Konosuba God S Blessing On This Wonderful World Vol 2 Light Novel

Natsume Akatsuki Hachette UK

Kazuma's first winter in another world isn't going so well. With companions like Aqua (Arch-priest), Megumin (Arch-wizard), and Darkness (Crusader), his party of advanced classes should be the most powerful in Axel--but they're so dysfunctional, even the easiest-seeming quest goes terribly awry, and they can barely save enough to afford a stable! When an opportunity arises to stay in a mansion, it's like a dream come true--the only catch is that they have to exorcise the evil spirits haunting it. Goddess Aqua is an expert with the undead, so the quest should be a piece of cake, right...? Unfortunately, with this useless goddess, things have a way of working out for the worst...

ISBN10 : 9780316468718 , ISBN13 : 0316468711

Page Number : 162

Konosuba God S Blessing On This Wonderful World Vol 2 Manga

Natsume Akatsuki Yen Press LLC

After being transported to another world, Kazuma is joined by his allies Aqua the goddess, Megumin the magician, and Darkness the crusader. As they conduct more missions to fulfill quests, like purifying a lake while fending off monstrous alligators, they also progress as adventurers, receiving rewards from successful outings and skilling up. But one fateful day, one of the Demon King's terrifying dullahan generals approaches their sleepy beginner city. And somehow, Megumin gets his attention straight away, or should we say, earns his wrath... What are they going to do?!

ISBN10 : 9780316468688 , ISBN13 : 0316468681

Page Number : 160

Konosuba An Explosion On This Wonderful World Vol 2 Light Novel

Natsume Akatsuki Yen Press LLC

Lady Aqua, Control Your Followers! With the ultimate offensive magic finally under her belt, Megumin is off to Axel Town to start her adventure, and nothing will stand in her way! ...Except poverty. A trip from the local Teleportation Station isn't cheap, and the closest it can get her to Axel is Arcanletia, the city of water and hot springs. It looks like Megumin's got her (part-time) work cut out for her. Thankfully, she can look forward to help from Yunyun-as well as a certain sect of devout lunatics!

ISBN10 : 9781975387037 , ISBN13 : 1975387031

Page Number : 190

Konosuba God S Blessing On This Wonderful World 05

Natsume Akatsuki TOKYOPOP Verlag

Darkness verschafft Kazuma vor Gericht ein wenig Zeit, aber das ändert nichts daran, dass ihm die Hinrichtung droht. Während die Paladin verschwunden ist, taucht plötzlich die Tochter des Clanoberhauptes des Roten Dämons auf. Und die hat noch eine Rechnung mit Megumin offen ...

ISBN10 : 9783842072350 , ISBN13 : 384207235X

Page Number : 166

Konosuba An Explosion On This Wonderful World Bonus Story Vol 2 Light Novel

Natsume Akatsuki Yen Press LLC

Who Ya Gonna Call…? ​Everyone’s favorite Crimson Magic wizard is back with a new series of odd jobs to endure…and each request is more self-centered than the last! This time around, there’s the classic frog hunt, another slime crisis involving Cecily and the Axis Church, and an encounter with a mysterious beast. Can Megumin, Yunyun, and Iris maintain their sanity while dealing with these deadbeats?!

ISBN10 : 9781975319540 , ISBN13 : 1975319540

Page Number : 161

Konosuba God S Blessing On This Wonderful World Light Novel 02

Natsume Akatsuki TOKYOPOP Verlag

Eigentlich sollte Kazumas zweites Leben in der anderen Welt super laufen und seine Party die mächtigste Gruppe in Axel sein. Seine Freunde haben schließlich die fortgeschrittensten Klassen: Aqua ist Hohepriesterin, Megumin Erzmagierin und Darkness ein Paladin. Doch leider haben sie alle einen Knall, sodass alles schrecklich schiefgeht und sie kaum genug sparen können, um sich einen Stall zu leisten! Die Gelegenheit, in einem Herrenhaus zu übernachten, kommt da gerade recht. Bloß: Sie müssen die bösen Geister austreiben, die dort spuken. Was kann da schon passieren?

ISBN10 : 9783842073036 , ISBN13 : 3842073038

Page Number : 231