Initial D 21

Shuichi Shigeno Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

The pressure is on Tak more than ever before and Ry's got some words of advice for his star driver as they prepare for the big race against Tomoyuki. Tomoyuki's been on the pro circuit and Tak will have to use every move in his bag of tricks if he hopes to beat him.

ISBN10 : 9781642127317 , ISBN13 : 1642127310

Page Number : 192

Initial D Volume 21

Shuichi Shigeno TokyoPop Comics & Graphic Novels

Follows the adventures of Todo, a racing team with a car called Project D.

ISBN10 : 1591829976 , ISBN13 : 9781591829973

Page Number : 0

Initial D 26

Shuichi Shigeno Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

The next stage is coming... Tak may be undefeated on paper, but this may all change once he goes head-to-head against a mysterious Impreza. Wondering who is behind the wheel should be the least of his problems as he's about to be in a face-off against the 4WD Evo! To remain the Project D champion, Tak must push his limits.

ISBN10 : 9781642127362 , ISBN13 : 1642127361

Page Number : 192

Initial D 7

Shuichi Shigeno Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

It's time to give Tak a rest after his sweep of Gunma's finest - time for K.T. Takahashi of the Red Suns and Zack Nakazato of the Night Kids to finish the grudge match they started in Volume 4. But it's a rainy night, and Nakamura's just itching for a fight, so Tak might have to take to the streets yet again. And who are those guys in the Lancer Evolution scoping out Gunma's racing action?

ISBN10 : 9781642127171 , ISBN13 : 1642127175

Page Number : 224

The J Paul Getty Museum Journal

The J. Paul Getty Museum Getty Publications Art

The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal has been published annually since 1974. It contains scholarly articles and shorter notes pertaining to objects in the Museum’s seven curatorial departments: Antiquities, Manuscripts, Paintings, Drawings, Decorative Arts, Sculpture and Works of Art, and Photographs. The Journal includes an illustrated checklist of the Museum’s acquisitions for the previous year, a staff listing, and a statement by the Museum’s director outlining the year’s most important activities. Volume 21 of the J. Paul Getty Museum Journal includes articles by John Walsh, Barbara C. Anderson, Ariel Herrmann, Jill Finsten, Lynn F. Jacobs, And Peter J. Holliday.

ISBN10 : 9780892362561 , ISBN13 : 0892362561

Page Number : 170

Vessels Of Wrath Volume 1

Richard M. Blaylock Wipf and Stock Publishers Religion

Hardening hearts. Blinding eyes. Sending deceitful spirits. Crafting vessels of wrath. Few will deny that certain biblical passages make claims about God that are difficult to accept. But perhaps the most troubling are the verses that describe God as influencing individuals or groups towards wicked behavior for the purpose of condemning them. What are readers to do with these texts? In Vessels of Wrath, Richard M. Blaylock tackles the thorny subject of divine reprobating activity (DRA). Through an exhaustive, biblical-theological study of the Old and New Testaments, Blaylock argues that the Bible does not present DRA as an insignificant or monolithic concept; instead, the biblical authors showcase both the significance and the complexity of DRA in a variety of ways. The book aims to help readers of the Bible to wrestle with the Scriptures so that they might come to better understand its testimony to this mysterious and awesome divine activity.

ISBN10 : 9781666752373 , ISBN13 : 1666752371

Page Number : 241

Initial D 1

Shuichi Shigeno Edizioni BD Comics & Graphic Novels

Takumi Fujiwara, liceale svogliato e dall’aria sonnolenta, trascorre molto tempo al volante. Ogni mattina consegna tofu per il negozio del padre, scalando con la sua Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 le strade insidiose del Monte Akina. Giorno dopo giorno, senza nemmeno rendersene conto, Takumi ha assorbito tecniche di corsa che la maggior parte dei piloti impiega una vita ad imparare, ma non ha alcun interesse particolare per il mondo delle auto. L’amicizia col compagno di classe Itsuki Takeuchi lo coinvolge però nella passione per le gare clandestine su strada e Takumi sembra finalmente svegliarsi dal torpore di una vita priva di benzina. Nelle sfide locali di street racing irrompe così un nuovo misterioso e fenomenale pilota: la leggenda del “Fantasma di Akina” ha inizio e il mondo delle corse non sarà più lo stesso!

ISBN10 : 9788834921319 , ISBN13 : 8834921313

Page Number : 456