Heroine For Hire 1

Fuyu Amakura Kodansha America LLC Comics & Graphic Novels

Shuko Kodakamine is strong—too strong, by the standards of some. She hopes to make a good high school debut, but that plan goes up in smoke almost immediately when she injures the attractive, charismatic Serizawa-kun...and later suplexes him, to boot! But when Serizawa-kun finds himself in hot water with a jealous boyfriend, it's Shuko who comes to his aid...and he comes up with a ridiculosu proposition: If Shuko becomes his bodyguard, he'll make her the most important girl in his world!

ISBN10 : 9781646596270 , ISBN13 : 1646596277

Page Number : 182

The Heroine

Eaton Stannard Barrett BoD – Books on Demand Fiction

Reproduction of the original: The Heroine by Eaton Stannard Barrett

ISBN10 : 9783752391701 , ISBN13 : 3752391707

Page Number : 322

Supporting Actress Becomes The Heroine

Di Jiuguniang Funstory Fiction

The police flower Lou Xinyue had accidentally sacrificed herself while on mission, teleporting to a dynasty that had no records of her past. It was not the life of a spicy person, but the life of a cannon fodder. They should have treasured their lives and kept away from the Lord and Lady, but they couldn't do anything about the fact that the main culprit was her family. Helpless, he could only pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger and hug his thigh to save his life. Rising up to resist, save the family, change fate, fight with the female lead, hide from the male lead, earn money, peach blossoms blossomed, the female partner just wanted to have a chance! This concubine was naturally virtuous, but the enemy was too crazy!

ISBN10 : 9781646779420 , ISBN13 : 1646779428

Page Number : 1048

Highschool Heldin 01

Fuyu Amakura Egmont Comics & Graphic Novels

Eigentlich hat Shuko beschlossen, mit dem Wechsel an die neue Highschool ihre Kampfsport-Vergangenheit hinter sich zu lassen. Doch als sie mitansehen muss, wie ihr Mitschüler Serizawa in einen handfesten Streit gerät, setzt Shuko den Angreifer mit einem gezielten Tritt außer Gefecht! Beeindruckt von ihren Fähigkeiten bittet Serizawa Shuko, sein Bodyguard zu werden. Im Gegenzug verspricht er, sie zum „wichtigsten Mädchen der Welt“ zu machen... Der Auftakt einer schlagkräftigen Romance-Serie.

ISBN10 : 9783864585753 , ISBN13 : 3864585759

Page Number :