Heroines Game

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Her name is Alice. One day, she wandered into a crazy tea party.
Alice, the leader of a popular idol group, found herself in an unknown forest.
Little Red Riding Hood, Thumbelina, Snow White... The heroines of fairy tales appear one after another.
What's different from the fairy tales is that their forms are disfigured.
The heroines, who have met an "unfortunate end," are said to be killing each other in a "Heroine's Game" to change their fate.
So begins a beautiful yet cruel fairy tale heroine battle royale.

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Page Number : 219

The Otome Heroine S Fight For Survival Volume 1

Harunohi Biyori J-Novel Club Young Adult Fiction

Orphaned by a monster attack on her village, young Alicia spends three horrid years in an orphanage before finally running away. When she flees, however, Alicia has a violent encounter with an older woman hell-bent on killing her. During their tussle, she comes into contact with a strange crystal that bestows upon her a wealth of knowledge, transforming her from an innocent child into a cool and calculated planner. Now aware that she was meant to be the protagonist of an otome game and disgusted with her supposed fate, Alicia decides to take matters into her own hands and become strong—by any means necessary. Using her newfound knowledge, and with some help from a stranger she meets in the woods, she learns to survive by herself in a world far too harsh and unforgiving for a girl her age. Ready or not, she’s determined to carve her own path.

ISBN10 : 9781718311480 , ISBN13 : 1718311486

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Game Dev Stories Volume 1

David L. Craddock CRC Press Art

Game Dev Stories: Interviews About Game Development and Culture Volumes 1 and 2 are a collection of interviews from renowned author David L. Craddock as he explores all corners of the video game industry. Collected from the author's archives, Game Dev Stories gathers conversations with individuals from all corners of the industry: Who they are, the paths they paved, and their contributions to this multibillion-dollar industry. This text offers viewpoints from well-known individuals like John Romero, Tom Hall, and Matt Householder. From artists and writers to programmers and designers, Game Dev Stories offers amazing insights and understanding to what occurs behind the screens of your favorite games and may help inspire future game developers in pursuing their dreams. Author Bio David L. Craddock writes fiction, nonfiction, and grocery lists. He is the author of over a dozen nonfiction books about video game development and culture, including the bestselling Stay Awhile and Listen series, Arcade Perfect: How Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, and Other Coin-Op Classics Invaded the Living Room, and fiction for young adults, including The Dumpster Club and Heritage: Book One of the Gairden Chronicles. Find him online @davidlcraddock on Twitter.

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