Initial D Volume 10

Shuichi Shigeno TokyoPop Comics & Graphic Novels

Follows the adventures of Todo, a racing team with a car called Project D.

ISBN10 : 159182110X , ISBN13 : 9781591821106

Page Number : 242

Initial D

Shuichi Shigeno Automobile racing

When Tek receives an anonymous phone call telling him to stay away from Natalie, he decides to investigate, and what he discovers may ruin their relationship.

ISBN10 : 0329381539 , ISBN13 : 9780329381530

Page Number : 226

Initial D 10

Shuichi Shigeno Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

On the night of Natalie's final 'date' with the older man, Tak gets another ominous phone call, advising him to go to a certain hotel and look for a certain car. He goes and, of course, catches Natalie in the act. A stunned Tak goes straight to another race against Kyoichi, and in his agitated state, blows the engine in the 86. After picking up his son, Bunta assures him that the blown engine is not Tak's fault. But Bunta also impresses upon Tak the seriousness of a blown engine ... he's going to have to replace the whole thing. (Little does Tak know what surprise his father has in store for him.) While the car is in the shop, K.T. drops by to console Tak. In K.T.'s view, the race was not a loss for him, but nonetheless, he will avenge Tak. It's cold comfort to Tak, who confides in Iggy that he regrets racing on Mt. Akagi in the first place. At the same time, Cole and Kenji spot a new turbo 86 on the road.

ISBN10 : 9781642127201 , ISBN13 : 1642127205

Page Number : 192

Initial D

Shuichi Shigeno Turtleback Books Comics & Graphic Novels

Feeling betrayed by Natalie, a stunned Tak goes straight to another race against Kyoichi and, in his agitated state, blows the engine in the 86. Illustrations.

ISBN10 : 1417652616 , ISBN13 : 9781417652617

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Priest Manga Volume 10

Min-Woo Hyung TOKYOPOP Comics & Graphic Novels

Ivan Isaacs, a former priest turned undead avenger, walks a bloody path of revenge. But even as he closes in on Achmode, the beast- angel, Ivan too is being hunted. Coburn, a tough-as-rawhide Federal Marshal, seeks answers about the mysterious plague that has been ravishing the frontier, and Ivan is the only one who knows the truth. Two men bound by fate, driven by necessity-at long last their paths will cross.

ISBN10 : 9781427865441 , ISBN13 : 1427865442

Page Number : 194

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Association de recherche sur les techniques d'exploitation du pétrole Editions TECHNIP Enhanced Oil Recovery

ISBN10 : 9782710804338 , ISBN13 : 2710804336

Page Number : 644