Kabukicho Bad Trip

Animate International Co., Ltd. Comics & Graphic Novels

Toru Miyama is the king of all hosts in Kabukicho, and not only does he have drop-dead looks, but he can also read people's minds. On his day off, he happens to bump into Mizuki Hikawa, a stunning male model that he secretly adores. Toru decides to read Mizuki's thoughts, and he finds out that he's really into S&M!

It's clear-cut that Mizuki wants to dominate Toru, but getting into S&M isn't as simple as he thinks. Mizuki only desires a partner that's truly into it, and he's willing to put Toru to the test to find out if he makes the cut!

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Page Number : 181

Kabukicho Bad Trip

Animate International Co., Ltd. Comics & Graphic Novels

This is the regular edition of Kabukicho Bad Trip Volume 2. A special edition with a 10-page bonus manga is also available!

Toru and Mizuki are officially together! Though they want to venture deeper into the world of S&M, daily life keeps getting in the way. Toru is doing his best to look for a regular job, while Mizuki receives an offer from a famous screenwriter to appear in a TV show. Mizuki worries that his increased profile will cause problems for Toru, since the paparazzi are determined to expose their relationship. How will they balance being open about their relationship with Mizuki's rising popularity?

This long-awaited second volume doesn't skimp on the BDSM action!

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Page Number : 191

Magistellus Bad Trip Vol 1 Light Novel

Kazuma Kamachi Yen Press LLC Fiction

PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT, AND YOU MIGHT JUST WIN A high school student with millions of in-game earnings, Kaname Suou is one of the strongest Dealers in Money (Game) Master, a virtual world where nothing is against the rules. Assisted by his succubus AI partner, Tselika, he seeks the Overtrick—a set of powerful cheat-level weapons that break the laws of physics—and one young girl. What does it take to save somebody in a VR city with gunfights, car chases, and high-stakes stock market gambling? What exactly is in the cards for Kaname and his associates?

ISBN10 : 9781975314279 , ISBN13 : 1975314271

Page Number : 225

Magistellus Bad Trip Vol 3 Light Novel

Kazuma Kamachi Yen Press LLC Fiction

Kaname has finally reunited with his old friend Takamasa only to split right back up. Though the two share the same goal, their methods are irreconcilable, and their fight rocks the whole of Money (Game) Master. The cheat-level weapons called Legacies and the mysterious powers of the Zodiac Children are the keys to controlling the fate of the game and, by extension, humanity. But whose vision will reign supreme? The Dealers whose lives Kaname has touched—Lily-Kiska, M-Scope, Zaurus, Mother Loose, and Smash Daughter—rise up as the fuse is lit for the final battle.Don’t miss this explosive final volume of Magistellus Bad Trip!

ISBN10 : 9781975360115 , ISBN13 : 1975360117

Page Number : 302

Lala S Married Life

Animate International Co., Ltd. Comics & Graphic Novels

This is the regular edition of Lala's Married Life Volume 2. A special edition with a 12-page bonus manga is also available!

With Ramdane still adjusting to living as his twin sister, Lala, Wolsey's older brother, Badma, makes an unexpected visit to the Brooktine manor. Badma boldly claims that he's going to take Ramdane as his wife, and he challenges his brother to a duel! How will the duel play out, and what other events will unfold in Volume 2?!

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Page Number : 190

My Lucky Star Yaoi Manga

Natsume Katsura MediBang(global) Comics & Graphic Novels

To support his werewolf family, Kiyoto Ogami joined an Idol audition despite the risk of being found out as a nonhuman. Surprisingly, he was then chosen as one of the members of a promising idol group, but the most popular member, Motoharu does not agree with Kiyoto's acceptance. Aside from his mission to earn money, Kiyoto also has an obligation to find a destined bride which was told by tradition to be the person that would attract Kiyoto with the sweetest scent ever. On one full moon night, Kiyoto suddenly feels more excited than usual. It is precisely when Motoharu comes back that the poor guy could no longer suppress his desire along with his supposed-to-be-hidden tails and ears... Is it just an infrequent anomaly? Or is it because Motoharu smells like... "My Lucky Star" is a funny and cute romantic journey of two idols from different species! If you are a fan of Celebrity BL, this is a must-read!

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Page Number : 164