Tower of Akasha's wicked experiments! Sitri, the Grieving Souls' alchemist, races to the scene to take the reins of the investigation, but what awaits her there?

ISBN10 : 9781975361884 , ISBN13 : 1975361881

Page Number : 172