Initial D 22

Shuichi Shigeno Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Tak is challenged by a new car on the mountain while making deliveries. Tak is left speechless when this mysterious car actually beats him. Who could have beat him? Cole challenges some obnoxious guys from Tokyo to a race. Tak takes over for Cole. As Tak passes the other car, he realizes that he just got beat by the 85 he was dissing up on the mountaintop. A mysterious driver shows up in a RX-7 and joins the race. Who is this mysterious driver?

ISBN10 : 9781642127324 , ISBN13 : 1642127329

Page Number : 236

Initial D 11

Shuichi Shigeno Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Defender of the Crown With Tak’s winning streak cut short by Kyle Sudoh of Team Emperor, it’s up to Ry Takahashi to defend the honor of Gunma against the invading Lancer Evo squad. But even Ry admits that Kyle drives an unbeatable car. Out of the spotlight, Tak’s father installs a new engine in the Eight Six, however Tak’s mind is addled with images of Natalie and her older suitor. But where one romance grows bitter, another grows sweet. Iggy’s love life looks up when a girl from a neighboring prefecture catches his eye. And it just so happens that her brother drives a certain, very exciting car.

ISBN10 : 9781642127218 , ISBN13 : 1642127213

Page Number : 236

Initial D

Shūichi Shigeno Turtleback Books Comics & Graphic Novels

Follows the adventures of Todo, a racing team with a car called Project D.

ISBN10 : 1417652608 , ISBN13 : 9781417652600

Page Number : 0