Koimonogatari Love Stories Volume 1

Tohru Tagura TOKYOPOP Comics & Graphic Novels

When Yuiji accidentally overhears his classmate Yamato confessing to another friend that he's gay, his perspective shifts. Seeing Yamato in a new light, Yuiji does his best not to let prejudice color his view, but he still finds himself overthinking his classmates' interactions now. He especially notices the way Yamato looks at one particular boy: Yuiji's own best friend. Even though he tells himself he shouldn't get involved, Yuiji finds he just can't help it; watching Yamato's one-sided love draws him in a way he never expected. At first, it's empathy, knowing that the boy Yamato has his sights on is definitely straight and has no idea. But as his own friendship with Yamato develops and the two of them grow closer through a mutual study group, Yuiji comes to truly care about Yamato as a person, regardless of his sexuality. He only wants Yamato to be happy, and to be able to express his true self.

ISBN10 : 9781427867216 , ISBN13 : 1427867216

Page Number : 201

Koimonogatari Love Stories Volume 2

Tohru Tagura TOKYOPOP Comics & Graphic Novels

When Yuiji accidentally finds out his classmate Yamato is gay and has a crush on his best friend, he doesn’t know how to react at first. But after spending more time together, the two of them become close friends. While Yamato struggles with his sexuality, Yuiji supports him and keeps his secret, hoping that Yamato can find a way to accept himself and be happy. Meanwhile, Yuiji is having trouble feeling connected to his long-time girlfriend, realizing that although he still cares about her, the spark in their relationship has faded. Love is a complicated, messy thing — especially in high school, where hurtful rumors and intolerant classmates can make life unbearable. Yamato and Yuiji face their own individual struggles, but together, they learn one very important lesson: it’s hard to search for romance if you don’t love yourself first.

ISBN10 : 9781427867780 , ISBN13 : 142786778X

Page Number : 305

Replay Bl Manga

Saki Tsukahara TOKYOPOP Comics & Graphic Novels

Yuta and Ritsu have been playing baseball together since they were children, but after being defeated in a local tournament over the summer, they must retire from the high school team to study for university entrance exams. Still, Yuta finds himself unable to give up his lingering attachment to baseball. The one person who can truly understand him is Ritsu, who has been acting worryingly distant since they quit the team. But there's something Yuta himself doesn't understand... Does he think of Ritsu as his partner in the way that a teammate would, or is the affection between them something stronger?

ISBN10 : 9781427863836 , ISBN13 : 1427863830

Page Number : 193

Possessed By A Ghost Yaoi Manga

Una Donburi MediBang(global) Comics & Graphic Novels

Gyou Ryouta is a 18-year old university student. All he wanted was a normal school life and eventually get a cute girlfriend who will wear a frilly apron when he returns home. But this is a BL, and that's never the case. Instead, his apartment is haunted by a young delinquent ghost named Taiga Yamakawa who, for his own reasons, is there to stay. Ryouta usually hates the bully type but why does Taiga seem... cute? He cooks, cleans, and looks after him. Maybe living with a ghost is not so bad ¯_(ツ)_/¯

ISBN10 : PKEY:G6810000004968 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 165

A Death Wish And An Alien Yaoi Manga

Mihara Okawa MediBang(global) Comics & Graphic Novels

Fushishiba regrets being born every single day of his life. He has terrible communication skills and doesn’t think he can contribute to society. Things go even more downhill when people find out he’s gay. He relocates to a remote island research facility, where he meets Futaba, who claims to be an alien. Can this quirky, out-of-this-world guy teach him how to enjoy life to the fullest?

ISBN10 : PKEY:G6810000004645 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 157

Scarlet Vol 2

Chiri Yuino National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

A LOVE THAT WILL DEVOUR THEM WHOLE Finé is under a terrible curse that causes her to transform into a bloodthirsty monster. Her werewolf lover Iris is determined to help Finé become human again...if only because Iris wishes to eat her. But when their enemies start moving against them, Finé loses control of the monster within. Can Iris bring her back from the brink? The thrilling conclusion to a supernatural yuri romance! The final volume!

ISBN10 : 9781645057437 , ISBN13 : 1645057437

Page Number : 0

Star Collector

Sophie Schönhammer Star Collector Comics & Graphic Novels

Fynn's favorite activities are skipping class, smoking, and lying around. So when he's told it's time to shape up and try doing something else for a change, he has no idea where to even start. Then, on a nighttime walk around his neighborhood, he sees a stranger with a telescope up on a hill: his name is Niko, and he loves to watch the stars. Intrigued, Flynn decides to find out more about this nerdy boy and what could be so interesting about the night sky that he loves so much. This is the second and final volume of the Star Collector series.

ISBN10 : 1427860343 , ISBN13 : 9781427860347

Page Number : 0