S. Shigeno Juvenile Fiction

From zero to legend in 60 seconds... Delivery boy Tak unexpectedly discovers that the skills he has acquired on the treacherous mountain roads of Mt. Akina have made him a street racing master. Urged on by friends and driving a rundown Toyota, he shames the best racers in town. But, Tak discovers there's more to life, and to himself, than he thought. Initial D is sure to ignite U.S. manga and import car fans.

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Initial D 8

Shuichi Shigeno Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Out of the Rain, into the Fire Cocky young Kent Nakamura of the Akagi Red Suns declaimed himself a master of racing in the rain, so when a torrential downpour hits Mt. Myogi, he takes the chance to become the first driver in Gunma to defeat Tak Fujiwara and his Phantom EIght Six. But even if Tak survives the deadly rain battle, another even more fearsome challenge lies in wait for him. Some shadowy characters from team Emperor have been scoping out the Gunma scene looking for some tasty racers to take on in their Lancer Evolution IV. If Tak agrees to a match, the Emperor boys will have to show that they have the skills to back up their trash-talk. The course is set, anticipation hangs in the air … and now Tak may come face to face with the hardest lesson of all … how to lose!

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Initial D Volume 8

Shuichi Shigeno TokyoPop Comics & Graphic Novels

Follows the adventures of Todo, a racing team with a car called Project D.

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Initial D Volume 8

Shūichi Shigeno Automobile racing

Tak is challenged to a deadly race in the rain on Mt. Myogi and, if he survives that, he faces the even more fearsome race against team Emperor and their Lancer Evolution IV--and the awful possibility of losing.

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Initial D

Shuichi Shigeno Comics & Graphic Novels

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Bach Perspectives Volume 8

Daniel R. Melamed University of Illinois Press Music

As the official publication of the American Bach Society, Bach Perspectives has pioneered new areas of research in the life, times, and music of Bach since its first appearance in 1995. Volume 8 of Bach Perspectives emphasizes the place of Bach's oratorios in their repertorial context. These essays consider Bach's oratorios from a variety of perspectives: in relation to models, antecedents, and contemporary trends; from the point of view of musical and textual types; and from analytical vantage points including links with instrumental music and theology. Christoph Wolff suggests the possibility that Bach's three festive works for Christmas, Easter, and Ascension Day form a coherent group linked by liturgy, chronology, and genre. Daniel R. Melamed considers the many ways in which Bach's passion music was influenced by the famous poetic passion of Barthold Heinrich Brockes. Markus Rathey examines the construction and role of oratorio movements that combine chorales and poetic texts (chorale tropes). Kerala Snyder shows the connections between Bach's Christmas Oratorio and one of its models, Buxtehude's Abendmusiken spread over many evenings. Laurence Dreyfus argues that Bach thought instrumentally in the composition of his passions at the expense of certain aspects of the text. And Eric Chafe demonstrates the contemporary theological background of Bach's Ascension Oratorio and its musical realization

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