Kiss Him Not Me 9

Junko National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

Once again, it's me, Kae! It's so great that the whole group is staying together, and even Shinomiya-kun is opening up more. These friend are more than I could ask for, but if I had to say what I want for my birthday...I'm sure there's plenty of exclusive anime merch worth wishing for. It looks like the whole gang is fired up to throw the otaku party of my dreams! But the birthday festivities lead to a heartfelt confession from Igarashi-kun, and it's too big to ignore! Things are also spurred on by the arrival of a gorgeous senpai from the boys' past... ...This cool beauty, Kotoha-senpai, has some blunt words for me about dealing with everyone's feelings. Everyone puts their heart into making me feel special, so I can't leave them hanging. But can I figure out how to deal with 3D love?!

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Kiss Him Not Me 5

Junko National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

Kae here! Summer vacation is over, but back at school, even cool, gentemanly Mustumi-senpai is turning up the heat around me. So I guess even he has an intense side? I'm seeing his passion even more now that his older brother, Mutsumi-sensei, has become a student-teacher at our school... and wants to whisk e away from all four boys! It's brother vs. brother as the Mutsumi men both try to win my affections, but I'm enjoying this action! A fiery battle between two gorgeous brothers and a teacher-student setup?! I never thought I'd get to see so much taboo in the flesh! I wonder if the boys can outwit such a michievous older man... Now an anime from the studio that made PRINCESS JELLYFISH and MY LITTLE MONSTER!

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Kiss Him Not Me

Junko Comics & Graphic Novels

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Kiss Him Not Me 1

Junko National Geographic Books Comics & Graphic Novels

Hi there! My name is Serinuma Kae. I’m the kind of girl who loves checking out boys and fantasizing about them getting friendly (and more) with each other—I’m what you might call a fujoshi. One day, my beloved (yes, he’s an anime character) died, and the shock of it all was more than I could have ever prepared for! My grief over his passing resulted in some ridiculous weight-loss! And you won’t believe what happened next! Soon after my change, the four most divinely gorgeous boys in my school asked me out on dates! I accepted them all, and you’d think I’d be happy with my sudden popularity, but the truth is, my heart only yearns for a prince to be next to his prince. Ahh, yes, boys, I’d much prefer that you turn your affections elsewhere and KISS HIM, NOT ME! Now an anime from the studio that made PRINCESS JELLYFISH and MY LITTLE MONSTER!

ISBN10 : 9781632362025 , ISBN13 : 1632362023

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Quarterback Draw Play By Play Book 9

Jaci Burton Hachette UK Fiction

Quarterback Draw is the ninth sizzling Play-By-Play novel from New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton. Perfect for fans of Lori Foster, Maya Banks and Jill Shalvis. This time he's playing for keeps... Grant Cassidy knows how to be a football star. But while the hot quarterback loves the game and the lifestyle, no woman has come close to catching his heart, until he matches wits with a smart, gorgeous model. Supermodel Katrina Koslova might live in a world of glitz, but she works hard to provide for the family that relies on her. She doesn't have time for fun - much less a boyfriend. Their explosive chemistry is undeniable, but Katrina's afraid to rely on anyone but herself. Except Grant intends prove he's a man of style and substance - a man she can count on. Want more sexy sporting romance? Don't miss the rest of this steamy series which began with The Perfect Play. And check out Jaci's gorgeously romantic Hope series beginning with Hope Flames.

ISBN10 : 9781472215581 , ISBN13 : 1472215583

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Framing School Violence And Bullying In Young Adult Manga

Drew Emanuel Berkowitz Springer Nature Bullying in schools

This book closely examines the ways in which many popular, internationally-published Japanese young adult manga graphic novel titles frame instances of K-12 school-situated violence and bullying. Manga is a Japanese literary medium that has grown worldwide as an increasingly visible fixture of young adults' recreational reading habits. The author uncovers the medium's most prevalent patterns of defining, depicting, and discussing school-situated violence and bullying. Through the lens of socio-cultural media frame analysis, he explores what these patterns might indicate about young adults' preexisting views and beliefs about occurrences of violence and bullying within their own school environments. This in-depth investigation of manga literature provides important information pertaining to the pedagogies and practices of K-12 teachers and school administrators, as well as detailed advice for parents of young adult manga fans.

ISBN10 : 9783030581213 , ISBN13 : 3030581217

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The Works Of Maria Edgeworth Part Ii Vol 9

Marilyn Butler Routledge Literary Collections

Presents scholars, students and general readers with the major fiction for adults, much of the best of juvenile fiction, and a selection of the educational and occasional writings of Maria Edgeworth. MARIA EDGEWORTH was born in 1768. Her first novel, Castle Rackrent (1800) was also her first Irish tale. The next such tale was Ennui (1809), after which came The Absentee, which began life as an unstaged play and was then published (in prose) in Tales of Fashionable Life (1812), as were several of her other stories. They were followed in 1817 by the last of her Irish tales, Ormond. Maria Edgeworth died in 1849. Edited with an introduction and notes by Marilyn Butler.

ISBN10 : 9781000743104 , ISBN13 : 1000743101

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